[3.5](Vaal) Flameblast Inpulsa

What are your thoughts on using a Rathpith Globe to gain some block chance against spells? Also what is that major keystone labelled "1" in all the skill trees? It seems to have moved at some point because its not there fore me.
In case of using Ratpith you would have to use another weapon since Realm Ender is 2H and you will lose a lot of damage. Then you will have to do something with gems linked into chest and they are 5L and there is no more space anywere in a gear for 5L so Ratpith isn't a good idea for this build.

That major keystone is Vaal Pact. It has been moved and nerfed on 3.1 but fortunately this build shouldn't suffer from not having it - don't travel there if you decide to play this build, with 6-7 points saved you may get a few life nodes on left side of the tree instead.
Hi! Can you update the Passive Tree? Thanks. :)
This build is currently abandoned in Standard with all the Passive Tree reseted. I don't have any plans to touch it anytime soon since I'm already finishing work on my Dark Pact build guide and I'm going to have a break from PoE after I'm done with it. If you want to follow my Flameblast you can do it as it is fetured in my guide with the only change being not travelling to the Vaal Pact (marked by 1 in the Passive Tree). These few points saved you can spend on whatever else you want.
Hi there, I'm currently trying out the build on Abyss SC and is working well so far. However, I noticed that you linked Flame Golem with Spell Totem Support on your helmet, and in-game instead of summoning a golem it summons a totem. Was this supposed to be like this or am I missing out on something?

Edit: Did not see that your helm has an unlinked slot for the golem, my bad.
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I built a flameblast character in PoB, and I loaded up yours to compare stats.

You have "Is enemy covered in ash?" checked, which you shouldn't.

Also, your Arcane Surge is level 20 (needs 400 mana spent to activate). Your orb of storms costs 21 mana. Unless you plan on casting it 20 times before the boss spawns, it's impractical.

When you remove these two your shaper dps goes from 1.19m to 778k.

Just a heads up if you plan on revisiting this character.
I checked "Is enemy covered in ash?" since it matches the bonus gained from Vaal Lightning Trap while "Is the enemy shocked" bonus is too big on paper compared to the reality.

I forgot to match a proper level for Arcane Surge, thanks for pointing that out.
I am doing something similar to this but for HC. I think dual curse pulls it up with HC though.
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Hey man, just looking at Flameblast builds with 3.3 on the horizon. Just passed this and thought I should let you know that Realmender is a bad choice with Elemental Equilibrium. The mod 'adds 11 - 23 fire damage' applies to both spells and attacks so your OoS will apply a small amount of fire damage and ruin EE.

Anyway can't wait for some juicy ignites next patch!
Hey there, the mod 'adds 11 - 23 fire damage' is being applied to the attacks only. My OoS deals pure lightning dmg so EE is fine.

I'm also hyped about next patch changes! I'm waiting for the official reveal so I could update this build in a best possible way. I already have some crazy concepts in my mind ;)

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