3.2.0b Patch Notes

Capturing the beast at the certain %HP spot counting on how strong effect of the net is was a great idea. For "average DPS builds". Fun/fresh to play. The only wierd point to me is mobs with HP regen due to net casting time (if it's even a thing or I've been fooled by animation) and player time effort.
I think that visual feedback, like mob/boss glow for a short duration, could have done process more clear to follow and easier to catch up for people who have their first encounters (educational purpose).

Makes sense that Ranger is the best pick for it, following by it's hybrids: Shadow and Duelist. And much harder for else. I like that too.

Speaking of Essense mechanics: Bestiary mech lacks player's choice to engage into the tough fight, especially with fast moving mobs, drawing it inescapeable. Beasts frozen into essence makes it somehow better IMO. Combination of 2 mechanics brings opportunity for "AOE/Totem/Minion builds" to control their gameplay. So other classes and any type of "crazy" build still can do it reliably. No need for net diversity (necronet): it brakes the bestiary capturing rules. But if you're considering to hold to necronet do not make it common please (rare to unique), because it brings advantage into play - means that other nets loosing value (people gonna trade for it META).

Post most likely to be lost in thread so if you like the idea: spread the word. Thanks for reading.
Is the "Craft unique Map" bug solved?
After the last patch the game keeps crashing while playing with the message- A Problem Caused The Program To Stop Working Correctly. Windows Will Close The Program And Notify You If A Solution Is Available

It never occured to me before but playing hardcore is now really hardcore as this happens in the middle of the fight.
i have no idea what you have done but loading times are absolutely horrible now, item icons load so slow i had to stare at my inventory and stash for 4 minutes before things started to appear

loading in zones is slow and painful too
Can we have a stash in the Menagerie?

Are you already working on this bug? https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2095112

It was fun to feel important as a tank in team, before that fix.
Friends are back to clearspeed.

Lost 4 days tracking beasts while they already tracking uber elder and necro-netting on-the-go.


Completed 10 ChallengesQarl wrote:
3.2.0b Patch Notes
  • Added "Necromancy Nets", a relatively rare net that can revive beasts, capturing them in the process. This is useful for characters that have difficulty capturing beasts before they die, but its rarity means that it can't be relied upon as the sole method of capture for these characters. (This patch doesn't include support for reviving monsters that have been shattered, exploded or otherwise had their corpse removed. We're working on this.)
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    SO many attack speed nodes still don't work with Spectral shield throw still
    very good, thanks

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