[3.0] Triple Chain Ice Shot Deadeye - Hipster Map Clearing Fun

Let's face it. You're probably here because it said Deadeye in the title and you wanted to either gawk at the weirdo playing the dead ascendancy, or you wanted to yell at me for being wrong. Well, hopefully I can sway at least a few of you with this build, as it has been so enjoyable for me to play that I am actually planning on using it to push for my first level 100.

First off, just like all of the builds I will be posting guides for, this build guide has an accompanying youtube video with the cliffs notes, that gives a general idea of what it is about. If you want to save yourself some time and reading, and see the build in action, I'd recommend giving it a watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e3033dmGSI&feature=youtu.be

Now, there are a few reasons why I wanted to give Ice Shot a go, and specifically why I wanted to play Ice Shot Deadeye. I specifically was looking for a build with bonkers clear speed, but not necessarily any real boss killing power, as I'd spent the first half of this league killing bosses, and I wanted to spend the second half speed mapping. Moreover, I didn't want the build to be crit-focused, as I find crit builds unenjoyable to play - I don't much like having even just a small chance to do unreliable damage. Finally, Ice shot was chosen because I wanted to use my new gloom herald effect, and do so with high freeze chance and cold damage. Ice shot then lead me to deadeye, when I was scouring the game for sources of chain outside of chain support. Really, this ascendancy choice comes down mostly to that - I wanted as many chains as possible, because Ice Shot with high projectile speed and chain is one of the most satisfying skills in the entire game. I get ahead of myself, though.

Lets begin with some tips on the leveling process.


This build is fairly generic in the leveling process, and very similar to any other elemental bow build that you'd find. As such, the tips are going to be pretty straightforward, but I will lay them out for anyone new to either the game or just bow builds.

To start with, you're going to want to use split arrow or shrapnel shot for the very first few levels, and get yourself a silverbranch. Try to get at least a 4-link setup on the silverbranch, ideally, so that you can socket your skill of choice into the bow for the +1 to bow gems effect. By level 18 I would recommend switching to Ice Shot and using a Roth's Reach for most of the rest of the leveling process, and from level 28 onwards, use Blast Rain for single target. Barrage, without many levels or additional projectiles, doesn't do as much damage as blast rain is capable of.

Once you've switched to Roth's Reach, try to get a Tabula Rasa for your Ice Shot setup, and a Thief's Torment as soon as you can (requires level 30). A 4 link should be enough for most of the process, but by act 9 or 10 you will want at least a 5 link, hence the tabula. Prioritize leveling with added cold damage, lesser multiple projectiles, and ice bite support. Use elemental damage with attacks and hypothermia as you get your 5th and 6th link, if you can. As well as that, Asphyxia's Wrath, the quiver of choice in the build, can be used as early as level 10.

Upgrade to a Death's Harp/Opus once you've beaten cruel lab, as at that point you should have additional chain from the ascendancy. See a bit further down for a skill tree to use through to the mid sixties and cruel lab completion. Drop lesser multiple projectiles for chain support when you do this, and your clear should skyrocket.

Depending on your budget, use Wanderlusts or Five-League Steps (quite expensive), and also use at least 2 quicksilver flasks to speed the leveling process. Goldrim is a great leveling tool for easily solving resistance problems, as well.

As far as passives go, prioritize life nodes and follow this tree while leveling - poeurl.com/bBjc

Alright, now you've gone and leveled to 67. You need to go further! Here's the lowdown on the endgame passive tree


This passive tree brings the build through to level 93 - poeurl.com/bBjd

More life nodes are filled out, both in the constitution wheel and elsewhere. Phase acrobatics gets picked up, to help supplement the low mitigation the build can suffer from. Further evasion nodes are invested into, in order to push Queen of the Forest even further. As well as that, Deadly Draw is picked up just for some nice generic damage. Most of the tree is accomplishable by the level 70 mark or so, and much of what is taken after that is purely supplementary.

As far as continuing in the Ascendancy tree, pathing through Far Shot is a bit unfortunate, since our Lioneye's Glare makes the node redundant. However, it is worth it in order to pick up the extra projectile from endless munitions, and since the build does not want to pierce and is not crit, the other ascendancy options are simply not relevant anyways. Speaking of Endless Munitions, this is the other half of the reason for going deadeye. While not particularly flashy, an additional projectile and 50% area of effect on the cones gives ice shot much improved clear, augmenting the triple chain and contributing vastly to the speed of the build.

Lets talk items. There are a few options here, but I'll give you my take on itemization.


Lets start with the bow of choice. As I've mentioned a few times already, the bow I've gone with is a Lioneye's Glare. This weapon is wonderful. Resolute Technique on a stick! The affix "hits cannot be evaded" removes the need for building accuracy anywhere else, freeing up the passive tree to be even more greedy. In addition to that, it has some damned solid pdps, making it a powerful option for almost any bow build, but especially nice for this one. Other options include Death's Opus in a crit version of ice shot, Chin Sol for much improved single target, or simply a rare harbinger bow with very nice rolls. All of these options, however, require investment into accuracy and/or crit - which I am just not about.

Next, our quiver. I've gone with an unusual choice in the form of an Asphyxia's Wrath, for a few reasons. First off, the damage is actually pretty good, giving us a sort of mini-hatred effect out of the quiver slot. Second, this quiver has a bit of freeze chance, which is necessary to stack in a non-crit version of ice shot if we want to freeze reliably. Finally, this quiver is very cheap, meaning it can be bought up en masse to corrupt for +1 arrows, which is exactly what I'd recommend you do.

For the chestpiece slot, there are again a few options. I've gone with a Queen of the Forest
, which is what I would recommend if you want to follow the skill tree laid out, as it is focused on stacking evasion to take advantage of QOTF specifically. However, Kintsugi for mitigation, Belly of the Beast to solve percentage life problems and Perfect Form for Arctic Armor are all options. Even a Koam's Heart could work just fine, if you had a second quiver and bow to swap to for single target. If you do want to stray off of the QOTF path, I'd recommend Kintsugi and Belly of the Beast most highly.

A pandemonious takes up my amulet slot. This item is one of the single best damage sources in the build, providing guarunteed chill and blind as well as some much needed penetration. Other options include a Bisco's Collar or simply a solid rare amulet with flat added cold, resistances and life.

The final unique I use is a Devoto's Devotion. This helmet is a no brainer in a build that wants to run and attack fast and does elemental damage.

These are the two most powerful unique flasks - however, on something of a budget, both atziri's promise and wise oak are also quite strong. If you opt for wise oak, make sure your cold resistance is your highest overcapped resistance in order to take advantage of the penetration.

The rest of your gear slots can be taken up by rare items. You'll want a rustic sash belt base, opal rings, gripped gloves, and perhaps two-toned boots if resistances are a problem. Some examples from where my build currently is are linked below:

I am also currently using a HeadHunter in order to push for level 100 as quickly as possible, however due to the expensive nature of the item, the build is not designed around it. The leveling process through to level 93 was done entirely with a simple rustic sash with life and resistances, HeadHunter is not necessary.

One final note - Hrimburn Gloves are actually a fantastic option for upping your single target damage, if you are interested in taking the build further in that direction. I opted for rare gloves to solve life and resistance problems, but if you can solve those elsewhere (likely swapping Devoto's for a rare helm) then Hrimburn with allow you to almost fully convert barrage to cold damage, which is a gigantic boon to single-target. I simply would rather have the movement speed and clear from Devoto's than the single target capabilities that Hrimburn could offer.

Finally, we come to skill gems.


The main link setup is Ice Shot. This is chosen for the absurd interaction it has with multiple chains, allowing for incredibly fast and fun clearspeed. My links are as follows, in order of priority -

Ice Shot
Added Cold
Ice Bite
Elemental Damage with Attacks

For single target, the build uses Barrage, currently in a five link due to bad linking luck. The links are as follows, in order of priority -

Added Cold
Greater Multiple Projectiles
Ice Bite
Elemental Damage with Attacks
Hypothermia/Cold Penetration (Dependent on boss)

My aura setup is -

Herald of Ice -- Curse on Hit -- Frostbite


For mobility, I make use of -

Blink Arrow -- Faster attacks

and for supplementary defense -

Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 5) -- Immortal Call (lvl 6)

For additional single target there is a low-level, unlinked Frost Bomb. Keep this low level to reduce the int requirement of the gem.

Additionally, I would recommend a Flame or Chaos golem if you're interested in using a golem at all. I find them tedious, so I don't bother most of the time.

Thats about it! As I mentioned earlier, please check out the youtube overview of the build if you're interested in seeing it in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e3033dmGSI&feature=youtu.be

Oh, one final thing - kill all bandits, and go Brine King and Yugul for Pantheon. If you're interested in playing super fast, shattering whole screens, and getting Deadeye street cred while doing it, I hope to hear your feedback on the build. One final warning though - this version of ice shot is not meant for bossing, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone wanting to do bosses above tier 14-15. If that isn't a problem, then go hog wild. Hope to see you guys in the next one! Enjoy the build.
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Long time viewer - and supporter - of the stream. Enjoyed watching this build in action and may give it a try. I enjoyed the video (a tad quiet) and would definitely recommend. Thank you for your work!
ice-shot + chain + added projectiles from quiver, flask, bow are rly underrated and will go meta sooner or later...

But... bow+elemental+ranger and no crit.. just WHY?

Switch for death's opus, grab some crit here and there and skyrocket your perfomance.
crit is highly overrated right now. it got so nerfed its basically on par with non crit. it really isn't too much more dmg like it used to be, unless you have 10ex jewels with 40% crit multi a piece, and like 5 of them.

what is meta right now is not needing to deal with accuracy. so lioneyes, RT and lycosidae.
nice and informative, especially the video
I don't see anything about what jewels you are using on the passive tree.

Edit: nevermind, found it.
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Edit: You kind of already answered to this post on stream when I asked. But thought I would leave my thoughts as they were before you did. Maybe you wanted to adress it for everybody.

Thanks for the build, great fun so far. Have been planning to make some use of Deadeye and its Chain+additional arrow and this looks like a great way to do it.

Will go for your recommended tree and items until I am level 90. But might invest a bit more then and convert it to crit. Can easily triple the damage that way. I know, for clearing it won't do anything, but I want to try to get the build to do both, clearing and bossing quite well.

And I know myself, all this easy access to bow crit and accuracy + Lioneyes Fall claw crit nodes will make me greedy :D

One point I have to critizize though:

I know you said you only use the build for farming maps, but no reason to not optimize your single target. No idea why you would ever use Ice Bite in your single target. I know it gives a lot of flat cold damage but even at full frenzy charges it is 60% less damage than Ele. Focus. Here is my suggestion in order of priority:

Barrage - GMP - Added Cold - WED - Ele. Focus(/Hypothermia) - Slower Proj.

Ele. Focus: More damage, you lose the chills. No big loss, Barrage does a lot of small hits to deal the damage so the chills will be very weak anyway against bosses. Can always throw in an Ice Shot to chill the enemy.

Hypothermia: Less damage, you can still chill.

Slower Proj. always wins against Cold Pen. Even against Shaper Slower Proj. will be more damage. And we have so much Proj. Speed that Slower Proj. should be no problem, even against very fast moving targets.

All my points are valid without any other changes made to your current setup ( I imported your character into PoB). Ele. Focus is by far the best choice even with only the 40% cold conversion. But as you already said, swapping in Hrimburn for bosses the single target will get another big boost.
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Well also for crit you can use deaths opus and therefore get an extra two projectiles. Im not the best at optimising but it was easy to get the same dmg going crit with 2 extra proj, only downside is slightly less consistent dmg due to accuracy etc.
Thank you Octavian0 for sharing your build and the writeup.

Mecielle, can you please share the PathOfBuilding build.
Thank you in advance.

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