Matt's Build Archive

Intro [2.6 SpecGolem Summoner]
Footage from Pure Classical Summoner.

Hey Guys! My name is Matt and I have been an on and off summoner theorycrafter since beta back in 2012.

So keeping true to the classic summoner roots here is the next iteration of the build for {2.6}! The build this time will take advantage of the newly buffed flame golems(and items) combined with the original build of last league. Essentially packing the power of both spectre and golem builds into one build.

• Keep in mind due to the unique requirements the golem component(jewels) isn't a league starter friendly build. You can either run clayshapers or pure classic summoner until you amass enough currency

• Once you get the build going you can literally just hold down shield charge much like cospri discharge. Everything will die while u go around picking up loot.

Required Items
• Es chest piece at least a 5l
• Bones of Ullr: +1 spectre, +1 zombie

Optional or Expensive addons
• Vertex to summon zombies on the fly and cheap +1
• Anima Jewel
• 3 Primordials Harmony
• Brightbeak(shield charge speed)
• Victario Charity or es shield
• Pariah ring for 100 es or a +2-3 unset ring
• United/Severed in sleep(Swap on tougher non-poison immune bosses)
• Immortalis Belt and recommended flasks

Offensive mechanics:
• 3x spectres + 3-4x flame golems
• Ignite damage will double dip with area, minion, projectile, and general dmg stats
• Poison damage(from atziri promise + poison from the sleep sword) will double dip with area, minion, projectile, and general dmg stats
• Damage flasks: vinktar, chalice, atziri promise, witchfire brew
• Optional Defensive flasks: Blood of Karui, Forbidden taste
• Flammability and projectile weakness, Ignite chance + firepen + more proj damage for double dip

Defensive mechanic:
• As high of an ES pool we can get, with my current gear equiping a ethereal knife I have .
• With the old vaal discipline giving you es I have
• High es regen, 1000+es/s with consecrated ground up. this is to counter ignite and bleed
• 8 zombies + 3 spectre + 3-4 flame golems + 1 animate guardian for agroo soak
• Shield charge movement, Our high mobility is one of our best defenses always try to stay mid-far range from enemies.
• Chaos Immune
• 82 fire res, 83 light res, 82 cold res
• Projectile weakness will knock back most bosses providing a lot of safety.
• option to use utility flasks, stibnite for blinds for example

Video(Specgolem Summoner):
Atziri - Make sure to not curse her with your resistance curses or even her single stack flameblast will kill you. Curse reflection.
Uber Izaro

example Runs holding down shield charge:
Shaped strand
High Gardens
shaped Shore

Video(Classic Summoner): Kills are all done on a cheap 5L
T14 Double Palace Kill Goats
T14 Maze Boss Curtains
T15 Abyss Boss(Kaom) Goats
T14 Shrine Piety Goats
T13 Scriptorium Squids
T13 High Gardens Squids

Other Builds/Guides

Skill Tree - Bandits - Ascendancy
[lv75]Working Build

[lv90]Full Build 2.6

[lv90]Full Build Poe Official Link 2.6

Kill all -> Kill all -> Kill all

Commander of Darkness -> Soul Weaver -> Mistress of sacrifice


Fire Spectre/Flame Golem BBBGGR
Goatman Fire-raiser:

RS + Flame Golem + Spell Echo + GMP + Minion Damage + faster projectiles
* Single target swap out faster proj for slower proj

• Magma orb shotgun mechanics as explained by ZiggyD:
Poorly drawn paint rendering of what happens. This should work on any bosses that are kuduku sized or bigger

Option #2: Flame Sentinels

RS + Flame Golem + Spell Echo + GMP + Minion Damage + faster proj
* Single target swap out GMP for slower proj

Option #3: Incinerators

RS + Flame Golem + Spell Echo + GMP + Minion Damage + faster proj
* Single target swap out GMP for slower proj

Animate guardian gear

• Dying Breath
• Victario's Flight

This gives
• 10% movespeed
• 18% curse effectiveness
• 33% general damage

4L Zombros/GuardianBro:
• Raise Zombie + Animate Guardian + MinionLife + Empower(lv3)

4L Curse Setup:
• Ball Lighting + CoH + curse1 + curse2

• Most damage(fire spectre/golem) = flammability + projectile weakness
• Most defensive = Enfeeble + temporal chains

4L temp buff setup:
• Inc Duration + Vaal Discipline + Vaal Haste + Flesh offering(unlink flesh offering if you do not have enough mana left over)
* Try to maintain vaal haste to clear faster
* Use vaal discipline if you are in a situation where your constantly getting hit and need quick es gains

• purity of light, purity of ice, convocation

Weapon setup
• Shield Charge + Faster Attack + fortify or desecrate

• Discipline

• Purity of fire

• Keep single target switch and any flasks u wish to swap to in your inventory


Weapon Options:

Offensive Options:
- quickest clearing possible shield charge benefits from the 50% atk speed implicit. Resistances helps a lot too.
- use to poison with atziri promise fire spectre or going the physical/chaos route
- middle ground between dmg and movespd
- cheap option and +1golem, beware of the 134 str requirement
- defensive option. Was able to achieve 16k with a 760es chest and a 460es shield

Offhand Options:
- ES shield is recommended for harder content
- Gives you a boost to clear speed. Use when farming.


• Best possibly helm enchant is 30% increased convocation cooldown recovery. This puts convocate at 6.15s = (8/1.3). Positioning minions will increase damage and survivability more so than any other damage enchant. Other alternatives are: Spectres have 40% increased Damage. Or Flame golems has 40% increased damage.

• Best Possible boot enchant is Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently

• Best Possible glove enchant is (not sure atm)


• Best Possible Amulet corruption is +1 curse
• Best Possible belt corruption is 8% increased skill duration

• Immortalis belt is optional. You gain a lot of utility, damage, and minion defense in exchange for player survivability. It also gives elemental spectre like Flame sentinels the ability to swap a green gem to poison or the sleep sword and deal a lot more damage with Atziri promise.

• Energy from within
• The Anima Stone Prismatic Jewel
• Either 3 more Primordial jewels for +1 golem or 3x minion damage/es jewels

Immortalis flask setup:
Core Flasks
• The overflowing chalice
• Atziri Promise

Expensive add ons
• Witchfire Brew
• Vinktars(get a cheap 10% light pen one all we care about is the shock)
• Lion's Roar - To abuse the knockback mechanic
• Blood of karui, extremely strong heal for minions

optional utility/defensive:
• Stibnite as an anti-attack boss flask
• Rumi's + bone offering for high block chance

optional Offensive:
• Diamond Flask + pcharge combo for high crit chance. With 3 charges up and a diamond flask, spectre will have a 55% chance to crit. Use with the victario shield.

• If you're going for a crystal belt just pick up your standard CI defensive flasks. Getting remove bleed, remove freeze, and granite, basalt for physical defenses.

• poacher's mark and/or chalice should keep you topped off on flasks. I normally only use flasks on bosses and tanky rares and breaches as blue and whites monster are already getting oneshotted. Hitting 1,2,3,4,5 will instantly give you 3 support gem equivalent of damage.

GoatMan Fire-Raisers, where can i get them and what do they do?
So far I have found them to reliably spawn in canyon(t6), shaped canyon(t11), Plateau(t12), and Gorge(t13). They will also spawn in maps that has goatman and animals mods. Just keep desecrating.

You can look at my necronomicon guide for more detailed information but they shoot fireball at long range. Their fireballs has a avg flat damage range of 1583 to 2464. They shoot magma orbs at medium range which has an avg flat damage range of 2224 to 2965. They also cast molten shell which grants them 19399 armour. If the shield explodes it deals 2698 to 4048. As you can see their flat damage is absurdly high, twice that of flame sentinels.

Due to Magma orb mechanics and having 4 goats with spell echo and gmp. We are at 40 magma orbs in a single wave. With Dying sun we are at 56 magma orbs in a single wave of attack. The idea is to get as many of these magma orbs to proc the overlap(as described in the image) and grant that ideal shotgun scenario where they get hit by two magma orbs at the same time.

Since the flat damage is so high. They also scale very nicely with ignite damage. This is why we use flammability in our offensive curse setup, victorio charity's 600% iCrit chance also gives them a 35% chance to crit which gives them a 130% crit multi bonus to their damage and grants them a bigger ignite. Ignite will double dip any any projectile, area, and minion damage stats.

They however come with a -50% reduced cast speed implicit. Spell echo and stacking cast speed mostly negates this downside.

Why Shield Charge
This will be our offensive, defensive, and movement skill. Since shield charge scales with movement and attack speed. With self flesh offering giving us both movement and attack speed you will be able to travel very very fast. With vaal haste up your basically sonic.

Use this skill to get up to medium/short range on a target/pack and convocate. This is normally the most optimal range for most spectre's.

When farming fast you can travel through packs and have your minions trail behind you and kill things.

Use this skill to escape bad situations. Dodge telegraphs and other high damage attacks.

Use this skill to travel, you will cover a lot of ground with vaal haste and flesh offering up.

How do I deal with not being able to use flasks on myself?
This will take time to get use to. You'll need to play more carefully especially around bleed effects. Going CI will counter any chaos damage and chaos degen effects so the only things u need to watch out for is ignite and bleed.

If you see yourself bleeding for a lot of damage. Shield charge somewhere safe and hit your chalice flask. This will drop consecrated ground on every zombie/spectre, bumping you up to +4% regen. I have about 1000es/sec with this up and should counter any bleed while you are not moving.

I want to play HC? Here is the recommended gear changes
Since we are running Flame golems as well. I would pick up as high as a es chest piece and shield as I can get my hands on. Using a crystal belt so you get more es and have access to instant stun, freeze, and bleed removal

How do I start a play session?
You can start off by summoning your golems, zombies, and animate guardian. You have a bunch of choices now. If your feeling lazy you can start in Eternal Labs and desecrate a few Flame Sentinels to use. Running some of the maps listed in the location info in the Necronomicon to trigger some spectre you want to spawn. The higher level the zone the more damage you do.

There is a trick, if you already have the spectre you want summoned. It seems to add that mob to all the next maps you run's desecrate table. Use spell echo + desecrate to find them faster.

You actually scale by corpse RNG its pretty weird. A T16 spectre will be pretty GG and will faceroll things.

What gems should I focus on Quality?
• Minions Damage will give 15% damage
• Summon Flame Golem
• Your curses
• GMP for 10% cast speed
• Faster attacks for shield charge speed
• faster proj for 10% cast speed
• Raise Zombie will give 20% life

How I Would Level a Summoner

Spell caster way(firestorm)
Useful Leveling Uniques: You only really need a lifesprig or a +1 fire weapon but these uniques will help

Useful wiki page to check at what level and after what quest you can get certain gems

Step 1. (Level 1->11)
If this is not your first character of the league. I suggest going with leveling gear as this will make the process much easier. Be Warned minions at early gem levels are going to suck. The exception being SRS.

Passive Tree(assuming you got 2 passives in act 1 for a total of 14pts)

Item tips
• Having a lifesprig or an early +1 to elements weapon will be useful here
• Wanderlust + karuiward will give you +30% movement speed combined with quick silver flasks will allow you to run quickly
• Tabula will be used to run your flame totem for now
• Goldrim will help immensely with your resistances
• I like to run 1 lifeflask 1 manaflask and 3 quicksilvers

Other tips
• Remember to check the second tab of the skill gem vendors
• Pick a random spell as your starter skill. You can stick with fireball or anything else you like
• Take a Raise zombie and flesh offering and place it into a blue slot somewhere to level it\
• Also grab minion life and minion damage and level these gems as well
• grab lmp and added lightning dmg for your spell and place it in your lifesprig
• grab flamedash(travel over cliffs) and clarity
• You will want to flamedash and use all 3 charges then pop a quick silver to maximize your running speed
• grab Flame totem + addedlight + addedcold
• Right now you should be kiting and casting spells and using flame totem on bosses and rares
• By now you should either be at the end of act1 or the beginning of act2]

Step 2. (Level 12->30)
This is where things start to pick up speed with firestorm or bladevortex, pretty much the best two leveling spells at this level. You can try raise spectre at level 28 but be warned. They will suck at this level and die quickly.

Passive Tree(assuming you got 2 passives in act 2 for a total of 34pts)
• Your focus should be on life nodes your spell lvl + support gems should carry you

Item tips
• You'll want to switch over to reverberation wand for the free spell echo
• Praxis(1 or 2 of them) is useful to drop a mana flask for another life flask or quicksilver

Other tips
• Grab your firestorm or blade vortex and a flame totem
• firestorm + controlled dest + ele focus
• blade vortex + controlled dest + addedfire/conc effect
• Flame totem + controlled dest + ele focus + added light + added cold + faster cast
• An alternative to Flame totem will be flame blast totem. Flame blast + spell totem + fastercast + elefocus + controlled destruction + iaoe/conc
• Still another option you can try in a 6L tabula is.
Scortching ray + CwC + firestorm + elementalfocus + controlled dest + conc effect
• grab herald of ice and thunder
• Grab desecrate, flame golem, raise spectre and start leveling these gems
• Get blasphemy, curses you want to use, anger, purity of elements, and discipline and level these

Step 3. (Level 31->72)

Useful mid game items

Working Build Tree Level 72
• Go for more life nodes if you feel like you need more before the transition into CI
• After minion nodes focus on aura reservation
• Your priority should be Life -> MinionNodes -> AuraNodes

Item tips
• Get a bones of ullr, This will net you 3 spectre with the passive
• You can grab your ClayShaper now and have 2 golems to work with
• In your tabula rasa these will be your links.
Spectre(Cannibal Fire-eater) + Flame Golem + GMP + Minion Damage + Elemental Focus + Spell Echo
REMEMBER to take out your spell echo before summoning the spectre. The spectre will echo twice. Just put the spell echo back in after you summoned.
• Swapping out GMP for faster proj or slower proj before bosses
• You should now have around 6-8zombies, 2-3golems, and 3spectres
• If you can afford an anima stone use it in a jewel slot
• If you are having trouble with resistances use a aurumvorax as your offhand with the clayshaper

Other tips
• Cruel act 1 is when you can start playing as an actual summoner
• When you get to merc use the merc fire-eaters
• When you get to merc eternal lab use the flame sentinels that spawn there
• You can place your zombies in a 4L with.
RZ + Minlife + Lifeleach + Multistrike. They will still die they are not at the point where they can really tank things yet

Facebreaker, shield charge and ancestral totem way(Needs specific items but is way faster)
Trying out a new leveling method this league for the summoner so far this way seems faster as your moving and killing packs at the same time. And you can actively dodge while warchief totem kills bosses. Cheap if its 2-3+weeks into the league.

Required uniques/items

Tree to aim for before switching over to CI

Level 1-16
• Use any spell you like with 1-2 lifesprigs to start out with

Level 16+
• You will need about 3-5c to get the facebreaker, meginords, warden's brand, and Lycosidae
• Shield charge + ancestralwarchief + faster atk + meleephysicaldamage + addedfire + iaoe/conc
• Slot in vengeance and Reckoning somewhere, with the lysocidae every time they trigger it does a lot of extra damage
• On the passive tree go for Str nodes and nearby lifenodes
• Keep flamegolem. raise spectre and anyother needed gems for the build leveled in your slots or alternative weapon swap.

Around late act 3 cruel
• At this point shield charge won't be one shotting packs anymore. Switch over to the +1 to attack totem quiver (skirmish). Run around and place down 2 totems on packs

Act 1 The Coast Merciless
• At this point you are ready to transition into es/life hybrid summoner.
• Dual wield your clayshapers, equip bones of ullr, and swap all of your ancestral warchief gear for defensive gear with life or es and resistances
• In the tabula rasa 6L: Flame Golem + Raise Spectre + GMP + SpellEcho + MinionDamage + Elefocus
• Go and raise 3 fire-eater spectre from the coast, spam some desecrate around the waypoint and hold 'A' and summon the monsters
• Raise zombie + Minion Life + Fortify, You can also start summoning some zombies
• Grab EE passive node, and use either arc or ball lightning to trigger EE, it will also direct your minions to where ever your casting.
• Around this time all of your minions should be tanky enough with levels to survive most content without dying. Make sure to get the commander of darkness ascendancy point for the +20% resistance and some damage. 3 flame golems 3 spectre and zombies should be more then enough dps to carry you now
• Once you get to dried lakes you can farm it up or if you already have the currency you can start to follow the main build

Map mods to watch out for
• Hex proof, you do less damage not really noticeable you can still EE them
• Ele reflect, if your minions are too powerful they can actually kill them selves on large packs. Take off gmp in exchange for another green gem. That should help.
• Temp chains, this hits your shield charge both ways. You'll be much slower

Summoner Dischord:
Youtube Channel:
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Intro [3.0-3.1 Spectre Summoner]
Hey Guys! My name is Matt and I have been an on and off summoner theorycrafter since beta back in 2012.

So keeping true to the classic summoner roots here is the next iteration of the build for {3.2.0}! The build this time will still be focused on clearing quickly while trying to incorporate some of the new toys. We will be be mainly using Frost Sentinels/Solar Guards for their amazing AI, Tankiness, range, and damage.

Cannibal Fire Eaters for their extremely high end single target damage.

This will a general spectre build so you can fit in any spectre type you wish. Just tweak your curses and support gems.

If you guys want to talk about summoners theory crafting or just general question overall, Discord Channel.

I have noticed people wanted to try/see past versions of the builds so I started a build archive.
Build Archive

+ Fast Clear Speed
+ Safe Clearing
+ Does not require any expensive items to get going (most expensive item is 5L or 6L vis mortis)
+ Fairly safe for Bossing(with good positioning)
+ Flexible with aura choices, curses, gear, and passive tree choices
+ Going bossing mode gives us enough dps to kill guardians in sub 20s or so. Enough DPS to melt shaper as well.
+ Can run most map mods except elemental reflect

- Poor Physical Mitigation, when hit
- Does require some specific uniques(so ssf will be hard)
- Walls are too op please nerf (can't do indoor maps well)

Offensive Mechanics:
► 4x Crit Spectre's with Victario's Charity power charge
► 7x zombies
► 1x Animated Guardian(aura bot)
► 1x stone golem

Defensive Mechanics:
► Good Mobility to dodge/ + fortify on shield charge
► Able to hit 7k+ life with good gear and optimized skill tree
► Life pots gives a huge burst heal with blood grip unique amulet
► Able to hit high regen values

Other Builds/Guides


Youtube Channel
My youtube Channel

Build Guide Video

Boss Runs:
Uber Lab
Shaped Port
Updated fire-eater atziri run
Goatman Fire-Raiser Xoph run

Hydra: With T16 solar guards

Cannibal Fire-Eaters

Map Runs(showing dmg on 5L):
Shaped Race Course 5L vis mortis
Shaped channel teleport dragging

Map Runs(6L clears):
Shaped Race Course: Solar Guard
Shaped Race Course: Frost Sent

Skill Tree - Bandits - Ascendancy - Pantheon - Profile
Path of Building

TRDL; Leveling Trees
► 1 - 28
► 28 - 70
► level 93 Life Stacking [More Tank]:
► level 93 Jewel Stacking [More DPS]:


Kill all.






Profile Link



Raise zombie has no other purpose but to draw agroo and tank in this build and give us a bit of physical mitigation via Flesh Binder.

Animated Guardian can equip aura giving items.
► Leer Cast
► Dying Breath
► Victario's Flight
► Zahndethus' Cassock
► South Bound

This gives us:
+18% curse effectiveness
+28% increased damage
+10% movement speed
+6% life regen while standing in consecrated ground

Frost Sentinel

Fantastic spectre for clearing maps and the main focus of the build this patch. They are weaker dps wise compared to fireball toting spectres but have an amazing utility attached to them in the form of freezing monsters.

[RS + Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP + Faster Projectiles] + controlled destruction

RS + Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP + Slower Proj + controlled destruction

RS + Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Elemental Focus + controlled destruction + GMP/Slower-Pierce

* Faster projectiles will help them land more hits on mobile bosses. If the boss is mostly stationary you can swap in Slower Proj for more damage.

Solar Guards

Lasers! What is there more to say? Great damage and tankiness. Their acquisition range of their laser and fireball is extremely fast and long range. Take a look at my channel clear they target things instantly as they get "teleport dragged".

Clear(From T1-13):
RS + Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP + Faster Proj + increased Area

Clear(From T14-15):
RS + Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP + Faster Proj + elemental focus

Boss Swap(Not that much HP):
RS + Minion Damage + Spell Echo + GMP + faster Proj + elemental focus

Boss Swap(Kinda more tanky):
RS + Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Slower proj + Pierce + elemental focus

T16+ Trash:
RS + Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Cont. Dest + Ele Focus + GMP

T16+ Fast moving Guardian:
RS + Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Cont. Dest + Ele Focus + Pierce

T16+ Slower moving Guardian:
RS + Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Cont. Dest + Ele Focus + Slower projectiles

Cannibal Fire-Eaters

One of the highest single target dps in the game.

RS + Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Elemental focus + Controlled Destruction + faster proj

RS + Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Elemental focus + Controlled Destruction + slower Proj/pierce

Tokuhama's Vangaurds (or TV for short)

The highest single target dps in the game.

RS + Minion Damage + Burning Damage + Elemental Focus + Swift Affliction + Efficacy

Gear Changes
► You will shield swap into a Tokuhama's Fortress if you can afford it. This will double your damage.
► Use immortalis setup for even more damage

Animated Guardian can equip.
► Leer Cast
► 2x Dyadus
► Victario's Flight
► IceTomb
► South Bound

This gives us:
+15% increased damage
+10% movement speed
+150% chill duration
+200% increased burning damage taken (or more burn basically)


Our main method of movement. With all the movement speed and attack speed buffs in this build you will be moving very fast.


instead of flammability when using cold spectre.

Frostbite gives us some extra freeze chance on non critted ice spears. Projectile Weakness is a sizable buff to our spectre damage. Enemies take additional is another More multiplier. Also gives us 100% pierce chance and some knock back.

Flammability gives us extra damage with solar guards and other fire spectre

Projectile weakness gives us 100% pierce chance, more projectile damage, and knockback

Vulnerability is used to give a boost to burn based spectre



If you need extra resist, unset ring +



My Profile. Look for H_RaiseThatDonger

General Purpose:
► Bone Helmet

Go Fast:
► Devoto's Devotion

Starter Chest:
► Tabula Rasa (If you don't have at least a 5L Vis mortis)

Best in Slot:
► Vis Mortis (+1 spectre) 6L with 2 white socket if possible


General Purpose:
► Rare glove with resistances + life. Corruption with chaos resistances, cast speed, or +1 gems are all useful,

Go Fast:
► Insanity crafted gloves with life and resistances. Corruption with chaos resistances, cast speed, or +1 gems are all useful,

Your shield charge setup will go in here once you get a insanity gloves.

Best in slot:
► Bones of Ullr (+1 Spectre). With +1 to gems corruption. Your zombie/AG setup will go here eventually.

Go Fast:
► Perseverance (gives you onslaught when u hit things with shield charge, more zoom zoom)
► Bisco's Leash (speed and damage and rampage effects, really good clear speed belt and it is so cheap!)

*I find Perseverance to be more consistent. If I stop for too long to pick up loot my rampage ends.

► Belt of the Deceiver (10% more damage for your minions as long as you stand next to mob)

► Immortal Flesh (Defensive, mini arctic armour)
► Rare Leather Belt

► Un-tethered Flow (Gives you faster desecrate cooldowns and convocations cooldowns)

► 2x rings (with life and resistances)

Harder content:
► Bloodgrip (For giant life flask heals)

► Bisco's Collar

Offensive(On tough boss fights):
► The Scourge

The scourge gives you 70% minion damage anytime you hit with something. Your EE/curse setup will grant you 70% minion damage as long as your hitting. The best corruption will be culling strike resulting in about 14% more damage.

Go fast:
► Bright Beak

The main weapon of choice, gives us resists which is nice but more importantly 50% attack speed for our shield charge.

► Victario's Charity

Player Frenzy charges for even more clear speed

Frenzy Charges and Power charges gives minions a ton of stats. They can receive up to 3 charges of each totalling:
25% cast speed, 15% movement speed, 12% more damage, 600% crit chance

► Tokuhama's Fortress

Used specifically with Tokuhama's Vangaurds spectre. Doubles the totems, doubles your damage.


► One Unending Hunger jewel
► Maximum life jewel, with minion damage if it is not too expensive
► Maximum life jewels if above is too expensive

Animate Guardian Gear
• Leer Cast
• Dying Breath
• Victario's Flight
• Death's Oath
• South Bound

All these items should cost around 2-3c
If your afraid of animate bro dying unequip the gem before entering the boss arena


New to minions/summoners?
Read my Necronomicon guide.

My Spectre are dying in maps?
Use this checklist.
• I'm I desecrating a highest level of corpse for that zone? i.e. get a lvl 19 desecrate
• I'm I then raising the highest level corpse that I have access to?
• Do I have the soul weaver node? If not get it.

With those 3 bullet points in mind and also a bit of leech from the tree your spectre will not die unless it is a elemental reflect map.

Why do I need to summon spectre at a higher level?
Treat each monster level like a level on your gem. Each increment gives better and better stats like damage and life. It is very important to summon at least a T10 spectre before attempting red maps. A level 60 monster would still be able to do yellow and white maps fine.

Map mods to skip.
• Temporal Chains - doable but feels bad/ Use a remove curse flask
• Player cannot regenerate mana - Feels shit like temporal chains, but you can equip a mana flask and then it will be doable

• Elemental reflect - spectres will kill themselves. Definitely Skip.

Rippy Sextant Mods
• Area contains physical monsters - Minions are particularly stupid against promixity shields. If your convocation is down shield charge and teleport drag your minions away. When Convo is back up go aggressively and convocate right into their stupid bubbled faces.

These types of mods are especially bad for your toon as well. Physical Spells hurts a whole lot on a build without proper physical mitigation. Hit your life flasks generously.

Where do I find solar guards to desecrate?
Note: Map mod "Solar Fanatics" seems to spawn them as well
• T6 : Wharf, Race Course
• T8 : Shaped Channel Map
• T10 : Collonade, Courtyard, Port
• T11 : Shaped Race Course, Bazaar
• T12 : Crematorium,
• T13 : Plaza, High Gardens
• T14 : Shaped Promenade, Shaped Reef
• T15 : Shaped Colonnade, Shaped Courtyard, Shaped Port

Where do I find frost sentinels to desecrate?
• "lunar" map mod

Where do I find Cannibal Fire-eaters to desecrate?
• "Bipedal" map mod
• Shore map
• Dunes Map

* You can then bring them into a hydra or minotaur map and guardian/shaper farm with ease.

How do you desecrate the monster you want?
video guide

Leveling a summoner

In the beginning being a summoner is a bit rough, zombies are squishy as hell and your srs are not as reliable. Early level spectre's are pretty much useless. That being said it is still very possible to level up as a pure summoner. The more levels/gem levels you get the better and better it will feel. There are other alternatives such as leveling as a spell caster or as a totem build.

TRDL; Leveling Trees
• 1 - 28
• 28 - 70

1 • [lvls 1-28] The initial journey, pre spectre.
• Continue to use any starter spell you wish
• As soon as you can pick up [Summon raging spirits + melee splash + minion damage]
• Raise zombie[Place this in a blue slot somewhere to level up]
You will not be using zombies too much as they are squishy as hell in the start eventually link them up with at least minion life and fortify.
• Summon skeleton, this is am great minion to spam on bosses as their single target dps is high link these with minion damage and melee physical dmg. Eventually minion dmg + melee physical damage + multi strike


Helpful Unique's/items:
• Wanderlust
• Karui Ward
• Tabula Rasa
• Goldrim
• Crest of Perandus
• 2x life flasks, 1x mana flask, 2x quick adrenaline quick silvers

Your main focus is life and getting to mind over matter asap. This is a extremely strong node to help our tankiness in the early to mid game. We will be respecing out of these later.

2 • [lvls 29-70ish] The middle of the road, post spectre.
• Pick up purity of elements here to help with your resistances
• Raise Spectre

Keep in mind early level spectre without the ascendancy nodes are quite squishy

Here are a few spectre to use:
- Act 3 Flame sentinels from Solaris temple. [GMP + spell echo + minion dmg]
- Act 4 Pocked miners(the ones that throw golden fire). [GMP + spell echo + minion dmg]
- Act 5 Kitava's Herald(should carry you till Act 8) [GMP + spell echo + minion dmg]
- Act 8 Flame/Frost Sentinel/solar guard. [GMP + spell echo + minion dmg]

As long as your desecrate is leveling along with you, you can continue to use whatever spectre you wish. Just remember to resummon them in higher level zones when you get the chance. More monster lvl = more dmg/life.


Helpful Unique's:
• Reverberation wand, place srs in here with msplash, miniondmg, (swap mstrike for msplash on bosses)
• Bones of Ullr
• Nycta's Lantern(Reverberation wand replacement), [free pseudo 6l for srs]

Nycta's Lantern gives you +2 fire gems, added flat fire, and fire pen. Link in minion dmg, srs, and msplash/strike and you'll have a pseudo 6L.

Continue to use srs, skeletons, and spectre until you reach maps.

2 • [lvls 70+] Mapping and the end game.

At this point you want to be farming the zone: Blood Aqueducts. This serves two purposes, its a nice linear zone to gain exp in and you can farm Humility cards as you work your way towards a tabula rasa.

Start to acquire some important items from the market (
1. Tabula rasa or *See Note below
2. Brightbeak (for speed clearing), scourge if you want more dmg and don't care about going fast
3. Bones of Ullr (+1 spectre)
4. Victario's charity and get necromantic aegis
5. Vis mortis +1 spectre)
6. Bloodgrip amulet for safety, Bisco collar for farming

After those core uniques:
Flesh out your resistances on the rest of your gear

*Here is a tip for people looking for a 5L-6L vismortis but can't afford it.

1. Simply buy a minion damage supported helmet.
2. Buy any vis mortis (literally rolls do not matter)
3. Have a 5L spectre with +1 spectre at the same time?
3.5. These helmets can come with conc effect, and other supports as well? super cheap 6L
4. Profit?!?!?

POE MagicFinding/Loot Farming Explained

There are three aspects to effective item finding in this game.

1 • Killing as many monsters as you can in the least amount of time. To achieve this we need two things good area clearing abilities (our spectres) and movement speed (our buffed up shield charge). You want to chain maps together and kill packs as quick as you can. Around 2 minutes a map with a strict loot filter and you'll be rich in no time.

2 • Item Quantity, Item Quantity beats rarity in this game any day. You want keep rolling that RNG wheel as quick as you can. With 100% quant it is essentially killing 2 monsters in one. Roughly doubling your odds of a good item.

To this end you will equip a bisco's collar you can get up to 100% item quantity on slain normal monsters. You can also equip a sadima's touch for another 16% quantity and Divination distillate for another +18% you can ignore the rarity roll for this flask.

3 • Amount of monsters slain per map. You want to increase the amount of monsters in a map as much as you can. This means sextant blocking(google this). Using and buying sextants, shaping good layout maps that are either good in density or have a linear layout. Using zana mods such as the 6c brech one to add even more monsters

Advice for being efficient while map farming:
Summoner Dischord:
Youtube Channel:
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