Preview of Unique Item Concept Art From 3.2.0

That spiky helm looks sick!
While These look awesome

Can we make sure some unique arent complete trash before making new ones?
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first one looks sooooo cool
Spikey helmet is spikey!
Well looks like 2 new armor sets that will be in the new league supporter packs sheesh.
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New elder chest? Hyperino
Nice, agree with having a full armour set as reward like in the past for the Seraph sets and Rigwald. Every 9 challenges for a piece to stay on par with the 36 challenges would be cool.

I still really appreciate having MTX for the challenge leagues. Definitely a good move, and gets people to play more/enjoy the leagues to a higher extent. Flashback league getting the Golden Seraph set about 2 years ago definitely made me play more, and getting MTX for the sequential leagues.

My guess or hope from the little we see here would be either B.C. like prehistoric dinosaur time period, maybe time travel. Lots of new games have been set in this time period like Ark and many others on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

Possibly also a gladiator theme on the tiger set and spiked helm.

P.S. I would definitely pay for a Perandus MTX to look like Cadiro. Similar to your idea with doing themed hats for the challenge leagues. Doing a hat for past leagues I think could also be appreciated by the community. Show your love for your favorite league (even those before the hats were introduced). Also doing a small themed MTX for a past league such as a footprint, weapon effect, skill effect, etc. would also be unique and different than previous ideas while still keeping close to your current ideas.

Either way should be fun.

Also, like the idea to keep Abyss in the game act 6 +. The abyss eye jewels are definitely something I have grown to enjoy, and look forward to using on every future build to come.
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Why is the first helmet link missing?

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Why is the first helmet link missing?

oh good, i knew i saw it from my first post comment... thought i was going crazy for a second
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