[3.3] HrimShot - IceShot/Barrage Frenzy Raider (Shaper Down)

UPDATED 3.3 Notes
No changes from 3.3 should affect this build!


This is my cold conversion Ice Shot/Barrage max frenzies raider, which was my second character of 3.0. I’ve farmed Uber Izaro, all Guardians, and killed Shaper with it. My favorite part is that the “required” items are cheap but the build scales very well as more currency is put into it.

Pro's & Con's

+ Can clear T16s easily, farm Uber Lab, kill Shaper.
+ Can do almost all map mods (including temp chains, no regen, EE, and ele reflect w/ pantheon).
+ "Required" items are cheap, but build scales well with currency.
+ Can use Bisco’s Collar for mapping if desired.
+ Very high movespeed with max frenzies up.
+ No crit or accuracy investment needed on items due to EO and Lioneye’s.
+ Can run with a Tabula as your 6L for a long time.

- Somewhat squishy / RNG based (dodge + eva) w/ 5.3k hp.
- Need to have frenzy charges up for reasonable damage/ms/defense.
- Can’t do no-leech maps.
- Light radius is somewhat small.

Path of Building Stats
~650k against Shaper
5.3k Life (185% inc)
64%/40% attack/spell dodge
+90% movement speed


Main Gear

Omen on the Winds (Ice Shot threshold)
Grand Spectrum Viridian Jewel x3


Required Items

Hrimsorrow’s are absolutely needed as this gives us 90% cold conversion for barrage. Fortunately, these are dirt cheap (1alc). Make sure you don’t get anti-scammed and end up with a Hrimburn... because we don’t care about ignite. I like the Word of Reflection enchant as it gives another body to distract enemies if I get hit.

Lioneye’s Glare is excellent for us. Hits can’t be evaded means we don’t need to invest in accuracy on gear and Far Shot will somewhat counteract the downside of Point Blank. Attack speed, high base physical damage (for conversion), and increased ele damage all help. This also only needs to be a 5L, but you can get this as 6L and have your body armor be 5L if you’d prefer. I bought a nicely rolled one and 6S5L’d it myself which is probably similar in price (or better value) than buying a nicely rolled 5L, since 5Ls are fairly easy to get. (You could also get the 5L prophecy.)

Darkrays give us +1 frenzy charges plus some nice bonuses per frenzy charge (which our entire build is based around). A few good enchants for these... Penetration is good for boss killing while attackspeed/movement speed is better for mapping. If you've got money to burn, you could get a corrupted +1 frenzy Darkrays, but I think the enchants are better here.

And that’s it! Everything else is optional.

Alternatives to Main Gear (spoiler above)
Helmet: I’d probably stick to a rare helmet here with good resists and life as using alternatives in the other slots get you more bang for your buck. Obviously barrage +2 projectiles is BiS enchantment, but good luck with that. It’s not needed.
Quiver: Asphyxia’s Wrath (later upgraded to +1 projectiles corruption) would work well, but you sacrifice life by having another unique.
Amulet: Bisco’s Collar fits here great if you have capped resists on all your other items when mapping. Otherwise, get an amulet with good life + WED (or hatred essence crafted cold damage works too). If you’re lucky, finding a +1 frenzy corruption would be best for bossing.
Body Armor: Any 6L that fits your needs works here. I only needed life on mine, so I picked up a cheap 6L that had a bunch of life. Another (expensive) option is a 6L Hyrri’s Ire, but it’s definitely not needed.
Belt: The cold damage Doryani’s Catalyst is a good, cheap mid-tier belt to help boost damage and resists.
Flasks: Dying Sun is good for barrage damage, but make sure it doesn't mess with your Wise Oak max resists (you want cold to be highest even with Dying Sun active). Atziri's Promise works, as does a standard Silver Flask with rolls of your choice.

Important Stats
Increased cold/elemental damage
Added cold damage

Skill gems
Barrage - Ice Bite - WED - GMP - Ele Focus - Added Cold Damage
Ice Shot - Ice Bite - WED - GMP - Added Cold Damage
Immortal Call (1) - Increased Duration - CWDT (8) - Vaal Grace
Herald of Ice
Frost Bomb - Culling Strike
Blink Arrow
Summon Lightning Golem
Decoy Totem

Switchables: Culling strike can go on blink arrow too (or swap into ice shot links when fighting a boss for ez cull).

Passive Tree

Level 90: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAIBAABeBAcFLQW1CC4I9AzyD6sQWBGBFHUWvxcmGNsZjh8CIWAi6iL0I_YkiyT9JpUqOCyFLJwwcTB8MgEyNDbFN9Q6QjpYPL4-z0CgQdBGt0p9S3hNklBCUUdTNVVLVcZWSFb6WhpfcGHiYetirGOnZ6BqQ2wLbIxtGW8ndO108XfXePl6hHrvfXV-3X8rgayDbYPbhMWHdow2jX2NuY2_j2CTJ5UEmmqbJpuNm7WdqqEvpMKly6l5r5uyGbTFvOq95r6KwuzDOsjMz3rQrdNv037UI9gk2NXdRt2o32_jn-Rq51To1u0_7YPuDu9674_9bv66

Bandits: Kill All

Major: Brine King
Minor: Switch between Ryslatha (for Lab/Trials/etc) and Yugul (for reflect maps).
No upgrades are necessary, but I upgraded Ryslatha for additional healing.

The tree is actually complete(ly usable) at 87, but the last 3 nodes (leading up to Heartseeker and one more point past Revenge of the Hunted) are just QoL for more survivability and EO uptime.

I’ve found that ice shot alone clears maps very well without any flasks/etc. If I run into tankier mobs, I drop a decoy totem, and curse them with Frostbite. Still too tanky? Drop frostbomb. STILL too tanky?? Switch to barrage, pop Wise Oak, and mow them down one by one, though that happens extremely rarely.

For bossing, drop decoy totem, all your ele pen (curse+frostbomb+wise oak) and barrage.

The most dangerous time is when you first enter an area or if you’ve lost your frenzy charges. Move very carefully and try to build them back up ASAP (barrage on a rare monster should give you one frenzy per barrage cast).

Vaal grace is supposed to be the “panic button”, but I never bothered having a keybind for it (used up by other higher priority skills), and so having used it 0 times to level 90, it went OK.

Leveling Tips
You can level with ice shot and barrage as soon as they are available. I used a Pierce gem with ice shot, and swapping through unique bows (Roth’s Reach, Death’s Harp) until you can get your Lioneye’s Glare makes leveling much smoother. Once you get Omen of the Winds (Ice Shot threshold jewel), you can drop the Pierce gem for one of the endgame gems.

A Tabula makes leveling significantly easier, and you can actually use it well into white maps (maybe even further). Ice shot and Barrage share 4 of their supports, so you can just put Barrage - Ice Shot - WED - Added Cold Damage - Ice Bite - GMP into your Tabula and be set until you can get a 5L + a 6L.

Thief's torment helps with mana sustain until you can get your mana leech nodes.

Make sure you do all the Labs ASAP as all 4 of them give you huge jumps in power.


Shaper down:
Shaped Coves T14:
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I was looking for something like this , let's see if it works :) . ( Can you pick jewel slots earlier or do I pick them after lvl 75 ?)
You can pick them earlier, but you only really need 1 (for the Ice Shot threshold jewel) early. The other 3 should be gotten soon after one another (as a single/two grand spectrums aren't super useful). Though, you can get the slots and put some placeholder jewels with useful stats in there until you have 3 grand spectrums.
You can pick them earlier, but you only really need 1 (for the Ice Shot threshold jewel) early. The other 3 should be gotten soon after one another (as a single/two grand spectrums aren't super useful). Though, you can get the slots and put some placeholder jewels with useful stats in there until you have 3 grand spectrums.

Ok , thank you for the help there . I was looking for a ranged map farmer and I think this is it . Thank you :)
Hi, what is your bandit recommendation?
Skua99 wrote:
Hi, what is your bandit recommendation?

From the pastebin he went "Kill all"
Yeah, killed all for bandits. Updated post.

good for beginners? I started now and I'm lost in the game.
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Yeah this build works for beginners.
If you're really new to POE, I highly recommend watching this entire series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEZtq6FSebE.
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Have a video of a map clear? Curious how this compares to the typical crit bow build.

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