[3.4] Spark Scion Build


After a long hiatus with this character/build, 3.2 finally spurred me into updating this. The changes aren't near as drastic as I had hoped, but it still works quite well. Feel free to leave any opinions, comments and recommendations. If you think you can do better, post it!

NOTICE: Keep in mind I am NOT the best at building specs, I am NOT an 'elite' player, and I'm trying to aim this build at people who are either new or play like I do, so I won't be changing this radically just because it can't run Shaper, for example.

+ Cheap to build
+ New user friendly
+ Fairly easy to build in SSF
+ Does not rely on flask spamming

- It can clear maps fine, but movement speed is slow
- Has a hard time with bosses in large open areas
- Midrange EHP, glass cannon build

I initially got this build from watching a video that ZiggyD posted on Youtube. The gear he used has since been nerfed to be ineffective, and I have changed it so much that I decided to just make my own.

Kill all for 2 points. At level 100, this build uses 128 points.

Soul of the Bring King
This is really helpful, if you're stunned you aren't casting sparks.

Soul of Abberath
I take this one because I hate burning ground. It isn't something I pay attention to, and it has killed me a fair few times.

The build:

Elementalist - 10% Lightning Penetration
Immunity to ele reflect
40% increase of Herald of Thunder
1 additional Golem.

Deadeye - 100% increased accuracy rating (For Frenzy)
2 pierce
Removes the extra bleed damage when you move
Sparks deal more damage the farther they go
1 additional spark.

This is a modification of my old build, if you're still using it. I dropped the pierce nodes on the right side in favor of more survivability and reduced mana cost of spells. You cast spark so quickly that piercing more than 2-3 enemies is just a waste of nodes.

This build runs Elemental Overload. My recommendation is to get your crit chance to around 10% or so with gear, which isn't hard to do at all. I'm at 9.6% with my listed gear (below). We want to crit enough so this procs, but not make a crit build, since we get no multiplier with this skill.

The gear:

Since this is a glass cannon build, we aren't running a shield. Try to find two wands with at least +120% Lightning damage. Also, Adds # to # Lightning Damage to spells is a HUGE increase to DPS. Besides that, look for +cast speed, Projectile Speed, and this is also a good spot to pick up the + crit for spells to get to around 10%. You can also use 2 Moonsorrows, they're cheap.

There are probably much better rares out there for this, but this one is fairly cheap to buy. We put our Golems in here, so the +1 Level of Socketed Gems is nice. The rest is just overall good stuff defense.

With the inclusion of Elder modifications, you can get +3 to Socketed Minion Gems and + Minion Life and Minion Damage as modifiers. You could essentially 6L your helm for Golems as well as get them to a potential level 24 (by corrupting the gems to 21 first). Not really something to aim for in this build, but it's possible.

Chest Armor:
Use whatever you like. I haven't found any Uniques that really blow this build out of the water. I'm using an Energy Shield chest just because I got amazing rolls on it when trying to roll for another build. Since we need 6 blue sockets, it would certainly be cheaper and easier to roll with a pure ES chest.

By far the biggest boost to DPS I can find, even on rares. These are cheap to get, and I have found about 4 of them just while playing, so fairly common drop if you're doing SSF. Otherwise I'd just roll with whatever you can find, a nicely rolled pair of Gripped Gloves might be a good alternative.

Again, whatever you can find. I like starting my builds with the boots, because you can get so much on them that helps. HP, movement speed, resistances. I always try to go for 30%-35% movement speed here, it's by far the largest boost for mobility you'll get. Tri resistances are also a good thing, because once you get your boots in place, you can figure out how to plan your resistances on the rest of your gear.

Another great place to get large chunks of resistances, and you can get a +5% movement speed enchant on them too if you want more mobility. Since my chest was ES, I went with an ES belt as well.

Not an absolute requirement for the build, but it really feels like it was tailor made for it. Great Lightning Resistance, some Chaos resistance, chances to proc Frenzy and Power charges, and more DPS for our Sparks when we do.
Also a good neck to roll with, another one that I picked up several copies of over time.

Here you can do several things. Fill in for any missing resistances, +cast speed, +mana regen, +HP, +Lightning damage. Both ring si have I made myself, I haven't really looked on poe.trade for anything better, though I'm sure there are much better rings for this build out there.

All Gems will be listed roughly in order of importance, meaning add in gems left to right as you get more sockets.

The core group here is Spark + Spell Echo + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus. A four socket chest should not be hard or expensive at all. Keep in mind that Elemental Focus removes Spark's ability to Shock, so don't get gear or jewels or anything that requires you to shock enemies. It doesn't happen.

Since our Ascendancy choices allow us to have 2 Golems out, this is a prime location to put them because of the +1 to Socketed Gems on it.

I personally run Lightning Golem (keeping to the Lighning theme and for +cast speed) and Flame Golem (more damage). Feel free to mix and match as you like. The Resistance and Life gems are there to keep your little dudes alive.

Doesn't really matter where you put it. Again, keeping to theme here. I think the only other movement ability that works for us is Flame Dash. But Lightning Warp is great because it allows us to clear obstacles. I wouldn't use it to move around the map faster, as it only saves you something like half a second or so, and is on a cooldown.

Herald of Thunder is the go-to for us. The Added lightning damage gets a large boost from our gear and talents. I run Clarity because, at least with my current build/talents, I tend to chew through mana at a rapid pace. This saves having to constantly hit the Mana Flask.

Obviously there is a lot of play in the gems section. We still have several open slots, so feel free to use whatever you want. I'm thinking of running CWDT + Phase Run in one of them. You could also run the typical CWDT + Immortal Call if you wanted.

As you can see, I don't run anything special. Make sure you have at least one flask that can clear Bleeds and one that can clear Curses. Another for clearing Frozen is also nice, but I haven't bothere making one yet.

Feel free to run whatever flasks you like. I personally don't have any of the Unique ones so I haven't been able to try them, nor do I have the attention to constantly keep them up.

If this build has ANYTHING that is an absolute requirement, it's the Hazardous Research gem. With two of these, the Sparks really start to fly! (Pun intended!) They need to be placed in the socket between Templar and Witch, and the one straight out from Templar.

A Poacher's Aim is useful if you're tight on cash or running SSF - you get it from a quest while leveling.

Other than that, things to look for:
Added Lightning damage
Added Lightning damage while dual wielding
Increased Lightning/spell damage
Increased Mana regen
+% to Resistances if needed
+ Stats if needed

Helm: Either 40% Spark Damage or 3 Spark projectiles
Boots: I went with the reduced Stun chance, I hate getting stunned. Recommended would be Cast Speed if killed recently, or Added Lightning if you haven't killed recently.
Gloves: 'Of Thunder' or 'Of the Tempest' I guess. Most of the glove enchants really don't do anything for this build.

My current PoB Export:
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Really been wondering this myself. Started to recommend scion spark to someone to try, but on reading about all the changes to pierce and stuff, on top of all the nerfs from last year, just don't know if scion, or spark, is as viable. Saw this https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1838569 for inquisitor, but relative to other builds right now, don't know.
Yeah, I saw that thread. I was confused that he runs a lot of +crit but runs Controlled Destruction for Spark (-100% crit chance), so didn't bother really reading much else. Also a lot of his gear choices didn't really seem to mesh with the build itself, either.

Voltaxic may have been nerfed to 60%, but that's still 60% damage that you don't have to worry about punching through resistances, or getting reflected back at you. And we now have that god power that gives us 25% reflect resistance too. Hmm, there's also Sibyl's Lament that gives some reflect resistance.

But other than the reflect, that ring is largely useless.

I guess I'll just push my way to 70+ and see what happens. I know that with the AoE jewel equipped this really isn't going to be great for boss fights, other than in smaller rooms I guess. Great for clearing maps though. Those jewels give you a total of +20% lightning damage and +4 Projectiles alone. The -40% or so to skill duration from the jewels is overridden by perks, giving you a grand total of +50% to skill duration.

As I said, at 39 I'm absolutely ripping through the maps. Or whatever you call them when leveling. The sparks, if lucky, can even go around corners, through doors, etc. Killing enemies that can't even target you yet. The only issue so far is mana management, I spam a LOT of mana pots. The tree I made has 245% increased mana regen, That's probably major overkill, but we'll see.

Still iffy on Bandit choices. I went with Kraityn on mine, for the Casting and movement speed buff. More casting = more sparks flying around. I might just do the 2 perk points, though Scions already get quite a few with their Ascendancy tree. My build has 124. I don't think those 2 extra points, up to 126, would really make all that much of a difference.

My major complaint right now is trying to find a good chest. I'm currently using Tabula just for the 6L, but there really doesn't seem to be a good caster Unique chest. I also haven't decided if I'm going to push ES or just stick with HP. I don't think I have ANY perks put into ES at all. So a rare Vaal Regalia would be kinda pointless, but I don't have enough EV or Armor to worry about either. This character is about as middle of the road as I can get as far as EV/AR/ES go.

I've also thought about dropping Berserk for Elementalist. The Refelect defense is nice, and having 2 golems could be useful. Since Berserk got nerfed from 1.5% Life leech to just 1%, it's really not all that impressive anymore.
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A point of help on why he uses controlled destruction, it doesn't remove the chance to crit just lowers it, when you have that many sparks out you are still going to crit a lot with decent gear. It's a massive damage boost even in a crit build. the 100% reduction to crit isn't removing all crit it's just there for math purposes

I think a rework of this build is possible, I'm thinking dual wand or wand/shield will probably be way more efficient now with all additional reflect reductions with the nerfs to voltaxic and other gear that was in this build.

Just my opinions :) Good luck to your travels, Exile.
Right, as the video says, Dual Wands is definitely the highest DPS option. I stuck with Voltaxic A: Because I had it already and B: for safety reasons. I mean, I guess reflect isn't THAT big of a deal, especially if you go Elementalist instead of Berserker, so I might have Dual Wands + Voltaxic + Quiver set up for swapping.
Managed to pick up two more items for the set:


The boots I bought, the chest I found and made on another char. Still need to 6L it. Out of fusings though lol.

I've been doing random searches on poe.trade for good wands. I've managed to find wands with over 120% increased lightning damage and 10%+ cast speed. I think I might forgo the bow + quiver and just get silly with wands.

I want to get some Opal Rings, but that's going to cost me a small fortune. I've never been able to farm any myself, and getting ones with the stats I want, I'm looking at 3ex or more per ring. Considering I have 5 other characters to feed at the moment, I just don't think that's going to happen.
I'm currently running a test of this build slightly modified. Also I'd like to mention that he is spec into the elemental overload keystone so running controlled destruction makes sense.

I'm trying out a limited poison variant with these gloves and a few poison nodes selected for a 60% chance to poison with spark. I may drop the poisons after I test volt spark on a few bosses as I just picked up lvl 64. The DPS dropped but the chaos does feel better then pure lightning. Also I don't run the threshold jewel, as I don't like 50% of my sparks going the wrong way.

I've given some thought to Elemental Overload, but I just don't have very much crit chance so haven't bothered. I may pick it up for testing and see if even having a lower crit chance means a much higher total crit chance considering I have currently 11 sparks. Character sheet, unbuffed at all, says 9.24% crit chance.

Ok, preliminary testing indicates that EO is worth taking, even at such a low level crit chance. It doesn't have a very long downtime, with so many sparks running around I kept it up almost constantly. At 56 with Power and Frenzy charges from the necklace, Arcane Surge, and EO procced, I've got about 26k tootltip DPS. Definitely not bad.
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I was wondering how your build's going. I'm interested to know :)
Such is the vastness of his genius, that he can outwit even himself.
Going amazingly well actually.

I'm still iffy on Bandit rewards. Currently Kraityn for caster and movement speed.

My Current gear:

And in my other weapons slots:

Don't mind the gems in the gloves and helm. The chest is how I want it, everything else I just put where I could, haven't bothered moving things around yet and I'm not even using the right gem setups for those slots.

The wands I picked up for 1 Alch a piece, and they both give over 100% lightning damage and 10% casting speed. I'm only wearing the boots because I'm lacking fire res until I can get my real boots at 67. The rings are serving dual purposes right now: Mana regen and the 6% total experience gain. They've allowed me to level a LOT faster than my other characters have.

The Bow + Quiver I very rarely switch to. It's a rather large DPS loss (drops me by about half), but it helps with ele reflect by a huge margine. I have the god power to reduce reflect by 25% already, and turning 60% of my lightning damage into chaos means I take a very manageable amount of reflect damage before things die.

The build I'm currently going for:

I've taken most of the life nodes so far, as well as EO. At 65 with just the base 5% crit chance, EO is proc'd about every other pack or so. I'd like to work in some crit in this build, but I just don't see it happening.

This is what my Spark currently looks like.

I actually just swapped out Added LIghting for Elemental Focus and hopped up another 3k tooltip DPS.

Once I actually complete Act 10, get all my gear, and start running maps, I'll make an official Build post for this.

I'm currently running both of the Threshold jewels, and with talents canceling the duration debuff on the jewels, my sparks last about 2.31 seconds. Which is more than enough time to absolutely fill the screen with little electric spiders!

I still haven't decided if I wanna go Life + ES. I have bare minimal talents put into ES, but I've taken almost all of the life nodes I can get to. I've also heard that 3k armor is a good point to reach, this build comes nowhere close. I'm currently sitting on 33% evasion chance, but all it really takes is one hit anyway. 2,422 HP / 1,724 ES currently at 65. I might have to start running Blasphemy + Enfeeble if things start to get too painful.
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