[3.1] Ngamahu's Flame - Molten Strike Berserker - Ancestral Call

Notice: I have been too busy with buying a house and with work to play in the new league. Once I have some time I will update this guide with the ascendancy changes for the new patch.

1.0. Introduction
My name is Aaron. This is a build guide for my starter build in Abyss league. I mainly focused around the new Ancestral Call support gem. If you don't know this support makes it so that you attack two extra targets whenever you attack with a single target skill.

Originally I tried to make Infernal Blow + Ancestral Call + Ngamahu's work together (it didn't work, it was shit). I got to level 55, bought my Ngamahu's, spend all my currency 6 socketing and it didn't work at all. So I decided to change over to Molten Strike to fully embrace the ball life.

I managed to clear all of my own Labs, kill elder, kill atziri and get into red maps with under 1ex in gear. You can scale this build as high as you want really. Items like Xoph's Blood, Molten Strike Helmet Enchant and 6L Belly of the Beast can all improve this build wildly, but at a high cost.

1.1. Gameplay
I will post re-recorded gameplay once I figure out how to edit 32:9 video, I recently bought a new monitor with an Ultra-wide aspect ratio that premier pro doesn't like to work with. For now I have just included some GIF's.
General Mapping
Rare Shaped Gorge: https://gfycat.com/IllfatedUnnaturalArctichare
Rare Shaped Pen: https://gfycat.com/IllTerribleKiwi

Elder Guardians
Fire Guy (Face Tank Mode): https://gfycat.com/DifficultUltimateCusimanse
Electricity Guy: https://gfycat.com/DishonestGraciousAntlion
Sand Guy: https://gfycat.com/GrimSnoopyHake
Vine Guy: https://gfycat.com/ParallelFocusedAustraliancurlew

Killed elder deathless. The video is longer than 1 minute so I will need to figure out how to upload 32:9 video on YouTube.
2.0. Basic Concept
Ngamahu's gives a 20% chance to trigger molten burst on hit, 50% fire conversion and some nice fire penetration.

Combining Molten Strike with Ngamahu's, Ancestral Call and x2 Wildfire Jewels gives us lots of balls to play with.

3.0. Gear
There aren't really any required items for this build. Ngamahu's is your number 1 priority to obtain and then Kaom's boots. All other gear is simple high life and resistance rolls. You can use a rare 2H until you can save up for Ngamahu's. I bought mine early league for 40c and Kaom's roots for 25c.

If you aren't a fan of Kaom's roots then you can replace them with whatever other unique you like or a rare pair. If you don't use Kaom's then you can drop the two unset rings for steel rings instead. I just prefer the utility and immunity Kaom's brings.

Note: Ngamahu's doesn't need to be six linked, only six sockets.

3.1. Example Gear

Note: Lion's Roar is a big damage boost for this build. The knock-back also helps to keep us safe which is nice. I like an instant life flask for when Berserker life leech isn't quite enough.
4.0. Gems & Links
Ngamahu's 6 Socket:

Note: These gems all support the Molten Burst skill, no need to 6L this weapon.


Note: On a 6L Swap Ancestral Call with Ruthless for single target. If you're running a 4L remove Multistrike completely, then swap Ancestral Call and Multistrike for clearing and single target.


Note: Standard CWDT setup. Increased duration gives us longer immunity and molten shell duration. It is important to trying and have CWDT trigger at around 15% of your max HP. This is because we want our immortal call to trigger when we have taken a savage hit. This gives us some immunity and time to leech back our life.


Note: This is our movement skill, faster attacks and fortify gives us a little bit of extra defense and speed. Also have hatred in here, doesn't need to be linked to anything.

Unset Rings:

Note: Because I am using Kaom's roots I lack sockets for my heralds / curses so this is where I put HoA and projectile weakness. For more defense replace Projectile Weakness with Enduring Cry for Endurance charge generation.
5.0. Tree, Ascendancy & Pantheon
Username: aarontbarratt
Character: InfernalBlowJobIsBetter

5.1. End Game Tree (6600+ Life, Vaal Pact and Kaom's Roots )
5.2. Ascendancy
We take the Berserker Ascendancy because it gives us plenty of life and mana leech when taking a savage hit, lots of attack speed and 40% More damage.

This build can easily reach over 6k life so the 10% increased damage taken isn't too scary. For more defence take enduring cry over projectile weakness. The extra endurance charges make a difference.

Softcore: Crave the Slaughter > Aspect of Carnage > Pain Reaver > Cloak and Savagery
Hardcore: Pain Reaver > Cloak in Savagery > Crave the Slaughter > Aspect of Carnage

This build could easily be made with Slayer but in my opinion Slayer isn't as strong because of the changes to reflect this patch. Reflect now fires a kind of mortar shot which you must dodge, meaning the rudeced damage taken doesn't do too much for surviveability.
5.3. Pantheon
Soul of Lunaris 1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%
1% increased Movement Speed for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%


Soul of Solaris 6% Physical Damage Reduction if there is only one nearby Enemy
20% chance to take 50% less Area Damage from Hits

Note: Take which ever one is giving you the most problems / killing you. If you're getting killed by bosses take Lunaris, if you're getting killed by trash take Solaris.

Soul of Tukohama While stationary, gain 2% additional Physical Damage Reduction each second, up to a maximum of 8%.

Note: You tend to end up standing in place for a long time when single targeting with multistrike, so this is a nice phys damage reduction that we can take advantage of without changing our playstyle. Free defence basically.
6.0. Leveling
6.1. Unique's
Tabula, Goldrim, Wanderlust boots and unique axes are your best friends for leveling. Try to upgrade your weapon every 10 levels if you aren't using an unique weapons while leveling.

Belt of the deceiver is also a great choice that you can use all the way through to the end game if you desire. Abyss belts probably outclass it in this league but it is a solid choice on the cheap.

6.2. Leveling Guide
> Kill Hillock - Buy Molten Strike
> Clear Tidal Island - Buy Ancestral Call
> Enter the Prison - Buy Added Fire
> Kill Brutus - Buy Leapslam
> Kill fidelitis - Buy Herald of ash and Enduring Cry
> Kill Weaver - Buy Melee Phys, Elemental Focus
> Save Tolman - Buy Hatred
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This sounds like a fun build. Would a Devoto's Devotion and Belly be a good idea for this?
BeoWulf981 wrote:
This sounds like a fun build. Would a Devoto's Devotion and Belly be a good idea for this?

Thanks man!

Devoto's would probably be very good considering we don't have movement speed boots. The big boy dex roll is also really good for us. My tree lacks dex so I have taken the +30 dex node and being able to drop this is a good thing. Attack speed is always nice.

Belly is definitely a viable choice. The % life is better than any 100+ life chest but the resistances are a little low. Overall I would say use it if you can afford it but it's way out of my price range right now.
Can you post some clips/gifs while mapping please?
Elegar wrote:
Can you post some clips/gifs while mapping please?

I am at work right now but I will post one when I get home later today :)
Eyy this look's pretty good after leveling a Gladi BF to level 90 , still want to try more melee action , also a lot of my guildies are saying that AC is really good.

Gonna give it a try
How is volley with molten strike and ngamahu?

It doesn't work, nevermind
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Thank you for sharing your CWDT set up which seems to be really accurate. i was struggling with another set up (lvl 1) seen in another build (for 3.0).
the character was dying a lot (6k+ hp) on big hit and i'm not used enough with the game's mechanic to find the answer by myself.

Anyway i'm not that bad and took (just like you) the 3 nodes under "vaal pact" to add some leech. It was not required in the build i followed but with the vaal pact nerf i felt it was a good option.
nice build man
kazzo92 wrote:
Eyy this look's pretty good after leveling a Gladi BF to level 90 , still want to try more melee action , also a lot of my guildies are saying that AC is really good.

Gonna give it a try

It's pretty insane for clearing with any "on hit" skills. Molten Strike and Frost Blades are especially good.

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