[3.6 updated!] Crit Storm Call Inquisitor

Staglaitor_ wrote:

This bulid is not reproducible partly
I saw just 1 necessary jewel on the market that costs 60 exaltet orbs - in order to buy 6 such jewels you should spend 360 Exalted orbs that is much much more that 1 Mirror of Kalandra
Moreover - i saw just 1 such jewel on the market - there is no more.
I tryed to craft such jewel but spend more than 2 exalted orb in vain.
If you want to refute this information, please write your solution - we need it!

Hey man, I made you a search with every damage mod I could think of (regular jewels, not abyss jewels). As of when I am posting this there are 47 items online for trade with four damage mods.


If you edit the search down to just the four crit multi mods and 3 instances (I also switched it to include offline listings cause its 0900 on the East Coast right now), the jewels get closer to the 1-3 exa range. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

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Hisa wrote:

Thank you for help attempt but i can't use these jewels cos there is no life mod.
The main requirement is life property. All my jewels have life mod for the present.
But you can help me other way, - how can i increase life pool?
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Hey, your stuff seems great.

I wanted to try it but your PoB link in the spoiler "PoB Link for those who want it quick" does only have 2 points.

Where can I find the last PoB link please ? :)
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