Path of Exile on Xbox One will Launch on August 24

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1: First Blood Weapon Effect - what does it look like? Like Extra Gore?

2: will this effect be sold on PC store separately? Or maybe it is, and I'm just blind.

3: Any updates about the remaining localization languages? German/French/(Spanish) whatever outside of Chinese ? Will they appear with the Xbox One release (would be good timing to have more languages at start of new platform I guess), or will that take until at least the next Challenge League?
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Bought the pack, Installed the game just waiting to play 22:00 hours BST on the 24/8/17.
Can i link my Xbox account to this account.
Can't be mad about more people getting to enjoy the game.

Guess it's no surprise that I'll be sticking to PC version, though.
~~~Somehow I multiposted. Sorry about that.

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~~Somehow I multiposted, sorry about that.
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Xbox Version of POE?

Another thing the world dont need.
but as usual. Have fun.
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Exile009 wrote:
DrDraids wrote:
The company is over 10 years old and the PC version isn't even finished yet...... Hell it's not even bug free, in fact, you're still adding them with every patch!

Show me a bug-free game out there and I shall show you the gates of Utopia.

Yeah exactely.Games are too complex these days to ever be bug free and new content can end up adding more in.Blizzard would leave major bugs in D2 and they were a bigger company than GGG back then.At least GGG are always hard at work with POE,can't accuse them of being lazy.
Give me a Nintendo Switch Edition and I'll play on the go. :D

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