[3.2] LL RF - comfy mapping build specific for leagues - up to 17-20k ES

Hello and welcome to my guide for my Lowlife Guardian, focusing on stacking as much strength, intelligence and mana as possible to gain as much energy shield as we can.

Before we start, I'd like to let you know this is a work in progress. I'll be able to update the guide during the coming days, but I wanted to start creating now since I had some time.

I made this guide mainly because the current two LL RF threads seem to be based around playing in standard, with mirror or legacy gear. Most players probably play in the temporary leagues and seeing as the life variant of righteous fire is so popular right now, it's a great time to go lowlife because the gear is quite cheap.

To start off with, I made an introductory video in case you'd like to watch me talk about the build and run a map (Lair of the Hydra). The video can be found here:


I'll also start with the frequently asked questions I see in every LL RF thread.

Q: I only have X energy shield, compared to OP who has Y. How do I get more?

A: If it's not gear related, it is most likely related to passive points and/or jewels. This build scales immensely well with levels, so here are some benchmarks which should be possible for you:

Level 70 6k ES
Level 80 8-9K ES
Level 90 11-13K ES
Level 95+ 14-15K++ ES

Q: Can this build kill bosses?

A: Sure. I am leveling it strictly by doing high-end maps, although I avoid phoenix most of the time because he can be pretty rippy. As for uber elder, it should very well be possible but I would advise to change the setup for that fight. I will work on an uber elder section once I get level 100

Q: How do I level this build?

A: That depends on your preference. You can level as both lowlife RF or life RF if you wish, it does require a couple of uniques but is very possible, and honestly very fun. I did lowlife on this one from level 42, prior to that I used sunder. Here's the gear I used from level 42:


I used the watcher's eye right away as well, I purchased it for 1 exalt and it makes a ton of difference for your reg

Q: Why play this build? Why not juggernaut/occultist/necromancer/trickster?

A: My preference for LL RF is because the most important part for me is the ability to play at any time, even if I'm super tired or hardly paying attention, I don't want to die unnecessarily and lose exp. So the idea was to make a character that was as strong as possible for mapping and it's been a blast so far

Q: Why not presence of chayula / death's door / rare horror helmet

A: It all adds up to the defense. Stacking large amount of stats makes shaper's touch go into a crazy overdrive. I have a crafted belt that gives me over 2000 energy shield if I replace it with another belt. Presence of Chayula loses out to Astramentis in this regard, and it's possible to craft an even more insane rare amulet. For helmets, a horror helmet is hard to come by BUT can provide incredible dps increase. However, memory vault is invaluable defensive wise because it gives a ton of flat mana, flat energy shield and lots of armour. I'm sitting at something like 50k armour and it really helps versus trash mobs as you can essentially afk in them while RF melts everything.

Q: Who should play this build?

A: The build is aimed towards those that want to play a build up until the late end game, not stop right when leveling becomes tedious. As such, if your goal is to get say level 90 and then play something else, I would probably play something else from the get-go, because the build truly shines with those last couple of skill points.

Defense tab


Helmet: Memory Vault is my suggestion unless you have an incredible essence of horror'd hubris circlet

Chest: Shavronne's Wrappings. 5 or 6 link. If you can afford a shav's this league, you can do this build

Shield: Prism Guardian. Reserving auras on life, giving us the ability to run determination as well for lots of extra armour

Gloves: Shaper's touch. Best possible enchant is "xx of light when you take a critical strike" as that spawns consecrated ground (life regen) under you. These gloves give us insane amounts of energy shield

Boots: Sin Trek, Death's Door or a rare pair of ES boots. You won't really find better boots ES wise than sin trek, with 192 ES + 30 int and 30% move speed to boot, they're hard to beat.

Amulet: Astramentis, Presence of Chayula or a rare amulet with int/str/mana/es/attributes. Chayula stun immunity is not really needed due to the guardian block talent. I use astramentis

Rings: If you have a level 4 enlighten, you can run a purity in an unset ring to get up to level 23-24 so that all your purities provide extra max resists. If not, just go for rings with strength, intelligence, mana and energy shield. Other stats are not as needed, fill out resists as you need.

Weapon: Doon Cubeyari. Besides giving us extra damage, we get a lot of strength and some mana from this weapon, making it really ideal for this build. Remember, being super tanky is #1. If we wanted strictly dps, a rare sceptre could be better, but would not carry the survivability aspect.

Belt: Rare shaper belt or Rare elder belt. Or cyclopean coil if poor. Shaper crafted belts can get energy shield recovery % which is a godsend, but elder crafted belts can get % attributes which is incredible for our total ES.

I lose about 2000 energy shield swapping away from the elder belt. A perfectly crafted shaper belt would likely be superior though, as you can get some extra % energy shield from the prefixes

Jewels: 4x Healthy Mind. We convert a lot of life nodes on the passive tree to more mana, which in turn means we reserve more mana which just adds to our energy pool
Watcher's eye: I would recommend looking for one with energy shield recovery rate as they are not very expensive compared to the life counterpart. This will carry you all the way through the endgame, I only replaced mine now at almost level 98 because I managed to buy one that had both energy shield recovery rate and extra energy shield
Last two jewel slots can be anything. BIS would be Emperor's Mastery in one, but they are very rare and thus very expensive. Abyss jewels can be great, look for strength, mana, energy shield and intelligence (you must see the pattern by now) or regular rare jewels with % energy shield, burning damage, fire damage etc.

Gem links

Below is my default gem setup however with a different helmet I would run righteous fire in helmet and scorching ray in chest, giving way higher single target dps. But for general mapping, I really like the 6-link RF

6-link righteous fire: Righteous fire - increased area of effect / concentrated effect (swap for bosses) - burning damage - elemental focus - arcane surge - swift affliction. If you only have a 5-link, swap out arcane surge and swift affliction for efficacy.

4-link with enlighten level 4 - Enlighten - discipline - vitality - clarity
4-link with enligthten level 3 - Enlighten - discipline - vitality - purity of lightning.

The difference here is that with a level 4 enlighten we can run a purity in an unset ring for + gem levels enabling us extra maximum resists to that element. The other purities will be run in Prism guardian thus granting +max regardless

3-link shield: Purity of Fire - Purity of Ice/Lightning - Determination
We run auras on life

3-link Weapon: Shield charge - faster attacks - fortify It also gains iron will from the weapon

4-link Gloves: Scorching Ray - Elemental Focus - Burning Damage - Controlled Destruction. Our single target dps increases with this. It's also possible to run Scorching ray in 6-link. Add swift affliction and efficacy then

4-link boots: Orb of storms - increased critical strikes - culling strike - Enduring Cry.

Passive trees

Level 42 - 48 points


We take points that we will regret later on. Early on we need as much regen as possible to level with RF. We slot in jewels that add flat regen to ES or regen % while moving and also our Watcher's eye if available


Level 68 - 91 points


We re-fiddle with our gear a bit and can equip all unique items. At this point, I would advise you purchase a level 20 purity of fire (or even 21 if you have the means) as we will replace a lot of the life regen gear with items that scale energy shield. We can now use 3x Healthy Mind jewels


Level 98 - 121 points


Soul of Arakaali for big one always. 5% reduced damage taken over time is incredible as it helps sustain RF.

Small ones I say there are 3 choices: Soul of Shakari (what I usually use) with the upgrade to make you immune to poison.

Other alternatives are Soul of Tukohama for the passive regen when you stand still. Or you can use Soul of Abberath to give you better RF sustain while you are moving

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Reserved for additions
Added leveling section, cleaned up gem section and just dinged level 98

Respecced a bit to get more life regen, crafted a new belt and bought a crazy watcher's eye:

Belt is good but I am going to try crafting another one with higher strength roll.

The way essence crafting works along with beastcrafting is essentially I try to get 2 of the rolls, then lock "suffixes cannot be changed" and beastcraft 'rare belt with strength'. It keeps the other mods and then adds a strength roll on top. Obviously this is pretty expensive, but you can control what mods you get like this

I am currently running at 15600 ES but I can change belt to get just below 17k
New crafts! Up to 17423 ES now, suuuper strong.

Amulet took me about 30 ex to get decent prefixes so don't try this at home kids (and the prefixes still suck)
tyvm, following the guide
Finished crafting a new belt as well

- well I need to reapply the mastercraft until I get 5% but besides that I am not touching it
Where do you get stun immunity from? Feel like that is required for HC
Otherwise, nice take on the build.
(The ES regen watchers eye is like 15-20 ex in HC btw, so thats not happening for most people haha)
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PelicanOfWar wrote:
Where do you get stun immunity from? Feel like that is required for HC
Otherwise, nice take on the build.
(The ES regen watchers eye is like 15-20 ex in HC btw, so thats not happening for most people haha)

You get 10 second stun immunity if you have blocked a hit in the last 10 seconds, and you also get block chance when you cast spells/use attacks. I never have any issues with stuns, usually I'm immune. As such, presence of chayula is not really needed, I'd rather have a neck that gives me more ES.

ES recovery jewels are way cheaper in softcore but I guess all that stuff is expensive in hc. Can't help you there mate :(
Looking forward to running this in June. I know you say to go past 90, but what would be good to cut from the 98 tree to bring it down to 90-91? I was thinking one of the jewels and the associated life nodes?

Thanks for the guide
nwf wrote:
Looking forward to running this in June. I know you say to go past 90, but what would be good to cut from the 98 tree to bring it down to 90-91? I was thinking one of the jewels and the associated life nodes?

Thanks for the guide

I would skip out on the section to the left and instead path right at the start. means you gain a few points. You might have to use a conqueror's efficiency jewel to get the increased aura effectiveness though

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