[3.2][Budget][Uber lab viable] Spikes and Balls Diplomacy: Elementalist Ngamahu's flame Sunder

JTiYo wrote:
Speeking of Iron Grip Passive, do you (or someone else reading this) know a Melee Projectile Attack, other than Frost Blades? I thought of Spectral Throw, but I am not sure if this would count as Melee Hit to trigger Molten Burst.

Also, you did not say something about Fire Penetration.. :o (or how you made up your Decissions about the Support Gems in the Axe)

I hope you don't get me wrong, I like your Build and that you decided to make it. I'd just like to have some help in finetuning.

Thank you for the comment. Don't worry, I am open for all constructive criticisms and really appreciate them.
As for the answer, spectral throw is not considered as melee but rather only projectile, so it doesnt benefit from said melee physical damage and cannot proc molten burst.

This build is actually packed with fire penetration, from gems, ascendency (Mastermind of Discords) and wise-Oak flask as long as your fire resistance is higher than other elemental resistances.
As for the gems used on the axe, I run the same set up that I used when I was playing ngamahu cyclone a few leagues ago. Tool tips wise, gems like added fire damage support or immolate might show higher number, however there are gems and passive such as penetration gems and Point blank which in itself increase the overall damage without displaying in the tool tips. However, I may be wrong too, so if you end up building this build, do play around around with different things and set up. If you figure better ways to fine tune, do enlighten me too :)
I try to follow your build. It was great until Malachai. It is OK.
I use the gear which increases the fire damage.
I have one question.
Its it better to use the Xoph's blood amu or the Avatar of Fire or both?
Thinking of using this for 3.3. Will this be good for incursion starter? And is this a squishy build?

Thinking of playing this also. It may benefit a lot from the new ignite nodes. Think this could do endgame bosses in 3.3?

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