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Aimanan wrote:
lunamoonsong wrote:

Thanks for the reply!

I had these boots beforehand but since my level is low I can't use them. I am running low on resources now but I will try and buy according to your list :)

I think you can view my character now.

Thanks again.

Uhm, you're level 71 but haven't done any Labyrinths yet! GO GET DAT ASCENDANCY AND THEN YOU CAN HAVE A HOLLYWOOD BLONDE PORTRAIT. Which is why we play Scion anyway. Vash pretends it's because of the efficiency. Psssht, like we believe him. Your first 3 ascendancy points must go into Duelist->Slayer :)

01. Haste and Vaal Haste on boots is no longer needed, as of Incursion. Take Purity of Elements, Vaal Haste, Grace.

02. Dat shaper's touch. Bad colours. Bad. Vorici 8 can recolour, but costly. Grab another pair with right colours (3 red 1 blue) when you can :)

03. Your tree is weirdly shaped. I'll type a brick wall on it once I stop feeling sleepy.

Well I did one Labyrinth and it was frustrating, I mean the process not the rewards. Thanks for the tip! I am very impressed with the hollywood blonde portrait and now I am getting why I play this :) If I am not mistaken I had only 2 ascendancy points tho...

I modified some of the gems and my build, now I have higher resistances.

Can I change the colors of sockets on a corrupted item? I can buy a new one now but I can't find the one with 10 vulnerability on hit, is it crucial?

I really have no idea about my tree, just clicked the Tankier Option on leveling guide and gave my points, I am very open to any recommendations.

Thank you!

Edit:Which gems should I use on my weapon to be more efficient?
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Hello everyone. Currently level 82 in Incursion, and I'm starting to feel very squishy. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong as I'm getting the impression that I shouldn't be. It's not just during boss fights, but all the time. I just started mapping, and I can clear rare T4 maps comfortably but anything more then that is hit or miss, especially inside the Incursions with Alva. I've cleared everything but Uber Lab, and have the build items except for Starforge and HH, (Both of which I doubt I'll ever afford lol)
Thank you for the guide, I have yet to level my Scion to try this build out. I will very soon, just collecting gear ATM. I just have a simple question and that is about thief's torment the solo ring. If I wanted to min max mf with this build isn't ventor's rolled well better? If you used two ventor's would you have to pickup life on hit to jewel's or find other ways to leech while farming up to t13 maps?
So I'm trying to squeeze out a bit more survivability from the tree, playing around with my last 6 or so points, and I'm wondering what I should focus on? Armor? (looking at armor mastery) or evasion? (many nodes to choose from) or just straight life? I was also thinking of just getting jewels slots, but again I'd like to know which attributes would be best.
Hi, I have to say I enjoy your build. I have a little question. I have r-r-r-r-r-g bronn's lithe. Is it usefull?

when I saw this build I was like 'WHOA I like that!' since it's been a while since I've made a Cycloner. What I hated a few leagues ago was how slow my characters were (except for the Wanderfinder I did once). I love the combination of the Movement Speed and the AOE of this build being Melee! I started this league doing a different character, so I had currency to buy some starter stuff as well as stuff I needed for endgame content later viable for tiers below t10.

I started to level with the following equipment:


I had the most of the stuff already through drops from my other char, except for the Amulet, the Tabula, the 2H and the ring. I bought them since they were all pretty cheap (Tabula was cheaper by buying Humility Divination cards) and then just followed the original tree up to "Art of the Gladiator", then moved up to the last life node next to "Barbarism" and then proceeded to the nodes at the ranger tree.

I leveled using I think it was Sweep, then switched to Sunder and finally to Cyclone as soon as I could and also added support Gems which I could use at the specific levels (like added fire dmg, etc.). I switched the weapons whenever I had the level requirements and it went very smoothly.

I also took the jewel nodes pretty early, since I bought the Watcher's Eye and the Pure Talent before.

With Level 53 I switched to a 4 Link bronn's, using the 4 Link setup as described in the guide of this build and with Level 61 I switched to a 4 Link Kondo's, afterwards Rat's Nest (which dropped for me on my other char before) and the Bubonic Trail Boots followed as well as the Shaper Gloves with I think it was Lvl 70:


I did the switch to use Vulnerability as aura with Blasphemy by buying a Phys Impresence for 21 Chaos:


Then I still had issues since I thought no Chaos Resis at all was bad and I also had a Devoto's Devotion drop for me before, so I switched to Devoto's.

At this point the Build was already super OP and I only needed the right colors on my Bronn's Lith, as well as 6 liking it and a Starforge for further improvement.

I was very lucky to get the correct colors on my Bronn's with just 3 tries for Vorici at least 3 Red.

The linking took about 450-600 fusings, but It worked with the last 184 fusings bought in just 6 fusings. Getting this with the right colors 6 linked was such a huuuuge damage increase, it was an incredible pleasure.

I continued farming and was about level 85 at that point. I stacked rarity a bit when farming Burial Chambers Maps like an idiot for the hopes of getting a Doctor card drop, to finance the Starforge blade using an amulet and for a bit quantity Bisco's Leash for the Rampage fun or Perandus Blazon.


I didn't get a Docor drop for the Starforge but a sh*t ton of Unique drops as well as rares. I have about 60 stash tabs, and well a lot of them filled with unidentified rare sets to vendor. I have made a lot of currency by these runs as well as farming in general, but still not enough for Starforge.

Then after 6 linking Bronn's and doing some more runs I thought, well let's give it another try for something else. I had a Lightning Coil drop somewhen during my runs before and this usually always sells as a good combination for Abyssus Helmet (which, btw also dropped for me). So i 6 socketed it with only about 40 Jeweller's Orbs, 6 Linked with just 10! fusings. So there I was, trying to sell it, but I didn't want to wait. So I asked Sellers of 6 socket Starforge to trade my 6 link Coil (which roll was worth about 8 ex, I divined it twice and sadly after it was only 6 ex fml xD) for the sword. Finally, after about 40 minutes, one guy did! My DPS at that point increased from about 59/60k dps with Kondo`s to 92k with Starforge. Right now it is lower, since I put quality on my gems and need to level them again, but this won't take long. So this is my current gear:


I switch Rat's and Devoto's sometimes as well as the amulet if I feel like I need some Magic Find.

My Vorici is only Level 6 atm, I plan with level 8 to use his ability to forge sockets on corrupted items to get this set up right for another Life boost:


With my current tree I still need the Crit Chance nodes as well as I plan to take at least 2 more jewel nodes. The only reason I'm missing some nodes atm is, because I was very lucky with all the rest but finding the last Trial "Piercing Truth", so i actually haven't been able to do uber lab yet xD.

When I got the lab in the next few days (hopefully) I could only improve the Jewels as well as the belt. I don't want to miss the movement speed on my Devoto's actually :D. Any other suggestions there?

Thanks for the build, it is so much fun and I became a PoElic again.
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Hey Bro, big thanks for the build.
I am copy that with 100% and after i buy STARFORGE, game has become FACEROLLEZSPIN.
That's my 1st uber lab where i kill izaro in 1sec :D

Again big thx.
Oslexan wrote:
Hello everyone. Currently level 82 in Incursion, and I'm starting to feel very squishy. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong as I'm getting the impression that I shouldn't be. It's not just during boss fights, but all the time. I just started mapping, and I can clear rare T4 maps comfortably but anything more then that is hit or miss, especially inside the Incursions with Alva. I've cleared everything but Uber Lab, and have the build items except for Starforge and HH, (Both of which I doubt I'll ever afford lol)

You really need starfogre and 5l bronn's bro...
Game starts only with them :)
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Vashseden wrote:

I'm glad you dropped RT. It was never ever ever meant for anything past like level 60 ish. I would have slapped you if you still had it. Same with Slayer. <3

Put on the damn thief's torment ring. The life gain on hit WILL IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL leech and that survivability is WAY more worth that some hp.

Daresso's is 1 million % worth. You can totally use a crit amulet if you are still worried. However, all of my vids will attest to the power the amulet has. However, if you side with hp on that amulet, I have zero qualms. Just know this build definitely works life lecch / damage on full life wise when you use life leech WITH the thief's torment ring.

Shaper's Touch = 44c on Hardcore right now. Totally worth. If you want to give it a couple of days and see the price drop, feel free.

Brutality gem = more damage than Maim gem. Switch that out.

Bubonic trail boots are 1c on hardcore and they give more hp than your boots.

You are getting really worried about your life leech but not taking into consideration the life leech cap. Non VP life leech cap is fairly low in all cases. Vit void and Hematophagy (and the node before it) raise the cap as does VP. Without those, you're leech is just going to hit a wall. HOWEVER the thief's torment ring pushes past that cap b/c it's an additional source. Please, put , on , the , ring.

If you need to change your resists, Diamond skin passive + lighting passive = 27 lightning. bubonic comes w/ abyss socket = resist rolls, purity of elements aura. etc etc.

I do not mean to offend, only to simply point out why I made the guide in the first place was to address these issues.

Hope this helps <3

Thank you both for helping out with tips. I enjoyed daresso's salute A LOT don't get me wrong.. that +2 range is absolutely nuts. Perhaps later I will switch back to it, but for now the weapon Hitless is getting the job done because it has an inherent +2 range built in, and believe it or not the crit amulet is giving me more damage AND life, and it also gives 1%+ life leech so now I will drop the path to the duelist to get 1% Leech from the Pure talent jewel. The leech cap is easy to hit (as in leech per second) but the duration still scales the more damage and leech % you have, which helps with Slayer. When I find that Starforge I might put Daresso's back on to maintain the AOE.

Bubonic trail is actually a no brainer and easy 40% increased damage if i can get one of each jewel socket, but i haven't rolled good jewels of each type yet (will be an easy switch to make). Brutality is probably better than Maim you are right.. I just had some chaos damage from Unholy might on an abyss jewel, but might be better to just use Brutality. Shaper's touch is still sort of expensive, but I'm not losing *a lot* but it's still something I will aim to switch to end-game. Prismatic ring i still dont feel comfortable with but I have one with +58/+30 life/mana on hit and I used it till I got to maps and realized that temple mobs could often nearly one-shot me way before I even got to them. Once I hve more levels under my belt I might be able to make this switch too. Crit is working out great btw - this was required to get that high damage for slayer leech! Here's my gear for reference for those who are low 80s in HC:

Thanks for creating this awesome build.

I have a problem with Pure Talent. I've already touched the starting points for Ranger and Shadow. But I'm not getting the +0.5% critical strike chance for touching the Shadow starting point.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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