Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

GL !
I have created this track:

Which I think would be appropriate for the ingame music.

and others

I would love to see my work in POE.

Cheers and gl hf to all participants

Thank you for competitions! Always loves this ^^
This is the cover to Path of Exile original soundtrack. I picked up original music compositions from Act 1 and created this metal version. I hope You enjoy. Quality of mix is pretty bad, but I'm not a soundmaster unfortunately.
Will be happy if you make a comment for this too :)

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Reserved For Saint.
Men, I have 2 ideas. I won a writing competition years ago, but I'm not sure to be able to make a decent translation, if I have something.

I also thought about 3D Stuff, but my model-skills aren't really good.

I will see. ^^
Luckily my doctor said I might be mildly artistic..
Ack this is awesome! I wish there was mentioned in the game I could replicate. xD Maybe I can get creative and make some candy currency or other~
I'm in. Give me some time.
MoonnieDarko wrote:

An Occultist fanart I did a month ago.

My instagram if you'd like to see more of my work

This is fucking gorgeous!
my talent is to tell you ggg that instead of making the next league you should just spend the time updating and fixing everything already in the game. ty.

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