[3.1] J U G G of the Forest - Uber lab, Guardians, Mapping viable

1. Intro
Hello! I'm Marsun, I've been playing PoE for a few years now and I've always liked to make my own builds. For some time now I've wanted to make a different kind of J U G G and now 3.1 made it possible.
I present to you The J U G G of the Forest.
It's not the cheapest build out there.
It's not the strongest build out there.
It's not the fastest build out there.
But hell, it is a fun build to play.

- Fast
- Quite tanky
- Fun to play

- Damage could be higher
- Laaaaaaggy (over 400 balls/s while clearing)
- Quite pricey
- Not the best agains elemental damage

2. Overwiev

The plan was to make a budget build that would be able to farm Uber Lab. I've expected it to be ok'ish to play and mediocre in speed, but I've had so much fun with it that I've decided to take it a bit further. So here we are. There is still a few upgrades that I could make to make it stronger and I'll go over that later.

Let's get to the part of "How is this build different than other?"
Answer is easy, it's utilizing some new interactions between old and new items.
There are 2 items that define this build:

Makes us fast.

Makes us tanky and fierce (and laggy).

Unlike most Lab Farming builds we're using Molten Strike (instead of Cleave or Blade Flurry). This choice will be explained in Gem section.

Char sheet stats

Stationary with flasks

Stationary without flasks

Running with main weapons (and flasks)

Running with weapon swap (and flasks)

3. Gear

This build is pretty flexible with gearing but as stated in overwiev there are 2 mandatory items.
Body Armour

There is no other choice for body armour. The main reason of using QotF is the movement speed factor. Other than that it grants us decent amount of life and some resists (which are pretty scarce). Main issue with using QotF is the colors we need for Molten Strike (explanation in Gem section). If we use it as our main skill setup the required minimum is 5 linked with at least 3 red and 1 blue socket.

Main Weapon(s)

The new Elder guardian sword. By itself it has decent amount of pdps but that's not our main focus. The mods that make this build stand out are Armour and Iron Reflextes while Stationary. It allows us to move fast and be tanky while we're fighting. Another thing is the high attack speed, that allows us to gain advantage of stacking lots of flat damage. The last thing about this sword and the main reason why we are using Molten Strike over other skills is the 2 additional projectiles after getting hit AND Point Blank. Dual wielding these and using MS jewels + helmet enchantment allows us to get 14 projectiles every single attack. While mapping it makes us spit over 400 balls per second (with Ancestral Call support). For the build to work it is NECESSARY to have at least one of these. When buying look for maximum attack speed roll. I have not personally tried using anything else in offhand but I belive this is the best option.

Weapon Swap

For lab running I've decided to use a weapon swap to better utilize flasks and QotF modifiers. It is by no means necessary to do that since we can cap our evasion with Jade flask. So with our weapon swap we're using:
The twin brother of our main weapon. A bit more pricey and we use it only for the 80% movement speed modifier while moving.

An evasion shield. All we need on it is as much evasion and possible. Some life is a bonus. This piece is fairly cheap and can be crafted by hand (making this one cost me about 10c).

This setup allows us to cap evasion for QotF only using a Stibnite Flask of Reflexes (more on flasks later)


The best option for us is Devoto's Devotion
Evasion combined with Movement Speed helps us go fast. Armour, dexterity, attack speed and chaos resistances are also very nice bonuses.
Another possible choices:
Rat's Nest - evasion, movement speed, attack speed - not the best choice but some nontheless. Helps with keeping EO up.
Starkonja's Head - evasion, dexterity, attack speed, life - another option. Lacks movement speed but gives life. Can be used while leveling just to increase the survivability.
Rare Elder helmet - for when we have issues with coloring our QotF. In that case we want one that supports socketed skills with Concentrated Effect or Immolate (lv20 recommended). It can also have some life and resists.
The most useful enchantment is additional Molten Strike projectiles (quite expensive)


Again flexible slot. At this moment I'm using the new Abyss gloves:
Decent attack speed and % increased life are nice to have while these gloves are pretty cheap. Additionally getting 1 more socket for our jewels and Intimidation on hit (enemies take 10% increased damage - effective 10% more multiplier) nicely ups our damage.
The other choice would be rare gloves (Gripped Gloves are the best for us). With these aim for:
- life
- attack speed
- high evasion
- some resists


2 options here:
Rare boots
I've gone with rare boots for slightly more life and resists to reach cap. If you'd want to use rares look for:
- 30+% movement speed
- high life
- evasion
- resists
Atziri's Step
If you can cap your resistances without rare boots you can use these unique boots. High movement speed, decent life and very high evasion make for nice boots for our build. Also the spell dodge part might be useful at times.


Stygian Vise is the best base option in 3.1. You'll be looking for:
- life
- resistances
- elemental damage with attacks
This league belts are fairly cheap. For me I'm using this one:

If you don't plan on using Abyss gloves you can use Belt of the Deceiver (+1 endurance charge corruption always welcome)


The best choice for our build is two Kaom's Ways:
Endurance charges, life regen, some life and a bit of LgoH are all great things to have.
As we are a J U G G, I would not recommend any other rings, although a rare ring with wed, life, res and flat damage is an option.


Also 2 choices here. A rare amulet like

What we want from it:
- life
- resists
- intelligence
- wed / flat phys/fire dmg
The more expensive option would be Xoph's Blood. It would increase our damage by a big margin but would require balancing our resistance and int on different items.


We are using Molten Strike, so to make the best out of it we use two:

Since there's still quite a while of Abyss league left, I'll recommend using Abyssal jewels like these:

We're looking for:
- flat added fire damage / added fire damage to sword attacks
- life
- evasion (if necessary to cap our QotF evasion threshold for max movement speed)
- resists (if necessary)
If you decide to play this build in other league where the jewels are not available you'd be looking for jewels with:
- % life
- fire damage
- projectile damage
- area damage
- attack speed


We need flasks to cap our evasion (45k) and increase our movement speed. My setup:

Life flask - safety measure, use whatever life flask you want but it's the best idea to use some kind of instant flask.
Stibnite flask - evasion, smoke cloud, duration, one of best flasks in the game
Quicksilver flask - speeeeed
Quartz flask - phasing helps a lot while running lab to get past obstacles on our way (Phase Run gem can be used but I'm too lazy for that)
Silver flask - onslaught gives us more speed and some damage increase
Other options:
Atziri's Promise - more damage, chaos resist, life leech
Wise Oak - more damage if we balance our resist for fire
Jade flask - if you want to cap your evasion without weapon swap
Mods we need on flasks
- Curse removal
- Bleed removal
- % Increased Evasion
- Movement speed

4. Gems

Main damage setup

As in what we use to clear content. My setup as of now:

Minimal requirement:

- Our main skill
- Multistrike for quick attacks
- Immolate - now that's not the most used gem, but it's where huge chunk of our damage comes from.
Now we have two choices:
- Fire pen swap for tougher bosses
- Ancestral Call swap for mapping

Rest of links

Depending on the socket colours available to us we can use:
Blue sockets:
- Best 5th link for bosses, doesn't have to be removed for clearing
- Best 6th link for everything, lets us make the most out of Immolate as well as as adding big More damage multiplier
Red sockets:
Elemental Damage with Attacks - Huge More multiplier
Damage on Full Life - Huge More multiplier as long as we stay on full life

Green sockets:
- Decent More damage multiplier although makes our balls fall a bit slower. Recommended only if no other colors available.
- Faster attacks ONLY when no other colors available.


- Tons of Evasion, gives us both movement speed and defences. Mandatory aura.

Poacher's Mark with Blasphemy - There's a few reasons to use this setup:
- Additional flask charges - since we are no Pathfinder we need a way to increase the lifespan of our flasks. That's where Poacher's Mark comes in.
- Frenzy charges - If we're too lazy to turn Blood Rage on every now and then
- Life and Mana gained on hit - we have little leech of both, and since we attack over 10 times per second mana on hit helps us sustain our attacks. Life on hit also helps our survivability.


Enduring Cry - helps us generate / keep up endurance charges as well as gives some regen
Blood Rage - more attack speed and frenzy charges on Hexproof maps. Also provides a tiny bit of life leech from the little of physical damage we deal.

Orb of Storms with Crit Strikes support makes it easier for us to keep up Elemental Overload.

Lightning Golem with CwdT - faster attacks. CwdT is my lazy approach to every golem, if you want to feel free to manually recast it.

Our skill of choice to cross gaps, in my case Leap Slam with mandatory Faster Attacks support.

Now here's some free space.
Ancestral Protector - increases our attack speed even more (as if we didn't have enough)
Vigilant Strike - allows us to get fortified without using movement skill
Culling Strike - for culling =)
Maim - used with Protector gives us tiny bit of damage on bosses and slows them down

5. Passive Tree, PoB, Bandits

Passive tree
Path of Building

For Bandits we go with Eramir for 2 passive points.

For pantheons:
Major pantheon - personal preference:
Lunaris - map clearing
Solaris - clearing, bosses
Arakaali - lab
Minor pantheons - again situational preference:
Tukohama - bosses, lab
Ralakesh - mapping, some bosses
Shakira - mapping, some bosses
Gruthkul - mapping, bosses
Garukhan - lab

If you have any questions about this build feel free to ask them in this thread or directly in game.
Gameplay videos will be added as soon as I get them uploaded.
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This looks fun, I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for posting!
Added videos (mino, hydra, chimera, random t13) and pantheon choices.
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I love the idea of "Evasion for movespeed, armor while attacking".
But the amount of offcolors you need turns me off a bit.
3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519
Best thing to do is just using vorici jewellers method to get 3r2b. Then either keep trying for 6th offcolor or just settle for that 6th green socket. First time I've done that I've got 5 off in first or second 5s. For the second one it took about 700 jewellers to get 5 off then another 350 for 6th socket. Then there's only matter of 6 linking left (although it should be perfectly fine on 5l, at least for everything up to t15).
Video plz
Video plz

If you mean the build in action there are already videos in first spoiler, if you mean crafting I'd suggest just finding one of the guides that are already out there.
marsun wrote:
Best thing to do is just using vorici jewellers method to get 3r2b. Then either keep trying for 6th offcolor or just settle for that 6th green socket. First time I've done that I've got 5 off in first or second 5s. For the second one it took about 700 jewellers to get 5 off then another 350 for 6th socket. Then there's only matter of 6 linking left (although it should be perfectly fine on 5l, at least for everything up to t15).

I know, but that's exactly what I don't want to do. ;)

I would probably just buy a 6L dex/str hybrid chest and ignore the QotF/movespeed idea, even though I love it.
3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519
im mes u already please check thanks marsun
Why is there no CWDT->IC setup? Do you think it will work with IC if CWDT was at like 50% hp?

Edit: Nevermind. After a bit research, I found the answer. Turned out that expending endurance charge is very bad for Jugg build. I got another question though. Why did you prefer slow projectiles support for the green slot? It seem that point blank support can give way more damage without slowing down the projectiles. Did I missed something that said slower projectile deal more damage?
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