Winners of the 2018 Talent Competition

THANK-YOU [GGG]...!!!!!!

Btw. My nickname is mistyped :o
Thanks for choosing my artwork, best regards to GGG team!
Congrats to all winners!
eh, i so hoped to win 250 points with my drawing :(
Probably its too bad for talent competition...
A4, pencil drawing

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Ayyy Thank you so much for the points :) I can imagine it was hell to choose between such a wide range of different work and talents. Well done everyone! - happy to be part of such a talented community <3
Well deserved winners! I'm very proud of you, of us, Path of Exile fans. We all presented true craftmanship here and it is good. Btw, thanks for the points :)
Big fan of the Ancestral Bond image. I'd make that a poster and hang it in my room.
Yay, my cupcakes got runner up! Thanks <3
IGN: DetectiveIcy
These are fantastic wow i'm really impressed, i particular love the one of Vikus Giantboner bear trapping the templar >< Its how I feel everytime I see that complete tosser!
The competition was disappointing, many worthy works were missed.
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