[3.1] Hopeshredder Ice Ranger

video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxBJdPMphNU
catch me live: https://www.twitch.tv/whissp_

Pros of the build:
- very cheap baseline but scales well with more investment
- immune to elemental status (freeze, shock, ignite)
- good clear thanks to better Herald of Ice damage
- very high dodge and movement speed
- can do less regen and -max res maps easily
- up to 300k - 500k barrage dps with budget setup
- for AOE you can use whatever skill you want

Cons of the build:
- can't do elemental or phys reflect
- no regen maps are doable but its better to avoid them
- can't start this build right away at level 60

3.2 Update:
Raider got stronger. Instead of Kintsugi I would use Farrul's Fur chest, thanks to which you permanently have frenzy and power charges. That solves the issue when you start a map without frenzy charges and it takes forever to move to the first pack.

why hopeshredder?

At 10 Frenzy Charges this weapon gives us:
- 40% move speed
- 120 to 140 GLOBAL added cold damage - this improves your attack skills, heralds, Lightpoacher, lab enchants, etc.
- 20% elemental avoidance - an elemental attack has to go through 66% dodge and around 40% evasion on top of it
- 5% attack damage leech

why not a rare elemental bow?

All rare bows with similar eDps have mixed damage consisting of three elements. With Hopeshredder you only focus on cold damage and cold penetration. Cold penetration gem, Wise Oak flask and Fangs of Frost passive are very valuable here.

how do we deal with 4000 dps DoT?

It's important to remember that you take that damage only when moving.

We stack these kind of abyss jewels that grant us regen while moving. The regen is a suffix, which means you can get a jewel with life + added cold damage to attacks as prefix. The other suffix can be more added damage, resist, crit multi and so on.

We are also using Purity of Ice, which boosts our cold res up to 80%.

A ring like this is not necessary, but if you get an unset ring with +3 to socketed gems or +2 with a level 21 Purity of Ice, your Purity will be level 23, which means you will have 81% cold res.

gear explanation


You don't need 2 socket version but extra jewel helps. The Spirit Burst gets boosted from global cold damage from the bow and helps quite a bit with AOE clearing. With Herald of Ice + Onslaught socketed in, either explosion from herald or spirit burst projectile has a chance to trigger onslaught.


A good amulet with +1 frenzy charge may be expensive, but there are many budget amulets out there with this implicit

This build can be pretty fast when clearing trash maps, so if you get access to Bisco's, loosing one frenzy charge is definitely worth it. Just don't forget to swap it out for frenzy amulet on bosses.


Shaped ring with assassin's mark is arguably the first big purchase you should make if you are going with budget version of this build. In theory you could use Oskarm gloves, in which case you would have to use Lightpoacher with 2 sockets and also your HP would be lower.

A +3 unset ring or +2 unset ring with lv 21 Purity of Ice gives you +1% increased max cold res. You don't have to get this, any rare ring with life and resists is good enough.


You could use Blood Dance boots instead, but +1 frenzy charge (or +2 if you get the corruption) is just way too valuable.


The 20% reduction is not cancelled when you take damage over time from your own bow or while standing in caustic cloud. With 66% dodge, 40% evasion and 20% elemental dodge this buff will be up all the time when you need it. Also the 20% reduction works on Hopeshredder - if you haven't been hit, you take 20% less damage from the cold DoT.

An alternative if you don't believe in dodge.


See the rings section. I used to have Immortal Call + CWDT here, but with Bisco's I don't have enough strength. If you don't use Bisco's, you should be able to get Immortal Call here. Obviously Cast on Death + Portal is not hardcore viable, but in softcore it saves a lot of time if you die. Can't really think of anything else what to socket in here, so I'm open to suggestions.


just get any quiver with life and resists. Shaped quiver with extra arrow boosts damage of Barrage quite a bit, but also costs a lot.


BIS belt for this build (unless you have Headhunter). With even mediocre jewels it can give us 90 life, 50 added cold damage and 3% health regen.


Try to get Vessel of Vinktar with flat damage to attacks. This is a budget flask but still performs well.

Diamond is great DPS flask, try to roll anti bleed on it.

With Purity of Ice we can easily overcap our cold res, which will give us cold penetration. This flask also helps in ele weakness maps if with your gear you cannot overcap your resists enough.

You could use another DPS flask here but I opted out for a defensive option. Don't forget we use Acrobatics, so Granite flask is not effective. Stibnite flask with smoke cloud is also an option.

Without frenzy charges we are somewhat slow. Quicksilver flask will help us at the start of the map and also when moving between the packs.

gem setup


I chose to use Split Arrow, but you can use Tornado Shot or any other bow skill you like. My Split setup is Split Arrow + Added Cold + Ice Bite + Cold Penetration + Increased Critical Strikes + Elemental Damage with Attacks. Don't forget that Path of Building will tell you that Elemental Focus gives most DPS, but then you can't proc Herald of Ice.

Single Target

My 5L setup is Barrage + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Increased Critical Strikes + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Ice Bite. In the video where I am killing Minotaur I forgot to swap Barrage to my 6L and I was killing him with my 5L.

our defense

More than 4.5k HP at level 90 (over 5.1k with Belly of the Beast)

Kintsugi - 20% less damage taken

Arctic Armour - 13% less fire and physical damage taken when stationary

Watcher's Eye - Get one with 10% of physical damage taken converted to cold damage while under the effect of Purity of Ice.

Basalt flask - 15% physical reduction

66% dodge, 40% evasion, 30% spell dodge, 20% elemental dodge

DPS with current gear


6L Barrage without flasks - 343k
6L Barrage with 3 dps flasks - 554k
5L Barrage without flasks - 206k
5L Barrage with 3 dps flasks - 334k

Split Arrow

100k without flasks / 150k with flasks

Edict of frost (lab enchant)

4.8k per use

Herald of Ice

1.3k per explosion without any additional support links

Spirit Burst (from Lightpoacher)

5.9k per hit


help Alira

pantheon - important!

- Reduced damage taken from DoTs - less damage taken from Hopeshredder DoT

- 50% increased recovery of life if you stopped taking DoT recently - this is huge for maps with less regen or -max res. If you stop only for millisecond (for example when attacking) you stopped taking damage over time from your own bow and when you move again for the next 4 seconds you will have increased life regen

- Minor Pantheon doesn't really matter and pick whatever is best for for current situation.

my current gear for trash maps

my current gear for bosses

skill tree


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Interesting build, was thinking about doing something with that bow.

Also: Can't import the PoB code for some reason. Why not just post the pastebin? Just click on "Share with pastebin" after generating the code with PoB.
Last edited by Mecielle on Feb 2, 2018, 3:54:33 PM
Mecielle wrote:
Interesting build, was thinking about doing something with that bow.

Also: Can't import the PoB code for some reason. Why not just post the pastebin? Just click on "Share with pastebin" after generating the code with PoB.

Thanks for the reply, posted the pastebin, hope it works now.
You forgot heartseeker in the tree as well as 2nd ranger proj node. Also pathing through aspect of the eagle is inefficient and the points would be better spent somewhere else.
I was actually in the process of leveling my own Hopeshredder build. I went Scion-Slayer+Raider using overleech to mitigate the DoT. Character: ExperimentX It's still work in progress but I've managed T14 with it, and POB gives me good hopes for shaper later.
cool build man, i just might try it next league.
Aggnog wrote:
You forgot heartseeker in the tree as well as 2nd ranger proj node. Also pathing through aspect of the eagle is inefficient and the points would be better spent somewhere else.

Hey thanks for the suggestion, I am pretty sure the tree is not 100% optimized so thanks for the feedback.
Hey, interesting build in concept but I think you are gimping yourself by going crit. I played whitewind this league, which is practically the same concept but with melee and different gimmicks. You could be way tankier, and in turn have to invest less into life regen. I'd advise using a cold damage impresence for free frostbite, drop crit and get more raw cold damage and around ~6k life.
Your damage shouldnt suffer a lot and your life regen would be a ton more effective because of the higher max health. You also get to use another defensive flask over diamond, and you don't need to invest into an assasin mark curse on hit ring.

This is a modified version of the build that I used, to suit this build a bit more:

But, if you want to stay crit, you should invest into a lioneye's fall and grab the claw crit nodes in shadow. super efficient crit nodes, generic leech etc.
Skydogg5555 wrote:
cool build man, i just might try it next league.

and the abyss socket items and jewels you will get from?
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Skydogg5555 wrote:
cool build man, i just might try it next league.

Don't. it's very bad, go with lioneye's Glare + no need for shitty degen jewels, what won't be available on next league most likely.

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