[3.0] Not a wander build. Doryani's touch!

Welcome to another build by Spanishmonarch. Previously I brought you an incredible lacerate build here, and the best SRS build here.

I now bring you the best Doryani's fist build you ever seen, maybe -- I honestly have not looked at a single build to compare mine too, but I am skeptical people have done something like this, as the investment is more than I care to admit.

Current level: 90


Jewels: resists/life/crit multi

Why Three Dragons?
Since we do massive hits, we actually freeze bosses with decent consistency. Moreover,
it allows us to benefit from herald of Ice gore mtx, which is op. Lastly, because I have temp chains on hit corruption on gloves, it pairs nicely with the first point.

PoB links:
PERFECT (goals) scenario: https://pastebin.com/kQ0ASMuA

current (live) version: https://pastebin.com/CwLk2DCx


Updates to come over the next couple of days.
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I thought doryani's touch could not crit since it is an unarmed attack ? Wiki says so.

Edit: nvm, didn't see the Inc crit strikes gem
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Looks amazing. How far do you think it'll manage?

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