[3.0] SciLOLn - Lacerating your way to mediocrity isn't cheap.

Welcome, bienvenidos, ma halo.

This build is very expensive. It is very unique. Maybe I should have started with the latter. Did I mention that it isn't even that good? Yeah it's not great. You can do much better by just rolling necromancer and playing SRS, not only will you do more dps, you will spend far less currency, and you can even MF because SRS is so op you can run a biscos collar while doing even the hardest content.

In fact, why are you even on the scion forums? There are no scion builds worth playing in the current meta. Whatever, you're here, I'm here, lets get this over.

The Basic premise of the build:

Scion > Ascendant > Elementalist > Champion

Why you ask?

1) Reduced Elemental ref, penetration, 2 golems. Yes you heard it, TWO of these beastly golems.
2) Fortify is super fucking annoying to keep up with leap slam. So champion is great because you always have fortify and a decent little dps boost.

This means what?
I can do all map mods EXCEPT cannot leech. Yes, that means I can do ele reflect no problema. Temp chains isn't bad either because we're fast AF, but still.. it is temp chains.. and temp chains is cancer.

I use lacerate, because lacerate is fun. Molten strike is probably better for bossing, but this isn't some meta run of the mill faceroll build. This is an off build, for people who are a little off. Links shown in the weapon which is the next bit.

Also, this build is great for parties. Because it uses haste aura and anger aura AND the champion buff is an aura, you provide some excellent goodies to your SRS buddies who don't really need your buffs, but hey, they're usually charitable people and feel pity on you for playing a melee scion.

Core items

Gear you're looking for beyond the core:

Path of Building pastebin (current). You'll need to make sure the config is right. Most of our dps comes form immolate. In a perfect world, it would be 700k+ on shaper. More realistically, 500k~

Pantheon stuff
Major: Soul of Lunaris. Why? Because we're a dodge/avoidance based build. This is op as shit with our other notables, such as acrobatics and phase acro and darkrays w/ 8 frenzy charges.

Minor: Soul of Garukhan. Again, evade and move speed are nice.

Videos of progression
Latest DPS test on simple Maze of the Minotaur map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAoqp3raHBo

DPS on simple Chimera map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9l67ELm1Tc

OLD video with much less dps on extra health t15 shaped courtyard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8319lHRe80

Shaper coming up shortly I hope

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What's your tooltip DPS? ^^

Building a lacerate scion atm but with phys damage btw. In the spirit of current frontpage axe/sunder but quite a bit different (read: worse :D)

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