It's Friday the 13th and what better time to introduce new spooky microtransactions for Halloween? There are three new microtransactions that are only available during the Halloween Season each year. The Spider Web Cloak, Bleeding Eyes Helmet Effect and Devil Horns Helmet Attachment are available in the store now to enhance your sinister role-playing looks!

The Bleeding Eyes have new microtransaction technology that allows them to be both a skin and an effect so that you can mix and match them with many helmet variations!

The new microtransactions will be available until November 3rd (NZT). While they're only available in the store for a limited time to celebrate Halloween, they may reappear for Halloween next year alongside a new set of Halloween microtransactions.

This weekend we're holding another Super Stash Sale where we're discounting all Stash Tabs. Everything has been discounted, from Premium Stash Tab Bundles, Premium Quad Stash Tabs, Currency Tabs and even Guild Stash Tabs! Click here to view the full selection of discounted stash tabs.
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Looks nice
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hype. very spoooky eyes. will go good with some other face attachments

yay first page. hi mom
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Very nice. I like them eyes :)
Eh, not worth it in my opinion... bleeding eyes would be decent looking with some helmets. Other than that though, just not worth it.

EDIT: and STILL no free box on purchase... so stingy.
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24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!

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