Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

drkwndrr wrote:
Hi here is my entry to the contest;

This is such a cool trick!! A real magician! Or is it due to PoE Shaper??? Hmmm... So so cool:)

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when i was playing my raider tornado shot my daughter said " daddy i want to play that"

shes only 5 yrs old.. i told her "you can play this game when you reach 15 yrs of age"

future of path of exile looks bright...

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Here is my entry. Got my son a teenage engineering PO-20 for Xmas to get him into making music. Made a quick jam together with him with Izaro as the sampled lifecoach. Added a few supporting synth parts in Ableton.
Open in a new tab to appreciate the details.

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Hello again! This is my second metal cover for competition!
I recorded this video, hope you will like it \m/

Also, soundcloud track is here -
Mt first track -
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Hello. A lot of good stuff here. Here is my work made in zBrush. I'm not master of sculpting, but i hope you like it. (right click->open in new tab for better quality)

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well, this is my point of view

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It's POE with currency Fellas!
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