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It's my first build, don't be too mean ;) Write down suggestions on how to improve this build, I'm still learning how to create proper setup.

This build utilizes newly added unique sword, Oni-Goroshi.

You can farm it reliably, comes with six links, it is easy to color, and it will be your endgame weapon.
For this reasons, it is even SSF viable.

To get the sword, reach level 7 without leaving Twilight Strand (just log off, wait 90 seconds until zone resets, you can kill Hillock in process) and then kill Hillock until he drops Oni-Goroshi. Just remember, NEVER enter Lioneye's Watch without the sword.


I don't have the best computer, playing and recording at the same time causes horrible lag. So GIFs have to do in this case.

t8 Purifier
Deathless, he was the easiest of all Elder guardians because he only deals physical damage.

t9 Enslaver
Deathless, pretty easy too, this one deals physical and fire damage.

t11 Eradicator
Hardest of them all as he deals pure lightning damage. Died two times because I tanked too much of his tendrils.

t12 Constrictor
Done deathless. I had Ralakesh pantheon, but Sharaki is good too. Changed rings for this fight and had 3% chaos resistance.

t10 Elder
Didn't manage to keep Shaper alive, and died 2 times - once from tentacles just before he died, another time he paralyzed me and sucked my HP away earlier on. All in all, the damage was consistent. Equipped Thief's Torment to check whether it is viable in endgame, turns out I might stick to it for now.

t4 Amanamu
Quite a nice drop I got:



+ Very cheap
+ Clear speed is great with enough attack speed
+ Viable league starter
+ Good uberlab farmer


- Kaom's Heart is not budget friendly but really helps in endgame
- You have to spend 1-2 hours farming Oni-Goroshi


Level 97 tree
Web version

Ascendancy Points: Unflinching - Unrelenting - Unyielding - Undeniable

Undeniable is obvious choice because of stun immunity in Unbreakable is unnecessary as we have Her Embrace.

Bandits: Oak

Physical damage reduction, more physical damage, life regen. All we need.

Pantheon: Solaris, Gruthkul

Her Embrace grants immunity to stun, freeze, and chill, so it's Soul of Brine King built in our sword. Because of that, taking Solaris helps tanking the bosses. Tukohama has more physical damage reduction, but we're applying Fortify with movement skill so it's not that great. Although, life regen is nice, so it's up to you.


Passive Tree (29 Passives)
Web version
Rush to jewel sockets to equip two Wildfire threshold jewels, then pick up Point Blank and Iron Grip.

Passive Tree (60 Passives)
Web version


Except Kaom's, cost of my gear closes in 30c, but less life on gear equals lower cost. Kaom's can be replaced with Belly of the beast or more budget friendy, Carcass Jack. Level another set of gems in off-hand for corrupting.



Main DPS Setup

Molten Strike - Ancestral Call - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Concentrated Effect - Increased Critical Damage - Multistrike

CWDT Setup

CWDT (lvl 1) - Immortal Call (lvl 3) - Increased Duration

Mobility Setup

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Fortify

Aura Setup

Blasphemy - Flammabitity

Remaining Gems

Ancestral Protector, Blood Rage, Summon Stone Golem, Anger

NOTE: When using Kaom's Heart, to fit in all four you need Unset Ring. In my case, when I try Kaom's + Thief's Torment, I drop out Ancestral Protector.


Items such as Ondar's Clasp, Karui Ward (later Karui Charge), Goldrim and Wanderlust can carry you to maps.
Two Doedre's Damnings are a good option before Thief's Torment, as well as Elreon rings.
Nomic's Storm is a nice movement speed boost.
Meginord's Girdle is a great belt, but if you need some more intelligence, feel free to pick up Wurm's Molt or Darkness Enthroned with some jewels.
The most important is Thief's Torment, because it provides huge boost to survivability and mana sustain early on.
Pick up Whirling Blades when you feel your attack speed is feelsgoodman.


Thanks to MoarPizza for the template, link to original post:
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It's still a one handed sword. One of the unique affixes is uses both hand slots. This means you can pick up one handed sword passives.
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Retosa wrote:
It's still a one handed sword. One of the unique affixes is uses both hand slots. This means you can pick up one handed sword passives.

Yes that's true, I don't know why I missed it really. Propably thought Goddess swords had some unique property to it. Nevertheless, these damage nodes will propably be picked up after gaining enough survivability. I'll update final tree adding some from Marauder area.
why not take the Oak bandit passive to help with degen + 20% phys damage + 2% phys reduction?
keshanberk wrote:
why not take the Oak bandit passive to help with degen + 20% phys damage + 2% phys reduction?

Even with Her Embrace and Blood Rage, the regen is enough to easily sustain it. I just preferred picking up 2 points as it helps early on, but Oak is a more than viable option too.
Balantakos wrote:

This is my progress for now.
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can you have two sword with the same character? I mean drop it 2 times to have 2 (1 for frostblade to clean faster)
How many times did you need to run at Level 7 before you got the sword ?

Do we need to do a full clear first ?


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