[3.3] How to Smash Heads. Ancestral Warchief Facebreaker edition.

if a jewel has "global physical damge" as opposed to melee physical dameg, is that a bad thing?
Skippsy wrote:
if a jewel has "global physical damge" as opposed to melee physical dameg, is that a bad thing?

As far as I know how global works, its good. Global just means anything that says "physical" is effected. Like how "global crit" effects spells and melee/range.
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Korach is absolutely correct, "global physical damage" is fine.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
just soloed my first ever hydra with this build thank you for helping and responding its my first totem thanks for the awesome guide

and phoenix with no portals left lol
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Why do you consider vulnerability better for the build than elemental weakness? I can see you're dedicated to the non-avatar of fire version of fb warchief chieftains, but even when you're running tukohama's fortress instead of hatred + herald of ash, you're still dealing more elemental damage than physical thanks to "Ngamahu, Flame's Advance", which not only converts half your physical damage to fire, but also gives you an additional functional 21% more damage as fire thanks to giving you 70% damage 30% of the time. So even with 0% increased fire damage, you'd still be dealing 71/121 = 58.6% damage as fire rather than physical.

I understand why Maim is still a good support gem option (because it does multiply all of your base physical damage, even if the "enemies take more physical damage" modifier doesn't provide its maximum potential effect), but vulnerability stacks *additively* with maim and with "Arohongui, Moon's Presence"'s second line of text, whereas elemental weakness (or flammability) only stacks additively with your penetration, but multiplicatively with e.g. "covered in ash" from "Hinekora, Death's Fury" (which itself stacks additively with "Arohongui, Moon's Presence", but that's unavoidable)

It seems like you should be able to scale higher by swapping vulnerability for elemental weakness. The gist of my point is, scaling outgoing physical damage makes a ton of sense because that scales *all* of your damage, but when you're scaling the damage that monsters are *receiving*, it seems to make more sense to scale elemental damage than physical, because your base elemental damage is higher (and when you're *not* using Tukohama's Fortress, the difference is way larger than I described above)

Edit: and while you're running taste of hate you should notice an even bigger difference when using elemental weakness over vulnerability.

Vulnerability is really only for when you're not converting damage. With 50% physical to fire conversion with your choice of Chieftain, it's not a good skill.
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vulnerability because its physical damage not spell damage even though its elemental conversion, its still melee, not a spell, not cast. facebreaker or this one specifically is pure melee, so vulnerability does more damage not from the elemental but the fact that its a physical melee hit.
I'm currently running this build in 3.4 and i got a few stuff to say.
The new herald , herald of purity is a huge damage buff even if you cannot summon the ghosts.
For that reason after a few tests i decided it's more worth to be able to use herald of purity than Tukohama's Fortress.
I'm currently doing Herald of Purity and Herald of Ash since that's the most damage i can get without having too low mana.
Let me know if there are any other suggestions for 3.4 .
I just wanted to thank you so much for this build and explanation. It means a lot to people like me, who just enjoy playing and are no good with the build bits lol. Once again thanks
Thank you for the guide.

But I dont get this Facebreakers...

Ive been away from the game for a while but I followed the guide and I dont know what is going on:


Ive tried everything possible but my DPS is always higher when I equip some weapon or shield. If I drop the shield DPS will drop to 3xx. If I equip a weapon I currently have it will rise up to 1300 so ofc I will equip the 2hander when I see 1300dps instead of in picture.

How does it work?

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Does this still work in 3.5
I hope so going to give it a go

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