[3.8] POISONOUS ASSaSSIN Build (Cobra Lash/Blade Flurry/Plague Bearer) UBER ELDER + VIDEO GUIDE!

With the revamped Poison and Assassin ascendancy i decided to dive deep into the matter to find out the answer to the important question: How viable is Poison nowadays?
The short is answer is: YES. It’s not a meme at all. It does the job. It kills things. And it does so without trillion-attacks-per-second-molten-strike and mirror gear.

With this build i wanted to achieve 2 things: create a strong mapper AND bosser and at the same time to stay alive. Most people just do mappers and swap stuff to do bossing, or can’t stay alive at all due to ultimate glass cannon builds. I wanted to find a middle ground for that, a strong poison build that can do all content on a tight budget.
And so i deliver you. The POISONOUS ASS.

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How does it work, in general?
In 3.8 Assassin became tankier and faster with new ELUSIVE buff, as well as stronger with massive Damage over Time for Poison and Ailments multipliers. It’s possible to stack poison outside of just pure attack speed now.
In this build we will be running 3 skills to deal poison damage: Cobra Lash in a 5L to clear packs and gather poison stacks for Plague Bearer. Plague Bearer is a the new “Poison Righteous Fire”. It’s a very cool, decently lasting damage-over-time skill that does a serious amount of damage, comparable to Essence Drain and Righteous Fire. And the last, but not the least: a fully juiced 6L Blade Flutty to deliver great, fast, strong single target damage.

+nothing but poison damage here
+ele reflect immune
+good AOE and clear speed.
+decent single target damage (3-4 min Uber Elder)
+cheap (Wasp Nest costs nothing and kills Uber Elder)
+moderately tanky with high dodge and life on hit.


-not a good delver, because DODGE (hit or miss)
-not for lazy people as you need to press a lot of things

3) Skill Tree Progression / Path of Building / Ascendancy / Bandits

Path of building:
End-game Setup: https://pastebin.com/Gw02wnT2
For Ascendancy: Noxious Strike, Toxic Delivery, Mistwalker, Unstable Infusion / Opportunistic
Bandits:Kill All

4) Early Levelling Gear / Skills

Basically any claws + normal levelling gear.

Just use Spectral Throw with Viper Strike till you get Venom Gyre at level 12.
3L Venom Gyre: Venom Gyre-Lesser Poison-Pierce
4L Venom Gyre: Venom Gyre-Lesser Poison-Pierce-Volley
5L Venom Gyre: Venom Gyre-Lesser Poison-Pierce-Volley-Onslaught
Replace Venom Gyre with Cobra Lash and add Blade Flurry and Plague Bearer as soon as they are available. Your Cobra Lash will be in gloves (at level 50 you can get https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Embalmer) and Blade Flurry in a cheap 1 alch 5L trash chest.
Progress till you get Wasp Nest at level 60. https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Wasp_Nest
Congratulations! It’s that easy. You are ready to do some mapping!

5) My Actual Gear / End-Game Skills

It’s pretty hard to beat Wasp Nest due it’s fantastic stats, but a good end-game claw can do it (real damage can’t be reflected in Path of Building). Crafting a claw costs at least 6 Exalts. You don’t need this claw for Uber Elder.
I have 2 shields here, Temporal Chains one is the DEFENSIVE variation which you can use along with the Soltice Vigil. Makes you very tanky, but less damage.

For jewels looks for global phys, poison damage, damage over time, poison duration, life. For abyssal jewels: life, global crit, chaos damage to attacks, onslaught on kill, physical damage to attacks.
For Uber Lab enchant: 40% Cobla Lash Damage or anything useful really, Blade Flurry damage, reduced reservation for Auras or curse damage.
4L Cobra Lash in Embalmer: Cobra Lash-Greater.Multiple.Projectiles-Deadly Ailments-Unbound Ailments
5L Blade Flurry: Blade Flurry-Deadly.Ailments-Vile.Toxins-Melee.Physical.Damage-Unbound.Ailments
6L Blade Flurry: Blade Flurry-Deadly.Ailments-Vile.Toxins-Melee.Physical.Damage-Unbound.Ailments-Added.Chaos
For the gear i would prioritize:
1) Tabula Rasa and any levelling gear
2) lvl.8: Wurm’s Molt
3) lvl.30-40: 5L Chest
4) lvl.50: Embalmer
5) lvl.60: Wasp Nest
6) lvl.66: Vix Lunaris or any shield like the OAK.
7) lvl.80-90+: crafting a multimodded Claw

6) Flasks

+ life flask

7) Pantheon Gods

Major: Arakaali
Minor: Shakari

8) Hardcore Viable or not?

Would not recommend for HC due to low life pool and dodge.


+1-2 Chest, good boots with DODGE (can be 5-20 ex).


First Uber Elder attempt with Wasp Nest
How to craft a GG Poison Claw
Later Uber Elder with crafted Claw
T16 Phoenix full run
T16 Minotaur full run

1) What is the best base for crafting a weapon?

lvl 86 Imperial Claw or Gemini Claw (non-shaper or elder!!)

2) Can i just craft a pure phys Claw?
Will show higher DPS in POB, but this will not help your poison damage as much as a poison mod.

3) Where is Withering Step?
I chose Ancestral Protector instead, to boost Blade Flurry and Cobra Lash. Withering Step wears off too fast and also replaces Elusive from the Mistwalker node

4) Can i dual wield claws?
You surely can. Shield gives you some block and utility though as well as good tankiness. You can also SHIELD CHARGE!

5) Why you don’t use Plague Bearer with EMPOWER in Shield?
10k extra DoT is not a big difference when you have 130k. I prefer giving this damage over to curses or auras for GLOBAL DAMAGE MULTIPLIER

6) Why you don’t use Malevolence?
it’s almost the same damage as Skitterbots, but reserves 50% mana.

All builds: http://www.angryroleplayer.com/path-of-exile-builds/
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