[3.2] Totally Not CuteDog/RaizQT's Autobomber (MF btw)


Played this to 92 on softcore incursion. Tons of fun - probably faster for Burial farming (t3 for sure - t8 maybe) than Windripper. Great for things like Courthouse also.

78% quant netted me a ton of currency. Great build.

That's a cool selection of gear for quant. I might use the same gear once I get back into playing the game.

Your set up is perfect if I run a T8 always elder Burial Chambers set up with every map always dropping me a map return. Would be interesting if it didn't cost me my life to do that lmao.
Hey iam try this build but one question we dont have life leech?
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do you have a total cost for this whole build?
perling wrote:
Hey iam try this build but one question we dont have life leech?

As far as you should be concerned, you don't need any life leech on this build. This build is not made to clear bosses, or end-game content at all. This was made in order to clear maps as fast as possible with a small chance of getting currency on every map through your Magic Find.

do you have a total cost for this whole build?

Ehhh, depends on which league you're playing. If you're talking standard league, then the prices as of the time of posting this reply would be:

Helm, rings and amulet: really depends on you and whether you have some of them already or not, shouldn't cost you much anyways. They are used to fill in resistances where you can.

If you're going with Hatred + Essence Worm

Essence Worm: 10-14 chaos


Cospri's Malice: 30-40 chaos

Esh's Mirror: 15-20 chaos

Goldwyrm: 10-20 chaos

6-Link The Coming Calamity: 4-8 exalts

5-link The Coming Calamity: 50 chaos to 1 exalt

You have two choices for belts, either Headhunter if you can afford it, or Bisco's Leash..

Headhunter: 50-55 exalts

Bisco's Leash: 5-15 chaos

Maximum MF:

And if you really wanna squeeze out more Magic Find in this character you can use, instead of Essence Worm a The Pariah ring.

The Pariah (With white socket for MF): 8-10 exalts

And instead of Esh's Mirror shield you use Sentari's Answer shield.

Sentari's Answer: ~1 chaos

We can also use Ventor's Gamble for extra MF

Ventor's Gamble(with both MF stats positive and every resist positive): from 30 chaos to 2 exalts or more. Depending on your luck.

So overall prices should be like this..

Standard build without Headhunter and with 5-Link Calamity
: around 140 chaos

Standard build with Headhunter and with 6-Link Calamity: 59 exalts and 100 chaos

Maximum Magic Find with 6-Link Calamity and Headhunter: around 70 exalts

Note: these prices are the average of the prices for every item listed above and as specifically mentioned.

Remember: these prices are not accurate, they are a fast search on https://poe.trade. You can always check the prices yourself.

If you got any more questions please reply to this post :)
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having a blast with this toon so far, my main question though, considering im in std, does the IIQ gem help much and if so where is the best place? currently using it in the helmet slot with HoI but not sure if that's the best place for it.
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Thanks for the build, using this every league from Bestiary, so much fun.

While I played it I got a lot of experience, so I was able to make my own version. I'm mainly farming t3 burials rather than t8, so I remade this build specially for white maps: more clearspeed, more quantity, but less damage and life (I have 3k, but this is enough to not dying at all).

Changes I made: 2 pariah rings, greed's embrace, jewels with resistances + increased attack speed if you've dealt a critical strike recently, 4 link HoI with item rarity support in Sadima's touch and finally huge tree rework.

IIR is very helpful, I got essence worm, Inpulsa's, thief's torment, perfect roll unique jewels and high roll le heup of all from 200-300 maps and I'm sure I will get more good uniques if continue farming with this version.

I'm not sure if you can swap Esh's mirror for Sentari's answer, without Esh's mirror my version can't kill some rares, essences, breachlords, exiles, etc so you will actually lose quantity, survivability and maybe clear speed due to the fact that Esh's mirror gives you 30-40% lightning res when Sentari's answer doesn't and the main source of resistances is jewels, so it means less attack speed on them.

PoB link: https://pastebin.com/8VS5Ma3A
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Got this build up and running, super fast clear speed for normal mobs. I have to skip rares and higher especially if my kill count is lower. My HP is much lower than a lot of the other doods in here (2800hp) and Im not sure why, my tree is basically the same I have taken some liberties here and there mostly cause it felt smoother. Some are just experiments but can respec no problem. T8 Burials is a breeze as long as I don't stop for things like breaches, rares or whatever doesn't splode in the first hit. Can one of you knowledgeable Autobombers take a looksy and let me know where I've errored. THANKS

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