[3.3] Ngamahu's Cyclone Raider // All Content + Videos - Added Scion Version (new)


Hi, try replacing fortify and added fire damage in your 6 link cyclone set up and instead use Conc effect and elemental focus. That will significantly increase you're singe target damage and damage overall. When running maps as normal just use increased area and replace Conc effect.

You can add fortify into your leap slam setup.
I think I've seen a build like this before.
Aggnog wrote:
I think I've seen a build like this before.

yup, your meatball build was super fun in breach, too bad you didn't update it anymore so i've made this version and changed/added some stuff. :)


added major passive tree changes / link changes
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How hardcore viable is this?
crustless wrote:
How hardcore viable is this?

super viable, just finish all life nodes first, im currently sitting at 6.5k Life at lvl 92.
Fun build until a white mob slightly taps you with a tiny bit of physical damage and you die immediately.

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