In 3.0.2, we fixed a bug where Desecrate would choose from any possible monster that could spawn in the current area including those that you had as Spectres, but noting that it could not spawn monsters that could never spawn in that area (such as non-map monsters). This was especially confusing due to the fact that there are some monsters that share the same name between their campaign and map versions but are technically different monster types.

The reason why we fixed this was because it was very confusing as to why some monsters could be created with Desecrate if you had them as a Spectre, but others could not be (depending on what area you were in). There wasn't an internal list, it was just due to the unclear way Desecrate worked. We received a lot of complaints in 3.0.0 about how confusing Desecrate's behaviour was, due to the fact that 3.0.0 contained a lot of monsters that shared names between campaign and map versions while technically being different monster types.

The fix to this in yesterday's 3.0.2 update was to make Desecrate work how it was intended to work originally, where it summons monsters from the actual area you're currently in.

Community feedback has shown us that players found the prior behaviour very important, so we are explicitly changing the formal behaviour of Desecrate to: "Desecrates the ground, summoning corpses and dealing chaos damage to all enemies in the area. The corpses will be chosen from the monsters in the current area and any Spectres that have existed in this instance."

We expect to release this change early next week. Thanks for your feedback.

This is a buff.
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Well, it's good for Vanguards to be back.

I was sort of expecting this change to stay and people to adapt to using inhabited mods, and inhabited mods being buffed to always spawn certain mobs, but this is probably better for spectre diversity and wanting to try weird spectre builds -- especially those that aren't covered by inhabited mods.

In the meantime until this comes out, here's a good list of spectres that you can use that can spawn in certain inhabited map mods. These aren't always guaranteed, but you should be well off with the starter spectres from Templar Laboratory for a while.

Links: Raise Spectre - GMP - Spell Echo - Minion Damage - Ele Focus (controlled destruction as 6th)

Level 68 starter spectres: Flame Sentinels from Templar Laboratory

Inhabited by Goatmen:
Alpine Shaman
Goatman Shaman
Goatman Fire-raiser

Inhabited by Solaris Fanatics:
Solar Guard
Flame Sentinel

Inhabited by Lunaris Fanatics:
Frost Sentinel

Inhabited by Humanoids:
Cannibal Fire-Raisers (use faster proj instead of gmp) -- best single target until we get Vanguards back

You can also get burning miscreants from Demons if you're looking to replace Wicker Man. They aren't as good but they have the burn aura.

Also I just realized this means we can reraise spectres in Lab if they die. Wew.
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I've missed my Tukohama's.
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I love pie.
I could cry....
Fantastic, I may now give spectres a chance..
I don't get it. so they reverted the change and summoners can get their 5 minutes in the limelight at last?
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Surprised we need a manifesto for this.
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Thank you Chris! I'm really glad you guys listened to player feedback and found a way to make it right for people who already invested currency into their builds. Best devs!

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