Today we have launched a beta version of, a trade site that has similar functionality to popular community sites. We have also augmented our Online API to take into account AFK players and those in DND mode. This functionality is available for all trade sites that consume this API and should help make trade results more accurate for everyone. Read the rest of this news post for information on, or click here to read our Trade Manifesto if you'd like to hear more about our philosophy behind trade in Path of Exile.

A small subteam have been working on for a year now, with the goal of creating a slick, fast experience that supports many of the features of other community trade sites:

  • Search through item listings from the Public Stash API as well as linked items in trade threads from the forum.
  • An extensive set of filters to find that perfect item.
  • Automatic support for new mods and unique items as they are found in leagues.
  • Live-searches that notify you of matching items as they are listed by other players.
  • A trade-specific blacklist to hide item listings from abusive players.
  • Available in all the languages Path of Exile supports (English, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, German, French and Spanish).

The goal of this site isn't to change how trading works, but to provide more options for our players. It doesn't really matter which site you use, but it does matter that there's always one available and in your language. We also hope that additional features we add over time help reduce certain frustrations related to trade. API changes like the AFK/DND information will of course be available for external trade sites to use.

Over the last few weeks we have invited some prominent community members to test this site, and have incorporated most of their feedback into the version you see today. It's still a beta, so please let us know more feedback in this thread!

For more information about our philosophy behind trade in Path of Exile, we invite you to read the Trade Manifesto.
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Grinding Gear Games
"Tangata ako ana i te whare, te turanga ki te marae, tau ana"
About time lul
Holy shit you guys have actually done it
GGG doing something trading related? :o
Awesome! :)
I freaken love it!!! Looks better then poe xyz
IGN Kaesyn
What? wow out of nowhere!
The day has come.

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