[3.5] HC/SC Draxcon's 82/82 8,5k HP+ Gladiator. Very tanky, good damage on budget. League starter.

I linked endurance charge on melee stun with vengeance and reckoning. Always max endurance charges !
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i have 3 questions regarding some skill options:

1. is vaal double strike an alternative? i put it in PoB and the numbers seem competitive but im not really sure since this is my first league playing. heres the pastbin link (i just added it to the pastebin from the OP): https://pastebin.com/ccQc4nP2

2. does it make sense to put in the counter skills (riposte, vengeance, reckoning) instead of the ancestral warchief considering we have so much block?
they cant compete with AWs damage(-boost) but are active all the time but i feel my totems often dont live long enough against bosses to gain much value.

3. is there any way we can get endurance charges?
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New player just getting into POE and really like what I am seeing here.... one thing I do not understand, You are using Kaom's Roots (Unwavering Stance), Titan Greaves & on the tree skill tree picking up Evasion nodes to the left of Finesse, are they being taken just for the max life or am I missing something and evasion is being used somehow?

Confused new player :)
are you going to update this for 3.6??
exactly, waiting for your uptade to 3.6 wanna make this build my start

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