Development Manifesto: Abyss League Integration

Abyss was a huge mess, worst in recent memory, sloppy bugs, sloppy item design, balance issues, massive power creep. No worries y’all at least we get burning ground 2.0
Abyss played out as one of if not the worst challenge leagues GGG even designed in my opinion. Stuff gated behind time sinks, either no rewards or super rare bis items. It felt really, really bad playing Abyss seeing it added to the core game saddens me but doesnt surprise me. Ever since this league was started GGG keeps posting how great it was and how proud they were of it even though its toxic for gameplay. Its no Breach, its not a good league. Really wish you'd leave this trash to rot in standard where it belongs with harbinger league.
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
Please consider to make the abyss holes less path blocking, especially in narrow passages.

Qarl wrote:
In the league, Abyssal Depths happened around level 40

Please, give us more of such info at the START of a league/mechanic. There are a lot of details where we sit in darkness about what and when can or cant happen... :-(
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Just Don't add Abyss stuff into core game, this will ruin the game!
GGG just listen us just once!

Although I only started the game in the Harbinger League and I hated the Harbinger guy, even though he was very easy!
The skins for completing the challenges were my motivation to start again (and I'm not the type to start over). Then I saw the first content in the game and I was totally excited, because you had to do something to come to the end - as fast as possible.
Through a styx belt I got my first exalted orb and 3 more dropped within 2 weeks. I did not want to believe my eyes.
And the motivation of this league was so great that for the first time I achieved 24 challenges and with a level 90 character. It was so much fun! These memories will stay ♥

Thank you for retaining this wonderful league in the base game!
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Completed 5 Challengesunlucky_child wrote:
I said it few times already and almost every league:

Dont add every league specific mechanics into the core!

Same here, repeating myself, too: How about rotating other random encounter features out, then? I still think that there already is way too much clutter from past leagues in the game. Maybe give Tormented Spirits a bit of a break and work on their AI?
hmm.. I am not a fan of abyss, I know allot of people are, must just be me :)

the good thing about it is you can chose to dodge the abyss.

looking forward to 3.2
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to keep or not to keep abyss is fine for me..u can give navali abyss uniques its ok.. but.. we are keeping the elder/shaper items, yes? i haven't got my 1st build is so bad im stuck on t3maps :D
Completed 9 ChallengesimLuCaSsS wrote:
Completed 5 Challengesunlucky_child wrote:
I said it few times already and almost every league:

Dont add every league specific mechanics into the core!

LOL dude really? why?

The game just gets bigger and bigger when they add more things to the core game. I actually feel bad they didn't added Cadiro/perandus league content and others like legacy league, leaguestones being added to the core game would fix all end-game problems we always had.

More and more content to the core game is the only way to make the game interesting and less boring.

Ignore this guy GGG, 95% of players LOVE things being added to core game. :)

Whats the point of having LEAGUE when everything it is also in STANDARD? Just fresh start is not enough.
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!
I enjoy running abysses, so not a problem for me :D

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