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"Cannot connect to instance" over and over. Looks like some server issues off the bat, which isn't that unexpected but unfortunate.
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Getting the same errors here. I'm unable to zone into the game. Also, after the game disconnects you have to quit the game and come back as no menu buttons are responsive.
Finally made it to Lioneyes Watch but it disconnects every time I try to enter the coast. I guess I can just hang out in town and chat with the merchants.
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Its prolly due to the mass amount of people still downloading it please forgive us peasants
I can log in just fine, but my first blood pack is nowhere to be found d. Anyone know if there is a specific place I am supposed to claim it in game?
Purchased the preorder bundle on Xbox one. It allows me to create my character and when I start to load into the game and I'm repeatedly kicked out with a 'failed to connect to instance error'. I have to shut down the game and reloaded several times with the same result. Is this just server overload I'm experiencing?
Not gonna lie bad start already....everytime i try to log in it says it cant connect to the server....
"What countries is Path of Exile enabled in on Xbox One?
Everywhere apart from South Korea, China and Japan. There may be small delays with Brazil, Australia and New Zealand - we have received age rating certificates for these regions and are trying to get them processed in time for launch. We expect to add Japan as a region over the coming weeks. "

Can I play Path of Exile Xbox One version ? I'm from VietNam ?
Are alternate weapon slots in the XBox One version? I can't seem to access it if it's there....
Is there any way I can use my saved game for the beta version on the full one rather than starting fresh?

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