[3.1 HC] Poet's Pen - The Ultimate Summoner! SRS / Zombies / Skeletons / Spectres!

This build is so much fun! Thanks for sharing :)

My question:
I'm fairly new to the game so not really familiar with some stuff: What are good enchantments for this build?
Scarfuncle wrote:
I chose to play this build for this league and I gotta say it's very good. Small changes I made were to focus more on skeleton mages. I linked them to lmp and flat out dropped the specres. I simply don't have the slots for them and they aren't tanky enough to handle t15 map bosses.

I just got to 90 and got my abyssal wings - I'll try for the shaper as soon as I get 6l armour. I chose to triple curse in a 6l vis mortis, but in the meantime I used elder rings to add a third curse.

For everyone wondering, yes this build scales well and you will be satisfied. I used a queen's escape to level until about 80 and switched to poet's pens soon after and it was an extreme improvement for dps, though a drop in minion defense. That's about when I decided specres weren't worth it. Animate guardian is extremely worth it though.

I don't typically make posts to the forums, but I wanted to let OP know that he done good on this one.

Can't see your characters so I can't tell what's using up your slots.

I added a stone golem to the build and I'm curious why your spectres aren't surviving, they're really tanky with the ascendancy and bone offering, you should die before your spectres do.

I would like to somehow add desecrate + cwdt to the build so I have reliable bone offerings (in wand with skeletons), but I am maxed out for skill gems at the moment.

I didn't take the spectre life ascendency as most damage comes from the SRS. Seeing the other poster use a hungry loop for spectres is an idea I may try if I can swing it.

I did manage to get a 6l vis mortis, so I'll go back to spectres for a fire based approach now that I am cursing flammability, elem weakness, and proj weakness. Still, I'd prefer a specre with some type of damage raising aura. Know any?

Also, how do I show characters?
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Will this build still be good for bestiary?
bump on the bestiary viability
started doing this build, only lvl 43 right now and I'm doing ok but it really doesn't feel very strong
I'd love to see a bestiary adaptation for it, maybe I'll experiment a bit when I get above 80.
New Ascendency?
Why LMP in the wand instead of GMP?

And why is there such a difference in the Links and Gems section and your Gear section?
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