Instance Crashes (Solved)

The league worked great last night (had zero issues besides the annoyance of the league mechanic which is being addressed). Woke up to play today and I am getting instantly disconnected every 15-60 seconds. When I reconnect and try to join the instance, I get the message that I failed to join due to server disconnect.

I have tried the following to troubleshoot the problem:

Restarted PC, router, and modem.

Ran infinite ping test to look for spikes.

Tried the three lowest ping servers available to see if maybe it was just Washington D.C. that was at fault.

Switched from DX11 to DX9EX (with and without shadows).

Turned multithreading on and off.

Switched from Lockstep to Predictive.

Closed TradeMacro and MercuryTrade and restarted PC.

The crashes seem to occur more often when shield charging, so I removed the skill gem, but the crashes still occur. The skill use being linked to disconnect may have just been coincidental.

Update: Tried changing DNS servers, flushing DNS, and updating video card drivers. Problem still occurs.

Anyone else that has experienced this since the latest hotfix have any luck resolving the problem?
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I have those annoying crashes too. For me it seems scorching ray causes them.

I don't know how to fix the issue and it's getting really annoying.

I have tried switch graphics setting but nothing seems to work.

Game worked fine till end of act2 when crashes started to happen.

Some help to fix the issue would be nice.
Problem seems to only occur in Act 10. Went back and did passive/refund quests in earlier zones with zero problems. Then went back to Act 10 to try and get to Kitava and crashed again within 30 seconds. It is definitely a problem with the client or something server side crashing instances.

Please fix this GGG!
interesting, i keep having crashes as well. using scorching ray totems. wonder if it has anything to do with this... I´m trying to farm blood aqueduct right now and sometimes can only kill 10 monsters or so before game crash....
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Problem resolved by deleting the files located in My Documents\My Games\Path of Exile and then reinstalling the game. Will update if problem reoccurs.

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