[3.3] Death Star - Barrage / KB Miner


3.3 Changes:

- Lost some top end damage from Barrage rework
- Some minor tree adjustments


End-Game Video Reel [3.1]

Map Demo [3.2]

This is a Barrage / KB Miner that stacks projectile sources to launch up to 72 Barrage projectiles simultaneously.

Know what you're doing? Skip right to my Profile Page (character name: QuillMiner). If you're a Path of Building user (and you really should be), here's the Build Code Pastebin.


- Updated Guide / POB for 3.3
- Added leveling tips in the "How to Level" section.
- Build is largely unchanged for 3.2. Have fun!
- Guide created. Bear with me while I sort out formatting issues.


Essential Items

Shaped wand mods have the highest damage potential, but any wand with decent flat lightning damage and base crit (8%+) is workable. Since this is a mine build, we can ignore attack speed entirely—thus making the build much more affordable in comparison to normal wanders.

Piscator's Vigil is a perfectly serviceable starting wand.

100% hit and free up suffixes on your gear that would otherwise be spent on accuracy. Indispensable.

Shaped helms can roll two different Remote Mine mods: one with increased damage, and one with Place an Additional Mine. We want the latter. +1 Barrage enchant is ideal, but not essential.

The last bit of Flask Effectiveness needed to push Dying Sun into +3 projectile range comes from either an Elder belt (Elder Stygian bases will no longer drop as of 3.2) or a Conqueror's Potency. You don't need both!

Flat Lightning Damage and flat Maximum Life on every Abyssal Jewel you can get your hands on.


Suggested Items

1 Abyssal Socket is fine. Enchant-wise, look for either 1 to 160 Lightning Damage if you haven't Killed Recently or 120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently.

Again, 1 Abyssal socket is fine. Be sure to activate the Intimidate bonus with a Murderous jewel.

The built-in 6L and invulnerability bonus make Shroud an ideal fit, particularly for boss killing. Yriel's Fostering with the Rhoa bonus is another strong option, as is Farrul's Fur.

Brinerot Flag on our weapon swap allows for Power Charge generation prior to and during boss fights, while Storm Prison permits us to initially snapshot at 4 power charges total (though Blast Cascade will eventually punt you back to 3 charges).




Choose between Summon Ice Golem or Flame Dash. Both with no supports is a third option.


Pair Wrath with either Herald of Thunder (better damage) or Arctic Armour (better survival). Add Enlighten if using boots with a single Abyssal Socket.


Wand / Shield


Path of Building Pastebin

Point Blank > Clever Construction (if leveling as mines) > Remaining Mine Nodes. Grab health as needed.

Bandit: Aid Alira.

There's flexibility in the build to drop damage in favour of health and Phase Acrobatics. Invest in either resilience or damage at your own discretion.


In Order of Acquisition

- Master Alchemist
- Veteran Bowyer
- Nature's Adrenaline


Swap in a Quicksilver over Vinktar or Atziri's Promise for general mapping.


You can level with practically any skill you like—personally, I recommend Poet's Pens with Volatile Dead and Unearth.

If you're dead set on leveling as KB / Barrage mines, here are some pointers:

- You can equip all essential gems at level 28.

- Place both Barrage and Kinetic Blast on your Tabula Rasa (along with Remote Mine, Minefield, Elemental Damage with Attacks, and Added Lightning Damage).

- Prismweave and Storm Prison are excellent leveling items, as is anything else that adds flat elemental damage.

- Initially you will struggle with mana cost. Solve for this by using Vaal Clarity with Increased Duration and Efficacy.

- Don't reserve anything more than Wrath at low levels. Placing Wrath into an Essence Worm is another option available at level 38.

- Kinetic Blast clear is very lacking without a source of pierce. Temporarily using the Piercing Shots notable on the passive tree until you have an alternate source of piercing will help solve this.


Q: Is this a good league starter / beginner character?
A: The Pathfinder version most definitely is not. A budget version is possible with Deadeye, however.

Q: What about Sabo?
A: Saboteur works, but is not recommended for the following reasons: slower move speed and clear, less flask uptime, less flask effectiveness.

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Reserved post
What about Grand masters?)
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Yes, but bring a maxed out block pen jewel.
Hey man, what about early game, which items and gems should I use to level up, rely on barrage untill lvl 60 or smth, or try to asap make 6l yellow and 4l decent not shaped helmet for KB and Barrage?
Eloninja wrote:
Hey man, what about early game, which items and gems should I use to level up, rely on barrage untill lvl 60 or smth, or try to asap make 6l yellow and 4l decent not shaped helmet for KB and Barrage?

If you have access to a Tabula, put KB and Barrage on the same link (KB / Barrage / Remote Mine / Minefield / Added Light / Ele Dmg with Attacks). That'll take you through the story arc no problem.

Storm Prisons, Prismweave, and really any source of flat ele dmg will help tremendously early on.
hey man is the watchers eye necessary to make this build work?

I was able to come across a shroud of the lightless and im thinking of trying this build out.
the budget version of course
sknabi wrote:
hey man is the watchers eye necessary to make this build work?

Not at all. All of the items listed in the suggested section are optimizations, and not core to the build's mechanics.
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another "cheap" build :(

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