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What's the best notable skill to annoint.

2h axe, phys, slayer, imapale


I think Lucidity is a good choice.

40% to avoid stun whil channeling
30% increased damage
- 3 to total mana cost of channeling skills
maniard wrote:
Hey, can I still get "Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 18-20 Fortify" on Elder 2H axes? I don't see anything in the patch notes but I've been burning alters for quite a while and haven't seen anything above lvl 1.

WahreRauke wrote:
Looks like only 3 days left to craft a good axe.


Some modifiers no longer appear on Shaper or Elder items, like the "increased Physical Damage and Socketed Gems are Supported By" modifiers on Two Handed Weapons.
The "Can have multiple crafted modifiers" mod has been changed, now granting "Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers". Multi-mod crafting an item was proving too powerful for too low a cost compared with rolling an item of relative power. We'll be keeping an eye on the modifier to see if further changes are required.

"Remember how A1 Merveil dropped 2 scrolls of wisdom and nothing else? That's how T15 bosses work.
If you were expecting a reward proportional to the difficulty and effort invested, you best take your ass back to a MMO."
Thanks, somehow I couldn't find it in final patch notes.

For crit setup with fortify axe, do you prefer Damage on full life or Pulverise as third red socket?
i take pulverise !
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How this build feels this league?
anyone playing this?
blizaro wrote:
anyone playing this?

Well, yes. It is as vaiable as before. Simply amazing build.
Is build alive?

_yates_ wrote:
Is build alive?

NOTE: I am doing this build for myself first in standard, then will adapt for league play. With IRL being insanely busy atm, I do not have time to play league, adapt the build for both, adjust the thread, and so on... so I'm augmenting the build for myself in standard, then will tackle league.

Build works wonderful!
Which pastebin has the leveling tree cause all i fid is 90+ level tree ?

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