Build of the Week: Seven-Aura Necromancer

So glad this is back.

Great vid as always, interesting and informational to players of all skill levels.

I took a second and considered your '6 link queen's decree' as easy to acquire, but it's a small caveat. The build of course would work fine without it.

Hot Flashes:
Shocking EleHit:
Build of the week should be wander!
IGN: JerleNecroDD/JerleNecroRuthless
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
the To Dust Jewel that is showed in this video is a legacy jewel. no longer attainable. the jewel got changed in 3.0
That's a fantastic approach! Basic official build videos for new players and the complex stuff to either find out yourself or let the community cover.
Perception is reality.
Maybe with Necro in the spotlight for a bit, y'all can take a look at rebalancing Commander of Darkness for solo play; while the current CoD fixes the problem with Aurabots, it's been overly nerfed for other LL Necro builds (IMO).
gimme money bitch
Friend of mine has an SRS with 11 auras... 7 is childs play.
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My submission should be up soon for Build of the Weak.
Nerf soon to necro support now that it has been featured? Finally?
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Sarno wrote:
I wanted to hate the build, but I don't - I can't - it's a cool build.

But man, Necromancers have a lot to answer for. They really need to be more focused on minions than allies. I've no idea what the balance team are up to, but Necros need to be addressed.

Edit: Super happy BotW is back btw! Thanks Bex and everyone else involved. :)

But minions are allies, so until they change the tags or rework how necro's auras work (which will probably mean even more aura nerfs or necro nerfs) it'll be like this, which is not horrible tbh.

It's not slotting 12 auras again which is a huge step up from the way it used to work.

Good build, but seriously this build was posted on reddit or one similar some weeks back. Couldn't you guys highlight some unique builds? More abstract, more niche? Just a thought.


knac84 wrote:
Nerf soon to necro support now that it has been featured? Finally?

Been nerfed already for 3.0, or did you not know that?
GG, GGG! I can finally be the flamethrowing psycho Marauder I've always dreamt to be! Wish they had a hockey mask MTX & a gore scorching ray skill gem MTX mmmm one can hope!
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Congratulations on getting BoTW! Proud to have you as a member of our guild.

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