[3.8] A Shocking Elementalist, Lightning Tendrils CwC Arc - All Content - Budget version included

Can this build do blighted maps?
Skill tree in OP is for 3.6, "Inspiration" notable doesn't exist

And another thing, just tried this build. Herald of Thunder is linked to Curse on Hit and Conductivity but so far i cant tell if anyone gets cursed. The curse indicator over monsters doesnt appear.

i usually use Conductivity with Storm Brand, never used it with HoT before so maybe it is common not to see the curse icon?

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hey lightning tendrils Instead of cyclone use possible?

And.. Paragon of Calamity asendant use possible?

I want to play a reflection map

but If so, what kind of ascendant should I give up?
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Hello, been playing your build for the last couple days now, but mainly as a boss killer. (Since I can't stand mapping at such low mvt speed).

I think Arcane surge needs to be at lvl 5 if the rest of the OoS setup are level 20 right? The OP says it should be at 7.

Thanks for the fun build :)
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Why is "taunt" ticked in your pob? It's inflating your damage and you're not taunting anything
This is my take on the tree its a small improvement imo


Any way to roll this as an Inquisitor or will it break with the ascendencies available? I have a storm brand templar through act 5 that I'm thinking about respecting to save a handful of hours worth of early act play...
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Hey, all.

So this build is alot of fun visually, im lvl 80 and full endgame gear at the moment. It's great for mapping t12-15 maps and Inpulsa really shines through. I feel DPS could be a bit better (bosses takes too much time to die), and nevermind the POB link in OP cause taunting is indeed inflating the DPS without any plausible reason. But it's ok, you'll still nuke some.


- this is NOT a build i would recommend in Blighted Maps. You will start cocky and mobs will "zap" fast, but just wait till any bosses arrive. Trust me, it's hard to watch.
- Endgame gear is far too much expensive to achieve for a newcomer (over 12 Exalted Orbs) and you will die hard with one shots all the time from bosses, bleeding and most definitely you CANNOT clear any elemental reflection % map.
- Movement speed is slow, never accepted lighting warp as a default move/attack skill, but it is what it is. You will get extra dmg with warp over others.
- There's no issues with mana, but HP regen is non existent. Prepare some epic flasks and be friends with 'em.
- And lastly, a witch minion build or a frost blade assassin one will have WAY MORE fast mapping skills, MORE efficient and WAY MORE CHEAP. My Witch Spectre/Zombie/skeleton build cost me around 4 exalted, i clear maps and bosses before i can blink. With this lightning Tendrills CWC Arc i hardly can clear it without dying once or twice. Often i zap mobs then switch over to my summoner witch to kill a boss...Sad, but so true.
For those of you confused about taunt in the POB, he's using it to simulate shock seeing as pretty much every single enemy you fight will be shocked.
So, no update for 3.9, and I had fun with this I. 3.8 (didn't make it past act 8 tbh)

But do you all still think it's decently viable for 3.9? I'm not super in depth on knowing all the changes and whatnot.

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