Path of Exile for Xbox One will go live at 2pm on August 24th (PDT). If you're planning to play, then this news post has all the information you need!

What time is the launch?

2pm PDT on Thursday August 24. It's a simultaneous launch for all applicable countries (for example, that time is 9am Friday August 25 in New Zealand).

How do I start playing?

Simply browse to Free Games on the Xbox One Store and either search for Path of Exile or find us on the list.

What countries is Path of Exile enabled in on Xbox One?

Everywhere apart from South Korea, China and Japan. There may be small delays with Brazil, Australia and New Zealand - we have received age rating certificates for these regions and are trying to get them processed in time for launch. We expect to add Japan as a region over the coming weeks.

What languages is Path of Exile available in on Xbox One?

Currently, English, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. We plan to add German, French and Spanish alongside the PC version in the near future.

What's the First Blood Bundle?

It's a copy of Path of Exile and the First Blood Pack, which contains 200 points, an Extra Stash Tab and the First Blood Weapon Effect. It's the same price as 200 points would be and is limited to one per account. We plan to release it on PC in the near future too, as it's great for new players. While the game itself is free, if you buy this bundle on Xbox One before release, it also allows you to start predownloading.

What Supporter Packs are available?

All of the ones for The Fall of Oriath are available. The prices are adjusted slightly because they don't come with physical goods like the PC versions do. We'll add the Harbinger packs in an update soon.

What Leagues are available?

The Harbinger Challenge League will launch alongside this version, including Hardcore mode. Solo, Self-Found mode is optionally available for new characters upon rescuing the Scion.

What exact version of Path of Exile is being launched on Xbox One, compared to the PC version?

The release version is pretty close to 3.0.0b. We intend to update it to 3.0.1b (which has both waves of Harbinger league improvements) as soon as we can.
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Grinding Gear Games
I like the information that more languages are in the making, i have some friends who are just too stupid to understand the tree without deeper knowledge of english and wording (increased/more) and quit the game after the first acts.
My body is.. ok my body is not ready to dual wield between PC and Xbox One, but I shall.
Super excited for Xbox users!
Cannot wait to give Xbox a try!
Will there be pre-loading the game early? or does the beta download transfer itself over so we dont have to start late after downloading the game again
Hopefully Cyclone is fixed...
Hopefully Cyclone is fixed...
Knowledge is power.
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What about list of bugs from beta, is it solved, on auction house?
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