3.1 Annolyin's 5 Curse 6 Aura Occultist Cursebot Support - with leveling guide


I have made a few changes to the build. I replaced the Shavronnes
Revalation with a rare moonstone ring with some chaos and fire res which
let me respec out of the Method to the Madness and the resists/jewel socket
near the under the scion. I then took Devotion and Faith n Steel as well as
the jewel socket for a Watchers Eye that gives me phasing.

I also upgraded to a +1 to socketed gems Prism Guardian and lvl 21 Grace, Haste
and Discipline.


MF Party

This build was made to run with Octavian0's MF Party, you should go check out his video

This build is a pure support and is completely useless without a party. It doesn’t use any active skills but is made to run around with party providing a combination of defensive buffs as well as 5 very effective curse auras.

The auras I’ve chosen to run are all defensive. Grace and Discipline for some extra Evasion and Energy Shield, Haste for movement/attack/cast speed and the 3 Purities of Ice, Fire and Lightning for increased elemental resistance. These auras should complement most builds.

As for the curses, I’ve chosen to run Temporal Chains and Enfeeble, inflicting debilitating slows and greatly reducing enemy hit chance and damage; and Elemental Weakness to reduce enemy elemental resistances. The 2 remaining curses can be rotated as required by the party you intend to play with. For example my normal party mostly uses cold and lightning damage so I run Flammability and Conductivity making the enemy more susceptible to those elements and giving a higher chance to shock and ignite.

Current Buffs/Debuffs

5280 evasion, 422 energy shield, 30% attack/cast speed, 17% move speed.
75% ele resists, +8% max res
10% increased damage vs cursed enemies

Enemies are 80% slower and effects on them expire 72% slower
Ememies have 73% reduced accuracy, -43% critical strike multiplier, 54% reduced critical strike chance
18% chance to be shocked or ignited
120% reduced fire/lightning resistance
60% reduced cold resistance
20% reduced chaos resistance
25% reduced life regeneration

Normally it would be impossible to run all these auras as they would require 430% of our mana however this build focuses on getting all of the reduced mana reservation that we have available to us as well as blood magic so we spend our life instead of mana for skills. The rest of the build is stacking curse effectiveness and ES as we have to rely on a high Energy Shield pool, and a Shavronne’s Wrappings, to protect what little life we have remaining.

Level 95 - Current Items and POB Link

Leveling Guide

Leveling support builds can often be rather difficult if you haven’t got a friend to help carry you through so to make things as easy as we can we’re going to level with freezing pulse and then SRS until we get to the mapping stage and we can swap over to a pure support. You probably want to pick up some leveling uniques;

• Wanderlust – for some lvl1 movement speed, mana regen and freeze immunity
• Tabula Rasa – so you don’t have to worry about rolling sockets and links
• Goldrim – for all those awesome resistances
• Lifesprigs – wonderful general levelling wands
• Lochtonial Caress – for some extra cast speed
• Sihdebreath – for minion bonuses and mana regen

At lvl 12 Victario’s Flight is a good option as well as they give movement speed to you minions too.

SRS can feel pretty useless until you get some supports on it so I suggest using freezing pulse until around level 10 and you’ve killed Brutus. At this point you will be able to purchase Melee Splash, Minion Damage, Clarity and Lightning Warp from Nessa and start running the SRS. Ideally you want at least a 3-link of SRS, Melee Splash and Minion Damage. If you are lucky enough to have a 4th link available Added Cold or Added Lightning are both good options. Now is also a good time to pick up a movement skill like Lightning Warp or Flame Dash and start running a Clarity aura to help get more SRS out.

As you finish part 1 and have killed Merveil remember go back to Nessa and get a Flesh Offering which will consume corpses to give your SRS a nice attack/cast/movement speed boost.
Continue through act 2 killing ALL the Bandits. After you’ve killed the Weaver you will be able to buy a Culling Strike off Yeena to go in your SRS setup. Swap out your Added Cold/Lighting gem if you had one and make Culling Strike your 4th link. You can also pick up a Desecrate to start levelling for later.
After you’ve made your way into act 3 and have retrieved Tolman’s bracelet from the crematorium you will be able to purchase a Wrath aura from Clarissa which is the best offensive aura you can run at this time. However if you are having trouble capping your resistances Purity of Elements is a handy defensive option. You should also grab an Enfeeble, Elemental Weakness and Discipline to start levelling in your offhand with the desecrate from act 2.

Once you’ve killed General Gravicious in the Ebony Barracks Maramoa will reward you with a Raise Spectre gem. Spectres will be a great boost to your clear speed. Pop back to Nessa and grab a Minon Damage and Minion Life to link to them and, if you have a 4th link, a Minion Speed from Clarissa.
Raise Spectre creates a spectral copy of a corpse that fights for you. These spectres will stay with you until they die even through your deaths and relogs. I personally like to use the Flame Sentinals from the Solaris Temple. Use the Desecrate to create corpses until you see the one you want to raise, then press (A) to select your desired corpse then use the Raise Spectre skill to create your spectre.

While you’re in act 3 you probably want to do the Library quest so you can gain access to Siosa’s gem store. You should be able to buy Immortal Call, Grace, Haste from him and start them levelling.
This setup should pretty much carry you through the rest of the story. You can add a Cast When Damage Taken(lvl1) linked with Immortal Call(lvl3) and Phase Run(lvl3) after completing act 4. You can also add different auras as you need if you find you have enough mana spare. Discipline would be a good defensive option otherwise Anger for some more damage.

Tree Progression

It’s generally rather difficult to find good Energy Shield gear while levelling so we’re going to level as a hybrid life/ES through the story and then respect out of the life nodes and swap to low life once we have our mapping gear.
To start we head out from the witch along the ES nodes to Deep Wisdom then Heart and Soul for a bit of early life as well as the Lord of the Dead minion cluster in preparation for the swap to SRS. Then go out to the left to grab Quick Recovery and up to the Death Attunement for the additional spectre.
Now we spread out and pick up life and minions nodes that are close to the support tree that we’re working towards. Cruel Preparation and Purity of Flesh are nice life nodes and you can also head down towards scion and get Gravepact for some extra minon damage. With the addition of abyssal jewels in 3.1 I highly recommend getting 1-2 point jewel sockets as you pass them as you can get some very powerful minon jewels very cheap. You might as well grab Shaper while your down there too.


Now we’re going to do some travelling and start picking up the aura nodes. Start with Sovereignty, ignoring the aura effect node for now, then head out across the ES scion wheel and grab the Leadership and Charisma clusters. If you feel you still need more life you can pick up a bit extra with Hired Killer but keep in mind that you’ll have to repec out of it later. We’re also going to head right up the right side to get Influence and Melding.
I’d recommend getting to around level 75 before respecing into low-life so let’s take these few levels to go down and get those resists and jewel socket below the scion start.


For your jewel sockets you need to get an Energy from Within to place next to Melding

a Conqueror’s Efficiency

and a Sacrificial Harvest s very handy if you can find one and will help you keep your Vaal Disciplines up.

On your other jewels I suggest trying to find ES and any resists you might need. If your elemental resists are capped extra chaos res is always nice.

By this point your tree should look something like this:


Now for the fun part;
Respecing for Blood Magic and Low-Life

You’ll probably need around 30 respec points, depending on how much extra life you took along the way. Take out any life and minion nodes and head down and get Blood Magic, Mortal Conviction and Champion of the Cause. You can now use your remaining points to pick up your curse nodes so grab Whispers of Doom, Hex Master and Skittering Runes to really get the most out of those curses. Oh and don’t forget to pick up Arcane Vision so you can see what’s going on.
Since we have Blood Magic you can use the rest of your life pool for a movement skill if you feel you need one and have a socket available for it. If you decide not to bother with this however you can take Zealots Oath for a bit of passive ES regeneration.
Your tree should now look like this:


Final Tree

At this point we’ve gotten all the aura and curse nodes we need and should be running in full support mode so now it’s just getting some extra defence as required. I highly suggest focusing on your ES first by grabbing Arcane Focus and the 2 nodes past it, and Essence Surge. These points improve the speed that your Energy Shield recovers as well as the time you have to wait before it starts. If you find you are having trouble with chaos damage you can take Method to the Madness for an extra 24% chaos resistance otherwise pick up Unnatural Calm and the rest of the Scion ES wheel for even more ES.



For your ascendancy points I recommend rushing normal lab and getting Wicked Ward. The flat ES will really help your effective life while levelling. Profane Bloom and Malediction are best for your Cruel and Merciless labs so you have the extra curse by level 75 ready for your respec. The last 2 points go to Void Beacon as soon as you can get a carry for the Eternal lab.


The soul of Arakaali and the soul of Shakari are the best choices for your pantheon providing chaos and damage of time defence, as well as poison immunity and improved ES recovery. I strongly recommend rushing these as soon as you can.

Support Gear and Gem Setup

This build is stupidly heavy on uniques but before you panic about your budget most of the core items can be picked up for just a few chaos. The only significantly expensive mandatory unique is the Shavronne’s Wrappings which can be around 80c and the Enlightens(lvl2+) which are around 20c each.

Heretics Veil – This helm is so amazing for this build. Not only does it give us a nice extra level for our curse gems and a free level 22 blasphemy but it also has that beautiful 12% reduced mana reservation for socketed curses. This means that we can put 3 curses in here and instead of reserving 105% mana they now only need 92.4%. It might not seem like big deal now but once we put it together with the rest of the build it makes a big difference. These are cheap so try find one with high ES if you can. Curse effect enchantments are awesome so try pick one up when you have some money spare. I’d aim for either a Temporal Chains or Enfeeble Enchantment but any of your curses will work.

Budget Links - BBBG with Enfeeble, Elemental Weakness, Enlighten (lvl2+) and Temporal Chains.
Endgame Links - BBGG with Enfeeble, Enlighten (lvl3) and Temporal Chains, Enhance (lvl2+). Curse gems get so much better with quality so try find lvl20 ones corrupted for additional quality if you can.

Ephemeral Edge – Since we don’t actually attack at all this is just a stat stick for the additional ES. These are also super cheap, you want to find the best Maximum ES roll you can afford.

Links - RRG with CWDT(lvl1), Immortal Call(lvl3), Phase Run (lvl3).

Body Armour
Shavronne’s Wrappings – This armour is essential to the build for the chaos damage doesn’t bypass Energy Shield mod. Without it any amount of chaos damage will be fatal. You can use a Solaris Lorica for early maps if you can’t afford one right away but Shavs will really improve your quality of life as it gives more ES and increases recovery speed. We eventually want this 5Linked so maybe try buy a 6 socket and you can link it when you’re ready to upgrade or save some chaos for the Jewellers Touch prophecy.

Budget Links - BB?? with Enlighten(lvl2+), Blasphemy and 2 curses of your choice. I’m rotating Conductivity, Frostbite, Flammability and Despair depending on the party I’m supporting but you can run any curse your party needs.
Endgame Links - BBB?? with Enlighten(lvl4), Blasphemy, Elemental Weakness and your 2 other curses. If you have a 6th socket you can add a Lightning Warp or Flame Dash as a movement skill or a Vaal Haste.

Prism Guardian – This shield is just everything we could ask for; your basic block chance and elemental resistance plus 2 extra levels for socketed gems and a whopping 25% reduced mana reserved by socketed gems. Putting our expensive auras in here reserves 112.5% instead of 150%. You might struggle to meet the dex requirements for Grace so it’s best if you look for high dex on here. Later on you might want to find one that’s corrupted to add +1 to socketed gems.

Gems – GGB with Haste, Grace, Discipline
Endgame Gems - GGB with Haste(lvl 21), Grace(lvl 21), Discipline(lvl 21)

Shaper’s Touch – These gloves give us a nice ES boost while adding bits of evasion and armour that are always handy. They are also nice and cheap but be careful when buying these as most will be corrupted so just try and find one that already has the colours and links you want.

Budget Links - BBRG with Enlighten (lvl2+), Purity of Lightning, Purity of Ice, Purity of Fire.

Voidbringer – If you can get a pair of these gloves that have corrupted to get +1 to socketed gems and lvl 21 purity gems you will be able to raise your maximum resistances to 83%. This is a really expensive upgrade though so I would probably say save it until you’ve run out of other improvements to make and have loads of money lying around. (15-20ex)

Endgame Links - BBGG with Enlighten(lvl3), Purity of Lightning(lvl21), Purity of Ice(lvl21), Purity of Fire(lvl21).

Windscream – These boots are used for the additional curse they allow us to apply. You can choose to try get a get either a corruption for +2 to socketed Vaal gems on these boots or you can farm lab for the movement speed enchantment. If you want to swap a curse out for an extra aura you can change these boots for either Sin Trek for nice ES and movement speed or Steppan Erd for the handy desecrated ground immunity.

Links – BBBR with 2x Vaal Discipline, Vaal Summon Skeletons, Increased Duration. The Vaal Summon Skeletons in this set up are for defence if you get separated from your party; they won’t do much damage but will distract the enemy while you run away.

Eye/Presence of Chayula – We want this amulet purely for the stun immunity. As a support you really need to be able to stick with your party and getting left behind because you got stunned is just so embarrassing. When you can I highly recommend buying a Blessing of Chayula (About 8ex) which you can use on the Eye of Chayula to upgrade it to a Presence of Chayula. This upgrade gives us 60% chaos resistance and a beautiful 1200 extra ES.

Doedre’s Damning – As with the Windscream boots we only want this ring for the added curse so again if you would rather run another aura instead of all the curses you can swap this out for a high ES rare.
Ming’s Heart – If you haven’t upgraded to the Presence of Chayula a Ming’s Heart is a great boost to your chaos resistance. You’ll want to look for the lowest reduced ES with the highest combined chaos resistance you can afford.

Bated Breath - Not only does this belt give us a significant chunk of ES but it also has an incredible 50% increased recovery rate which helps up get up to 5000 ES recovered a second in the end game.

For your spare ring you can get a rare moonstone ring with lots of ES or an amethyst ring for some more chaos res. You could also run a chaos golem in a Pariah or Brinerot Mark


Flask are pretty flexible on this build. You’ll want the usual bleed and freeze immunity flask and probably a quicksilver flask to help keep up with your party but other than that you can play around and find a setup that suits you. I’m using 2 Quartz flasks for the phasing to help me dive in and apply curses to packs as well as run away if things get too dangerous, a Jade flask for some extra evade chance, an Amethyst to max out my chaos resistance and a Quicksilver flask.

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this is gud
I leveled it and playing it atm, this is great !!

Ty <3
Last edited by Nodestiny on Jan 5, 2018, 6:44:03 PM
Indeed, very interesting to play. While not suited for everyone, it is fun to run around and be helpful. Of course, a fair warning is that to play this, you have to know that there is a party that will take you. Otherwise, you might have to look in general chat, which may take a while. Regard!ess, great build. Thanks, Ann!
Thanks Ann!
Currently leveling this myself. Luckily I am leveling together with a group :D
I appreciate the detailed explanation for everything!
Octavian0 has finally got a video up about the MF Party, you guys should go check it out

Gonna give this a go on xbox. One question though, why do you not use shield charge or wb instead of flame dash?
Ah you could use a different movement skill if you like, i dont know how good it will feel with no cast/attack speed. I mostly just use the quicksilver to keep up with the party. Also i often reroll my armour to change up curses and its much easier to roll a blue socket.
Question can't you level up it with dual RF totems? its seems possible and should be the easiest way?
I just started this build on Xbox and used a tabby plus an oni and just used frostbolt(or molten strike) instead of going into minion skills. Saved me a lot of respect points and didnt need any additonal damage outside of support gems. My question is how are you getting you stat requirements met? I see a dex node on the final tree which should get us over the 155 req, but do you also have some strength on your jewel(s)? Just getting into the support phase, but all my guys are excited to say the least. Thanks for sharing the build!

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