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is it possible to change the language of the game?
I'm playing the english pc version forever and now my xbox decides to use the german client and i can't find a way to change it.
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The language your system is set to will be the language that gets used in-game.
Thanks for the answer ! But I don't wanna change my xbox language for only one game... Have played currently 250h in english, playing in french actually is just impossible to me.

Why not put a option in the game where player can choose the language ?

-sorry per advance for mistakes-
At least there is a way...
But would it be verry difficult to add an option to change language ingame?
So i dont have to go to my xbox settings everytime i switch games.
It's really confusing if you played for ~5k h in english.
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100% agree.
I dont understand why the games on xbox set default language to system with no other option to switch language.
In my case for example, my family talk spanish, and i speak spanish/english/french. I dont gonna change the system only for me, or for me when i use the xbox, for my daughter when she use it, for my wife etc......
And a lot of games are better in english than spanish or french.
Will be nice to always have the option to change language, it's not so hard.....
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I dont want to change my system language, i want to change the game language :(

Comon GG. Do it in the options :(
Hi everyone,

I've passed the feedback on to investigate if there's a technical limitation which prevents the language from being set in the options. If there's not, I'll see what can be done.
Thank you very much !

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