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Leveling this guy right now as my first pure bow build. This is my third league and my first league really going outside my comfort zone with builds. I started with a Jugg RF that I theorycrafted, thinking it was going to be a ridiculous meme, but then Dan and Ziz decided to kill uber elder with a similar build and it lost its novelty. I've since retired it to only running uber lab.

I leveled a wander as a bow and it was painful as hell but I loved blink arrow so much I decided to look for a pure bow build. Seriously, blink arrow is fucking DOPE. I'm 56 right now and so far this build is an absolute blast. I'm chiming in to offer a few leveling tips.

- Don't do this as a starter unless you're all of the following: a) not new. b) very confident. c) very dedicated. d) a masochist.
- Get elreon jewelry and equip it as early as possible. The -cost to skills can be equipped as low as lvl 8.
- Keep the elreon ring on until you hit 30. Then equip Thief's Torment. It's so freaking OP it's ridiculous. I facetanked Innocence's beam at level 35 with 1k health and barrage on a 4L.
- Use Ice Shot until 38 when you get GMP. Tornado shot without GMP feels awful.
- Unique quivers are crazy useful while leveling. Use Asphyxia's Wrath the entire time you're using ice shot.
- Since I assume this is not your first character, pick up the following bows and at least four link them.
1: Silverbranch
5: Quill Rain
18: Roth's Reach
28: Doomfletch
32: Death's Harp
44: Death's Opus
53: Infractem
62: Chin Sol - The 100% MORE stacks with point blank!
66: Lioneye's Glare - final bow. 6L it. Obviously.

All of those bows go for less than 1c each after week two of a league except Death's Opus. I think it's still about 5c right now. I got lucky with the prophecy; if you don't have the cash for Opus, check out Silverbough or look for a rare bow with 150-200pdps.

edit: also, Victario's Acuity is amazing. Frenzy and power charge sustain almost 100% of the time while moving through the story, 30% total additional damage, lightning res, and dex and int for 1c.
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Bumping this for greater justice.
I'm an occasional player and this build is working really nice for me in beastiary.
How is this build in 3.3?
buffs are coming to phys bows, any plans on updating this?

edit: this specifically
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