3.1.4 Patch Notes

Not an illusion exile! :O
Trying to satisfy the whole PoE community is like telling a nymphomaniac to only have sex once in a week.

I think that's fairly accurate. :')
Qarl wrote:
Fixed a bug where you could be placed in the boss room of the Fields Map after leaving the Abyssal Depths.
Ah yes I was wondering why this happened to me :P
I had that bug when you cant complete the lava chambers map once too. There were some objectives blocking a door but I was able to leap slam onto the door which made me glitch on the other side of the door.
But Im curious if this is everything that has been changed since I have to download 1.4 gb.
6r33n wrote:
But Im curious if this is everything that has been changed since I have to download 1.4 gb.

I think the answer is in the thread's name :P

Qarl wrote:
  • Fixed a bug where some Lava Chamber Map layouts had unconnected rooms, causing the Map to not be completable.

Thank you :D
BTW Leap Slam and Charge Dashe had dealt with it.
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14 days for the end of the league, so many bug, crashs, this is so fair the league with more bugs and crashs, i report one bug 2 months ago, my life dont regen for complet, and u guys dont make anything. today i have 2 crashs in a breach. cool.

But I hope you announce more bug fixes soon because there's still heaps out there. There is a major graphics glitch that can completely block out the terrain layer of the screen (looks abyss related) and occurs regularly.

Would also love to see that ridiculously sized and positioned 'prophecy complete' pop up changed. It's not like we asked over a year a go or anything - forum/view-thread/1820857 - Oh yeah, we did.
--------------- THE MOOCH --------------
This is the Path of Infinite Crashes. There was a time when I didn't crash constantly. This was back when I could play, just prior to this "fix". It isn't for me. I had made a sort of uneasy truce with POE that worked. I avoided some things like the kiss of death and the game didn't kill me with lag.

After this latest patch I've died 5 times. I lag, movement totally stops, sounds continue. No skills or flasks work, the live bubble deflates the screen clears and I'm dead.

This is playable?
This is going to make me want to spend bundles of money on goodies?
This is fun?

The answer to all three is a resounding NO!

Please fix the game please fix the game, please fix the game.
Yeah I have to say, I have only been playing POE for about 3 weeks and the game never had a program crash before (like widows popup with program stopped working) but after this patch it happened once so far.
After 3.1.4 patch. My game always crash that its starting to get annoying and become unplayable. Crashes were it suddenly "stopped working" windows error (I'm not sure if I'm saying it right). Happens randomly tho. What I'm sure of is I NEVER HAD A GAME WHERE IT DID NOT CRASH ever since the 3.1.4 was released. I thank you for giving us a free game but please let us know how we can fix this annoying crashes. Thank you and more power.

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