3.1 Annolyin's 5 Curse 6 Aura Occultist Cursebot Support - with leveling guide

Woo we now have hexproof bypass, %25 effectiveness, free stun immunity and 150 mpre flat es
Hi, yes i'm so excited for the new occultist buffs, its going to be brilliant.

Yes the build will do ok with solaris for early maps but you do really want to rush the shavs as it gives you a huge es boost.

I personally wont be running this particular cursebot in the next league (that i know yet) and am instead hoping to build a pure cursebot with 6-7 curses and max curse effectiveness/aoe with just discipline, haste and purity of elements for my own survivability. the tree and itemization should be very similar i'm just adding a second doedres damning and swapping the prism guardian for the new atrizi's reflection shield.

again this is designed to work with a particular combination of players in a set party so i'll keep you guys posted on how well it plays and hopefully get a build guide out as soon as it's finalised :D

This is probably gonna be my league starter as I plan to play some kind of support with my friends, and I am really bored of regular aurabotting. I dont mind even if we go full curse route.

Looking forward for your updates, please atleast update your skill tree if anything changes by incoming patch, so we atlease got some ideas when starting
So far the tree will be pretty much the same, just dropping the resist nodes below the scion start

This is what i'm looking at atm

This idea with this is to simply be a forward debuff support and have a separate close support for aura buffs

probably going to lvl with srs and spectres again like in the guide
Much appreciated.

Really interested to see your take on the new Occultist, pure cursebot.

Any thoughts on going Ascendant with Occultist/Champion?

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