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[3.1] Hopeshredder Ice Ranger

Oilure wrote:
Skydogg5555 wrote:
cool build man, i just might try it next league.

Don't. it's very bad, go with lioneye's Glare + no need for shitty degen jewels, what won't be available on next league most likely.

Hopefully they won't get rid of abyss jewels, but if they do, slayer will be still an option with the overleech.
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Nice build, keep it up!

An alternative if you don't believe in dodge.

Had to laugh about this :D
Here you have better endgame tree:

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Really interesting build. I just 6linked a Hopeshredder yesterday because I was bored

I will probably try this build :D
I made this build (with slight variation) and I can say it's very good! I'm 81 so far and it's handling t10s like a champ. I made some slight variations that I thought would be a good fit:

1) I went Scion (Slayer/raider) for perm lifeleech. I've never actually seen my life dip at 8 frenzies due to the hopeshredder. The built in culling strike is nice too.
2) I got a green dream, slotted it right below the scion start, and picked up the life wheel to the left. My tree ends there. The rest of my tree goes right from the ranger start.
3) The mark of the elder ring combines with an assassin's shaper ring is absolutely amazing and a total improvement on using another ring.
4) I picked up voidfletcher because it synergizes so well with this build. It adds a lot, but I can't guarantee I'll stick with it forever. There are some sexy quivers out there...
5) I'm using gripped gloves because the implicit adds so much damage. I may change in the future.
6) For lightpoacher, I like slotting it with GMP and faster Projs. With pierce from the tree, it's been a lifesaver for stopping mobs from touching me as it commonly freezes them before they reach me. Excellent build idea for using lightpoacher.

I would recommend this build to anyone tired of the current meta who wants something spicy. It's a slower start using the scion, but it's a fun and different ride. Thanks for posting the original idea.


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Forgot I had one of these in STD, and have some leftover Abyss jewels.
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Thoughts with the new hopeshredder? Should be massive
ckp2906 wrote:
Thoughts with the new hopeshredder? Should be massive

Yes, it's basically 25% more damage.

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