3.2.0 Hotfix 4

Edit: Possibly resolved? Found a folder of old shader caches in My Games\Path of Exile documents folder that I thought were leftover from the FoO beta client. I deleted those, reinstalled, and now things seem to be working as intended. I assume they were the live version of the game's shader cache. So fingers crossed that things are fixed now.

Edit2: Problem definitely resolved. Have had no crashes since and am mapping just fine.

After Hotfix 4 I have been experiencing instance crashes every 10-30 seconds in The Ravaged Square and The Canals, which makes finishing the acts and starting maps impossible. All other zones seem fine.

I went back through and finished passive quests, did merc lab, and farmed blood aqueducts for 2 hours by spawning new instances. Decided to try out getting to Kitava again and within 30 seconds of being in Canals, I get 'an unexpected disconnection' error and booted to login.

I have tried multiple things to resolve the issue on my end (see my original post). At this point I am just thinking it is an unintended consequence of Hotfix 4. Let me know if I can help in any way to help narrow down the cause of the issue.

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Dont turn it on please!
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lMvB wrote:
Dont fix crashes?

my game crasahes every time i touch the water?!? my friend has the same problem. please fix it.

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