[3.0]Dragoon's 7L Dark Pact 1,9kk DPS| 6,5K life~Pseudo tri-curse - Guardians/Tier15/Atziri


For those trying tier 15 and above, you will notice in longer bosses fights that it is seems to be a bug with leech that sometimes it won't apply with dark pact , the only mitigation around it is having either higher block or adjusting your tree to get phase acrobactics

This my first time writing a build here on the forums so i apologize in advance and i welcome any kind of inputs about this build

Why Pseudo tri-curse? we use dual curses with blasphemy and along with the new threshold jewel "spreading rot" enemies take 25% increased chaos damage, just like vulnerability does for physical and its instantaneous, no need to wait for wither to build up on mobs

video section

later i will upload deathless runs :B

Gorge Run - Demonstrating clear speed

Crappy chimera fight - This is how i play when i Wake up :P
Phoenix map 6 mods - this maps had mobs with extra damage, made a dumb mistake with the flame trap in the middle
Hydra fight with enfeeble - showing a hydra clear with bad mods

Twinned abyss map 6 mods - with acrobactis
Facetanking Renegade warbands - pretty easy just don't try with vessider

-Pleasing to play, very elastic dps
-Very easy to maintain charges
-don't demand aura
-mind boggling crit
-high leech
-can adjust to your taste (armor, eva or ES even dodge in rare chest goes)
-easy budget till tier 14~16
-Very good with parties, a full aurabot can more than double your damage output

-can be hard to level
-heavy flask drinker
-can't tank traps on eternal labyrinth
-mana and leech can be a problem in long fights
-need to focus on keeping the dps high in bosses
-very weak against certain bosses, especially those who moves a lot
-buid focused on things "on kill" so not a beginner build
-NOT for HC! your life is basically a rollercoaster


-Focus first in items with life and get life leech gem ASAP
-use the warlord mark first, along with the herald of ice to increase dps
-make your way to the tree getting all the shadow area points except the chaos and spell crit, going all the way to the tireless node, since in mid levels and links mana can give some headaches
-after life focus in getting the area radius notables and a spreading rot jewel
- when lvl 60 go to extra curse node and use assassin's mark
-getting an extractor mentis is very useful for leveling really quick!
-use a random 5L staff from cards to up till mapping
-you can use whatever you like till you get at least a 5L pledge (apep's rage, breath of council etc)

Basic Stuff


Kill'em all - this builds uses every single drop of passives and respecs for optimal leveling


this order priorizes leech over the crit damage, but if you already have endgame gear, go for deadly infusion first!

2- assassinate
3-unstable infusion
4- deadly infusion


Now this is hard thing to discuss

Major God:
i prefer going solaris first when leveling and then swap to lunaris when you get mapping, the captured souls in the lunaris give so much survivability for this build, but if you are like me that gets irked with stun go for Brine King and stay there

Minor God:
Ryslatha is the best one for this build, capturing the extra soul makes your panicked divine flask to grant your over 5000 life in low life and its very useful against trials and uber lab. If you don't like this minor god then use either Gruthkul or Ralakesh

leveling trees

28 points - this is the staple tree till you get dark pact if you wish to get it early

54 points - going quickly to templar area

68 points - Around here with the ascendancies your leech starts to make a difference so grab dat vaal pact and chaos nodes, if you are a veteran, go the extra curse instead

89 points - At this point you are over lvl 60 so get the tireless node first when changing to pledge of hands for better mana management. with nice life gear you can already have more than 5k life here so map away till tier 10

109 points - get first the extra curse node if you still didn't get it and the notable life node in the left, you can also start to respec from here on out to the next tree if you get the hang of surviving

Respec'd tree 109 points- use your refund points that you got through the game to this tree with more life and the jewel socket for the spreading rot

118 points final tree lvl 95 - get the block and crit staff passives for higher survivability, if you think you need more life or better QoL, respec the chaos nodes near the shadow area and put on life in marauder area or flask passives in the witch zone.

For those who can procure an atziri's acuity, refer to "dream setup guide"


The following configuration is the one i get more comfortable with:

Main 7L (Pledge of Hands, Spell echo implicit): Dark Pact - Life Leech - Void Manipulation - Added Chaos Damage - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction/Faster Casting/Crit Multi/Arcane Surge/Inc item Rarity

The CD gem increases your average damage and procs a little more of the deadly infusion ascendancy, the faster casting gem is better for leeching and the others are between these aspects with less mana cost

Last socket you can decide depending on your taste, if you dont like or dont have a Pledge then:

Main 6L (non-Pledge): Dark Pact - Life Leech - Void Manipulation - Added Chaos Damage - Concentrated Effect/Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction/Faster Casting/Crit Multi/Arcane Surge/Inc item Rarity

Curse Setup: Blasphemy - Assassin's Mark - Enfeeble/Temp chains/Warlord's Mark - Enlighten/Clarity (Optional)

Movement: Leap slam - Fortify - Faster Attacks (fourth socket free)

Utility on chest (4L+2L): Spell Totem + Blight/Wither (Jewel dependent) | Abyssal cry + Onslaught + Blind + Increased Area of Effect

utility on 4L: Vaal Haste/Grace - Increased Duration - Vaal Lightning Trap (fourth socket free)

OR for better shock mechanic 4L: CWDT - Shock Nova/Arc - Unbound ailments - Ele prolif/Immortal call (optional)
level your CWDT and main shock to your taste, since you mostly need it for map bosses you can make it higher

in the free sockets you can put any golem except for the stone golem, i prefer lightning golem to help leap and DP go a little faster, you can also put portal gem or another warcry for use when leveling or just keep it free to use Grace or Determination when facing the labyrinth/trials traps or against Hexproof maps. You can also test a leveled clarity to suit better the mana comsumption.


The main item is a pledge of hands, great efficency for this skill but beware of suicide if you dont focus on the mobs

for the rest of the items, focus on life, res and whatever you like, i am currently doing a mix of eva and armour
the upside is that we dont need a 6L chest piece!

level 79 gear

The daresso is a great leveling item, keeping your onslaught and charges up

lvl 87 gear

The Cherrubim is the ultimate chest piece for this build, it gives good armour/eva, life and chaos damage and its sits quite cheaply in trading AND looks so damn good

endgame gear

These are the items i am currently using, got my acuity in a week of item farming, take notice of the dex mods on the items, you need to target at minimum 118 dex, the only thing that i am missing are the expensive chãos rings and the extra curse amuleto, also im planning on change the enchants on the boots for either stun avoid or chaos damage and some dark pact enchant on the helmet

DPS in town


new meta support?
i dont know how many got wind of this, but linking onslaught gem + abyssal cry is a very easy way to maintain onslaught against mobs, increasing clearing speed enormously! better yet if any party members deal the deathblw instead they get the onslaught

Path of Building Links

Lvl 79:https://pastebin.com/XRK7zEG1 (as i created this fórum post)

Lvl 87: https://pastebin.com/B1dZmkti (updated after many trial and errors, killed normal atziri and uber izaro easily)

Here is me lvl 88 with a 5L pledge fully buffed + flasks

keep in mind that against bosses your dps will be much lower since a big chunk of the damage comes from the crit multi "when full life" of the ambush, assassin point, so till you cull him you need to keep alive for at least 5 seconds, the writhing jar plays a nice role here maintaining the dps and giving a nice leech buff due to the curses

if you dont like the jar, use a jade, quartz or stibnite

The Dream setup

now for the eye candy here is the final build that i theorized in PoB, with 6 link pledge, gems full leveled etc, reaching 2,5 million dps with vaal haste (1,5 million against shaper!)


sadly it requires atziri's acuity, expensive jewels and a +1 curse ammy, making possible the rearrangement of points and making you reach more than 6,8k life @ lvl 97

now i know that this DPS isnt realistic you can fiddle with the PoB link to get a idea of a dps in the heat of a shaper/guardian battle, but the rock bottom is over 400k dps in the worst case scenario which is more than enough for the leech to proc in a single echo


Here's hoping for the nerf to never come for this skill :>


-get a 6L pledge
-test chests and another way to maintain shock?
-needs final gear
-testing with less leech and more other things when more reliable
-Needs more testing with flasks
-fix the gramar mess

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my journal:

update 1: uploaded some photos and updated some trees
update 2: normal atziri down with 5L pledge, no luck getting those mortal pieces :/
update 3: testing rare tier13+ maps
update 4: testing higher block and rumi's interaction with flask passives
update 5: got my acuity :D going towards the final gear, made some mistakes with uber trio but i think i can do deathless uber atziri till end of the league :P
update 6: testing now MoM+ BM/Red. mana gem , this setup requires the warlord's mark but way more tanky, can do now tier 14 and 15 "easily"
update 7: got my pledge 6L, rushing to guardians and shaper
update 8: after dying twice to minotaur, i decided to respec some points to go full health again and completing brine king pantheon, now i can facetank him though the fight takes a little more time than i expected
update 9: i think i found the "sweet spot" for life at 6,7k with the other life nodes near the staff area. now the guide features leveling trees and endgame gear that i got in harbinger league (seriously, this build can farm better than many other DP builds)
update 10: remade the dream setup with more realistic items and stuff, explained a little more of pantheon and gems
update 11: uploaded one vídeo of chimera fight, my gameplay was subpar actually sry
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Allelopathy Gloves for this build would be awesome i think.
Nemo saltat sobrius
well they sure are nice, but not for a life version
i will try compile a CI/LL version for this build too with heretic's veil and other things too
Hey so I'm doing something similar, going to take some of your ideas but how are you sustaining without warlords mark? Don't see it in your gem recommendation list.
projarrod wrote:
Hey so I'm doing something similar, going to take some of your ideas but how are you sustaining without warlords mark? Don't see it in your gem recommendation list.

life leech gem and boot enchant...

it's still something that i am still testing in higher tiers, since you need more power charges than anything its better to leech a crit damage in higher maps, you won't suffer from any mobs except some bosses, but this build is not one made to facetank things.
but i recommend using warlord's on lvling this build till you get the enchanted boots and a pledge to increase the overall damage and leech, remember to take your flasks whenever you need and use soul of ryslatha or overflowing chalice to keep the charges up

in the cospri variant you can swap to warlord's mark and take off the leech gem and get other enchant on the boots
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just a quick update that i finally get my hands on an acuity, now it only remains the final rare chaos rings, boots and if i am Lucky enough a +1 curse ammy, and of course after getting the 6L pledge

funny thing is that bosses like the enraged rhoa on bog is harder than the tier 13 bosses, i will make a guide of how to play with this build with more detail, but i will probably change the entirety of the shock mechanic needed for the bosses

about the mana costs, probably arcane surge is the most cost-efficient for the build, since the other gems make the mana comsumption go very high without warlord's mark

and i take back about what i said about uber lab, if you know your way against the traps you can make profit like the others but i advise getting at least 5,8k life for safety

to avoid traps just shamelessly use two brightbeaks with leap slam or the following blink arrow setup i your sidearm:

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having some fun with the Hunter proph :D
at least i know how high i can get with a headhunter :P
Your dream build is 2 points inefficient, Here is a fixed link for you https://pastebin.com/J2x9yjny

you can use those 2 points for another power charge if you like or the 3 spell crit nodes in the upper left. Or you can spend 3 points to go back and grab the socket again and get a second spreading rot (best dps) https://pastebin.com/M3dJNyA3

Also you can drop the 5 nodes on the bottom left for a socket using the intuitive leap jewel to get access to frenzy charges for more of that sweet dps using this link https://pastebin.com/nJXD7gBd
It does cost you ~300hp though.

Let me know if i messed something up though.
thanks for pointing the intuitive leap possibility, i know about the 2x spreading rot but it would be the last thing to put in the tree and i am thinking on closing the optimal tree at lvl 93

for the power charge node, its actually better to have LESS power charges in order to cap the max charges faster and proc the deadly infusion ascendancy against bosses

finally, the reason i dont take the upper route in the tree is because of dexterity requirement for some things like a leveled vaal haste/grace that i am still testing and that i wished to test MoM a bit
but your idea to get the upper path is something that i concur to put in the end

lemme know what you think about it

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