3.5 Magic Find Windrippin Boi (Windripper LA/Barrage Raider)

Hey sorry more noob questions.

I noticed in POB that the hit chance is 87% so not maxed out?

And also evasion doesnt cap at 45k with the jade flask up?

And finally, how come Raider and not Deadeye?

Thank you so much again!
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bankai1009 wrote:
Hi there!

Really keen to find a full MF character that can farm T16s.

I am a noob player trying to farm my first headhunter in Tower maps.

I have so far tried a Deadeye TS and Deadeye Scourge Arrow, such as the one below:

It was ok but I found I was dying a lot, especially to syndicates that are sometimes hard to avoid.

Also tried a MF version of Elementalist WinterOrb but no luck.

So thats the background, now my questions :)
1) What would you say is the min budget to farm t16s comfortably? Do I need GG gear to do T16s on full MF?

2) One other MF build I have not tried is Elemental Hit. Looking at another guide, it can't do Windripper so it loses that quant. But wondering how that build compares to this one in terms of damage vs survivability vs speed?

3) Can this guide be used as a league starter? I normally go arc miner saboteur then level a ranger after clearing the whole atlas but I prefer not having to reroll.

4) Can I swap Lightning Arrow for Tornado Shot if I want? I think TS has better clear speed and damage, especially once you get enchants? But of course more pricey like that.

Thank you in advance for helping me get my first headhunter!

Hey there. This was my first MF build as well, but I can offer some insight on points 1 and 4. Take this with a grain of salt; I am by no means an expert on the topic. My experience also applies only to Betrayal, not Standard.

1.) As presented, this build probably isn't capable of farming T16s - and certainly not with a full party. To get to that point, you will need to swap some gear and modify the tree a bit. I am currently running T16 parties, and have swapped Bisco's for a Shaper amulet with quant, and the gloves from some Tombfists. I also changed up the passive tree, and am running a Headhunter. +2 Tornado Shot on the helmet, which you may not need. There's a good deal of balancing that has to be done when upgrading, as you are limited by the uniques. All-in, I probably have around 100ex invested into the build, including the Abyssal jewels. PoB puts me at 128,308 dps with the Windripper, and 157,874 dps with my multimodded bow. On top of that, I run with an aurabot, and sometimes a cursebot.

4.) Yes, you can easily swap to Tornado Shot. I chose to do the same.

Good luck with the build!

Update: I made it to #1 DPS in Betrayal for Raiders using Windripper and QoTF! “ZoozyRanger” on Poe.ninja :)
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In Betrayal league, I don't have any legacy item to increase the quantity found. Your standard league character has 250+ % quantity found, while mine only have 100% quantity found. Without jade and quicksilver flasks, my initial movement speed is only 19, after stacking enough frenzy charges, the movement speed reaches 45. There are tons of build that clear maps much faster with movement skills.

I like your build. What I want to say is that after the nerfs to all these MF items, this build does not make a lot of profit in new leagues. If people are going to stay in standard league, it can be good if you speed enough on the build.

It's my first time playing MF build, not a super good experience. I don't know if MF is still viable in POE, cuz 100% increased quantity found only brought me 2 exalts drop. I made most of my exalts through crafting and selling.
what kind of dps can you expect with this build?
IGN SootySweepSue and Atreides
hi you think its possible to run this build as a elementalist?
/pls delete post
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So I just corrupted my bow and instead of a blue socket turned white , or +1 arrow it gave me a white socket instead of a green.

If I remove elemental damage support for item quantity, will this build still be viable ?

Any options to remove the elemental damage and add some aura to support the damage loss ?

Also , what did you socket in your queen of the forest ?

Maybe I can get the queen of the forest for the item quality LA setup and have the bow do something else.
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Ok so I have some little problems, I don't have the damage to kill uber lab :|...

Am I doing something wrong ?

I just started a raider with the intention of speed farming low delves and MFing low maps. I remember doing this build in the past, but it looks pretty inactive now. Did something change that I'm not aware of?
Why dont you use mirage archer in your LA setup? Shouldnt it be way better than added cold damage?

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