The Hungry Loop Unique Ring

That ring will be so good for so many builds ;) already like it a lot
It looks like an adorable little cuttlefish trying to eat its own tail.
Wondering how expensive these rings would be...
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Hopefully, they will be plentiful so everyone can do lots of experimentation with them, burn the rings to get the gems back and try again with new gems. They should drop like chaos since using them is already gated around level 19 gems. Those take a while to level.

It should be like a Polaroid camera (ring) and its film (lvl 19 gems). The camera is cheap so everyone can have one, and the film is where the money is made or time is spent.
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that ring is way too op, i can see the nerf incoming already
[Removed by Support]

Either nerf Headhunter or introduce more powerful items that can rival the hunger that people crave to acquire an item like headhunter.

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holy crap.. this ring looks totally amazing.
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But will the Hungry Loop accept Cats on Crit?
Easily the coolest unique to come out in a long time. I love this idea!!!
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Looks pretty cool. Any idea on the rarity of it?

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