3.1.4 Patch Notes

10 days for the end of the league, and still have same bugs and crashs, this is the worst league ever fucking made. lose 3 tp's in shaper, guardian, elder etc because the game crash after i leave for sell a item and when i try back to the map, the fucking game crash. Path of BUGS (and crashs"
What about today's update?

It's 12.5mb for me on Steam.
Red_Pyr4mid wrote:
What about today's update?

It's 12.5mb for me on Steam.

Yeah in the middle of Esh's Realm, client crashed, then this 12,5MB patch started immediately.
What they said.
I think its like the 3rd time they make a patch to adress the lava chamber map having unconected areas, they really seem to be strugling with that particular map for some reason
Trying to identify the hidden 3.1.4b Patch Notes:

*Added ground water effects
*Some Kitava cultists are now using Bodyswap
"We prefer to leave up to the community to work out mechanics such as these" -GGG Support

"Muted 48 hours for spamming chat." -Nicholas_GGG (Dev)

This forum is useless for bug reporting if you're not a popular streamer or if it's not about MTX.
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This was by far the worst league.
Boring, full of bugs and, as some said, few days before league ends, still trying to solve game crashes. LOL.
I've played at this league about few hours (up to lvl 60 with my char) and didn't have any issuses with client stability ir something then back to std also wisth super smooth and 0 problems gameplay. The only major problems (client crashes, graphics glitches, screen freezes) i have when i OC'd my PC to high (so maybe part of those problems is playing on too overtweaked PC's)
Is it OK to feel guilty for killing an albino rhoa? The poor thing was scared and running away, and I slaughtered it. Does that make me a bad person?

bring next league faster plz

hype hype hypeeee

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