[3.1][HC] Scorching RF Inquisitor - cheap starter build - ZiggyD

Hi guys, the MoM nerf AND the Rise of the Phoenix shield nerf (5%) makes this build not as smooth as before during the leveling process :(
It's no longer a cheap good starter league build but more an "expensive" endgame build.
The leveling process is still smooth but don't grab MoM

Don't have the time for now to mess with Path of Builder but I think dropping MoM is the best solution for leveling. As for endgame goes, I'm sure it will still work. But It would require a lot more gear.
Some feedback from people playing this in 3.1 are:
- It's still a solid endgame build but it's fairly expensive compared to what it used to be
- Don't level with MoM, take it around lvl 70'ish but be prepared to mess in path of Building to see if you can regen the degen.

Also the whole point of this build was to have an easy and cheap leveling process but I don't see this happening now unless I'm missing some new stuff to fix the mana regen

Thanks everyone for enjoying the build !

Glad to see the build still works for some people in 3.1 (y)

I decided to made this build to provide some extra information regarding the build or for people that don't like video guides/haven't watched it.
ZiggyD is also playing dark pact so that makes it harder to ask questions/follow his progress

All credit goes to Ziggyd, you can watch the video guide here:

If you want a pure RF build this is not it, go berserker.
visit Pohx https://www.twitch.tv/pohx give the guy a follow and typ !build and you will find 2 videos showcasing berserk RF
Both builds are really strong in 3.0, I just prefer to use a skill over a pure RF build

Also if you want a uber labfarmer with full keys, a pure RF juggernaut is probably better

Pastebin link for path of builder : https://pastebin.com/decE3JGM
(It's missing PoF in skill setup)
How to use the pastebin?

- Downlaod the latest version from https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding/releases
- Go to import/export build
- import from pastebin and copy the link

I would really recommend using the program as RF.
You can import your own current tree/gear with a single click and it will show your current regen/degen + RF dot damage and many more!

Experience + gear posted from users of the build

Hello again guys. Time for my experience with this build ;) Finished 120/126 atlas (missing 6 unique maps), all guardians and shaper deathless. It's managable tho some are hard to achieve (yes Chimera, im talking about u!) ;) LvL 91 easy clearing all maps t15. Clear speed is decent (i run conc. effect in RF all the time) and bosses dmg is gr8 if u can achieve to facetank them with all your shit, otherwise it's not that op but still acceptable. I like the build and enjoy it way more than standard RF. Not abandoning my champ yet as i think there is much to improve + still didnt try Uber Atziri. Now my goal is lvl 92 for extra socket, then i have to replace my jewels for good ones as mine sux (except one) and maybe gems lvl 21 + better belt. I think Hall of the Grandmaster might be hard. I will take some chaos ress gear and try it later, hopefully succefull ;)
Edit: Forgot to mention u can run all map mods as soon as you overcap for ele weakness. Wouldnt recommend no life regen tho ;) -60% mostly u have to turn of your RF aswell, but -max res easy with some flask managing.

Here is my atlas screen: http://scr.hu/0qqw8/nepp7

Here is my PoB character: https://pastebin.com/Dpp3BDdH

Thanks for the build and your effort answering all those "stupid" questions, keep it going ;)

I just wanted to do a quick post, in Harbinger Softcore I have gotten some fairly decent gear and am able to farm t14 maps at level 88. My gear is as follows

at the moment I am well overcap on resists, i have 2018 total mana, 1018 unreserved and 6784 life (595 es). I am able to sustain RF no problem, as you mentioned there can be some bursty damage but it has been manageable. For maps with Vulnerability or partial regen I just do not turn on RF and SR does just fine with it's damage. Overall really enjoying the build thanks for posting this.
Edit: not sure how to post Jewels but the 3 i have are all damage over time, life and burning damage

Vuxra wrote:

Just did my first ever Uber Lab!! Not only that but it was a full 6 key (which became 8 keys) run!! Never managed to take any character this far. I got pretty lucky buying some of the gear and got some pretty lucky drops. Uber Izaro melted. My little protip for doing lab with this character is to have a "trap flask". Something like a hybrid or life flask with "removes burning" is awesome 'cause you tap it and become almost immune to trap damage (as long as there aren't fonts of increased damage). The inferno helmet and flasks make me able to take a lot of punishment as well. The bosses just melt once they are cursed and dotted up.

Pros and cons of the build.

- Dirt cheap to get the build going
- Very tanky due high lifepool + MoM + pooping conc ground effects (ascendancy)
- HC viable
- Fairly fast clear speed
- Shaper viable
- Can be used as placeholder/temporary build to transition into LL SR/RF (this in not the guide for it though)
- You can stalk me ingame to ask questions AFTER reading the guide (ign:ropefly)

- You will need lvl 50ish+ to comfortable run RF (you can start it earlier if you play sc/know what you are doing, I just played safe due new content and day 1 gear)
- Semi vulnerable while channeling
- Requires more specefic gear compared to a pure RF build (mana regen)
- Some tactical positioning is required (not a braindead afk build)

Skill tree

General Progression Tree
lvl 20 tree
lvl 40 tree
lvl 60 tree
http://poeurl.com/bqGfGrab the 2 jewels for 2 points when you find/buy them

Make sure to check out the endgame trees are we have several variations

Endgame tree
lvl 90 tree

Lvl 90 hardcore variation

If you managed to get lvl 90 on hc, you probably know if you want extra jewels (3 available) or complete heart of fire wheel when going 90+ or go for endurance charges

lvl 90 tree more dmg but 13% less life (sc variation)


lvl 92 Tree (dans build) - This build has more radius (so we use conc effect and have 4 less radius) and dmg on rf and Alchemist nodes but kinda requires +1 curse amulet + witchbrew flask. Also has lower life % but still hc viable (209%)
Pastebin link

What skill tree do I pick?
If you are a new player/casual go for the HC or SC variation.
If you are a someone that played the build before (or pure rf variation) you can choose yourself. The dan tree is probably better in general but requires more gear and +1 curse ammy. You can always respecc to this later on as it's only small changes if you want (y)


If you want to run RF really early on grab all the life regen nodes asap and read the leveling tips section

Skill gem setup

Required setups

Scorching ray

- 4 link: SR+efficacy+burning damage+ela focus
- 5 link: add controlled destruction
- 6 link: add swift affliction

Righteous Fire
RF + Burning damage + Ela focus + Increased area of effect
Use conc effect with decoy totem for bosses and channel the laser (y)

Shield charge
Shield Charge + Faster attacks + Fortify

Orb of storms
Arcane surge(lvl 4-7, don't overlevel it!) + curse on hit + flamm/enfeeble + Orb of Storms

- You will run arctic armour and clarity when leveling.
- Remove AA and use purity of fire once you start using RF
- Using an Essence worm ring to free up more mana is a viable option!
If you have a lvl 21 PoF I would run a worm for the 1% extra max fire resist

Utility / optional setups
Clarity + Stone/choas golem + rallying cry
Decoy Totem / Vaal lightning trap / Vaal grace + incr duration
Immortal call + cwdt(lvl1) - Gives us 0.58sec immunity for phys damage

You won't have room to use everything. It's personal preference

4l shield charge and removing orb of storms in setup.
Shield charge + fortify + faster attacks + inc crit strikes
This will procc your EE and EO if you have ANY cold/lightning dmg on gear.
Using a witchfire brew to apply a curse (witchfire curse+dot inc gives like 5-6% more dps than flammability)
This will free up some sockets for a cwdt setup or whatever you want.
Keep in mind you loose arcane surge and a flask slot.
You also can't procc ee while channeling.

It's a good alternative if you want!

If you use this use an essence of insanity (increased AS for socketed gems) for ever faster clearspeed

Something I saw Etup run on his DP build:
Using a rumi's conc + cwdt + tempest shield (lvl7)
The tempest gives 3% block(proccs EE as well) + the flask + 24 base block ends up giving 47% block chance during flask

This gives us almost 50% block during flask + a basalt will reduce a lot of inc melee damage.
Haven't tried this myself but I thought it was worth listing

Dealing with physical damage:

Skill gems

Option 1: Kinda endgame option
High level cwdt + imm call + increased duration + Tempest shield or Molten Shell

Casting enduring cry (+2 points for extra charge?) will give a roughly 3.5 sec immunity to physical damage after taking 3k damage (lvl 20 cwdt)
This will require a lot of mana regen to sustain + seething mana flask as we loose rally'ing cry.
Make sure you still have a positive mana regen or this setup will do more harm than good
I also recommend essence worm if running this setup

Option 2: low lvl cwdt setup
Cwdt + imm call + increased duration
This will give us 0.84 seconds immunity to physical damage after taking 500 damage on a 2.5 second global cooldown (cwdt has 250ms cd)

The easier setup you can use when leveling/mapping

Using choas golem is also a viable option !


The formless inferno
Sacrifing some hp and mana for a 6-7% less physical damage taken(8% is fire but we reduce that by 88%)
+ the increase to armor gives us a whopping 1500+ armor on the helmet compared to a decent rolled arm/es helmet


Running granite + basalt helps a lot

Soul of the lunaris also helps quite a lot.

It's all the small things listed above that make a difference when combined


Remove burning disables the RF so make sure your flasks don't have it
Unless you keep it as a safety measure in HC

- 2x seething divine life flask (we kinda want instant flasks as we already have laods of regen)

- 1x Seething mana flask - To help with burst damage
If you go for a seething make sure it's the eternal base or sanctified base.

- 2 utility flasks
You can go for a quicksilver/granite/ruby flask - Pick your poisen
- Ruby adds another 6% fire resist which gives us a lot more life regen
- Quicksilver obviously adds movement and clear speed
- Granite helps a lot during big packs of porcupines and other small hits
- Basalt flask: Only run this when combining with granite.
- Sulphur Flask ? I mean I wouldn't use it when we have it almost always up during maps but you can use it if you want
- Silver flask for faster dashing and clear speed (onslaught)

Example of a flask setup you could run (my current setup)

- I'd kinda prefer for a 24% less charges used on my basalt(can be used twice then)
- Increased duration/faster charges gained on granite
- changing the basalt for ruby is an option

What about Witchfire Brew ?
The curse will do +-5-6% more dmg than flammability + offers extra defences if you want to curse through a flask.
Good flask if you have a +1 to curse ammy

Extra notes:
Rumi's conc and witchfire brew are both good flasks for the build!

If playing hc make I recommend to have at least:
- Curse immunity - Getting hit by vulnerability (inc. degen + phys dmg) can be very rippy later on
- Remove bleeding
- We are immuun to ailments on conc ground but a remove chill/freeze is nice for boxes and breaches

- kill all for the 2 skillpoints Or Helping alira.
Credit by WesleyCau
"Even in the mid to late game mana-regen is an issue especially once you start having to run -Max resist or reduced regen maps. As a result I'd definitely recommend siding with Alira for 5 Mana Regen and 15% all resist. The flat +5 mana regen if very significant even in the endgame (because it gets multiplied by all your +regen on gear/tree) and the + resists is never useless because it allows flexible choices elsewhere. Not having to run a mana flask again gives you a lot more flexibility with your utility/defensive flask options."

Ascendancies and Paragons
1. Augury of penitence
2. Instruments of Virtue (this is crazy good with Shield Charge)
3. Sanctify and Pious path

- You can also skip Augury and go instruments into Pious path, this will make you do slightly less damage but you will be more beefy during maps when preparing for uber lab (I did this)

What about chieftain?

Inquisitor gets a lot more desired cast speed (to stack 8 stages of SR) and the bonus AS helps a lot in mobility with shield charge.
We also get a lot of mana regen from conc ground which makes us more beefy during huge packs.
The chieftain will have free endurance charges + more life regen but the lack of free cast speed makes me prefer the inquisitor.

If you still decide to play as a chieftain or you are just respeccing from another build I can make a quick tree if you want.(will be added later)

Major gods
- Soul of the arakaali - 5% reduced dmg from over time effects helps on RF
- Soul of Lunaris - Helps when charging into big packs
- Soul of the brine king - If you don't need Arakaali this is probably the best choice,
All three are viable choices !
Minor gods
- Tukohama is great when channeling
- Use Abarath if sustaining RF is hard early on

Tips while leveling
Coming soon - needs updating

Helpfull uniques
PYRE RING https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Pyre
THIS SHIT IS OP, no really 3.0 increased the burning dmg to 60-80%, use 2 and leveling will be joke

- Get to lvl 12 with whatever you like, get 2 wands with +1 fire gems(vendor any blue sceptre + 1 alteration + any ruby ring)
1. Scorching ray/ela focus/controlled destruction
2. Spell totem/controlled destruction/firestorm

Swap to a 4 link around lvl 30 orso(efficacy/scorching ray/ela focus/burning damage) after you pick up "elemental equilibrium" and "Holy fire".
Make sure to use orb of storm + curse on hit + flamm to procc EE THIS DOUBLES your dps !! You don't have to use it on every pack, just rares/bosses
Swap out flamm for enfeeble for difficult encounters

Other tips:
- DECOY TOTEM it's still pretty op in my opinion use it on bosses/scary situations
- Start leveling a clarity and purity of fire for later on
- I did the lab on lvl 37, 62 and 71 (no phoenix)

Running RF as soon as lvl 25
If you just use 2x pyre ring + 3-4 hp pots(requires lifesprig shield and shaper seed) You can just breeze through everything
NOT RECOMMENDED for new players as you need continuous flask uptime.
Make sure to use better flasks when avaible and test in hideout if you can regen the degen during flasks + use rallying cry if you went early MoM.
If you do this on hc make sure to have a burning remove flask so you can disable RF when in trouble (removing the gem doesn't work!)

Current gear and personal experience

My current gear lvl 60(Harbinger HC) (shit gear)

Current gear lvl 70(Harbinger HC) - finished a10 still no Rise of the Phoenix (still shit gear)

Current gear lvl 80(harbinger HC) - still no phoenix and utter crap gear (4 link)
Please note i'm just poor(and lazy) to optimise my gear

Current gear lvl 85 (Harbinger HC) - Finally managed to have some decent'ish gear + RotP

This all low budget gear, nothing costed more than 3 choas besides the shield.
6.3k life 1100 unreserved mana

Current gear lvl 86 - small changes - Essence worm

Still got open spot to craft on belt and weapon - Have been busy so not playing that much atm

I bought my rotp at 83 and runned RF with no problems starting at 58

- Finished act 10 around lvl 67 with 3.4k life
- Act 1 to 9 was almost too easy playing blind
- Act 10 however, some hard hitting/annoying mobs so be carefull if playing hc
Buy kitava on a10 if you feel unsafe in hc, I personally wouldn't do it if you don't know the mechanics and are below 4k life.
- All labs upto merc were a joke so far
But since I have no phoenix I did not run RF during bosses, casting SR for 5 secs was enough

- Keep in mind I play HC so obviously I won't run t10's on lvl 75
- I spammed t1 to t5 to build up my map pool and level from 70-80, It went really smooth, no "omg almost died moments" so far
- 80 to 85, did maps upto t8 some t9, no problems so far, some bosses can't be yolod like cemetery but are doable with decoy and SR
- 85+ going red maps soon when I have time and dry out my t7-9's

What to look for when gearing?

Mana regen part - Important
As we run MoM with RF we will need decent mana regen.
Especially when just starting out and running RF mana can be an issue.
However this is easy fixed.
Look for jewelry like this:

- Flat mana and high mana regen
- Everything else is just a bonus
- I would recommend an immortal flesh belt as an easy fix until you have enough regen to replace it

General Gear

Try to look for armor + es base items. Why? Because we want + mana on each piece and ONLY gear with ES can roll mana.
keep in mind a HIGH ES roll is kinda "bad" the extra dmg for RF is just a nuisance that adds more degen to our mana pool. Try to keep the ES on gear at a minimal.
pro tip from WesleyCau:
1) You can craft mana on ANY piece of gear via Catarina (not just hybrid ES) and it takes the spot of a less valuable prefix mod (+Armour or +Armour%). This allows you to be a lot more flexible with gear choices (and also AV and AV/EVA gear is directly better for a build that doesn't want energy shield). I squeezed out about 200 extra mana this way which really feels significant.

- High life
- Mana (THIS IS IMPORTANT ENDGAME, try to have mana on each piece, more mana = more mana regen to sustain RF)
- MANA REGEN ON JEWELRY (sorry for caps, but it's important to sustain RF, especially early on)
- Resists
- strength
- Fire/spell damage
- Cast and attack speed
- Some dextirity might/probably will be needed
- High armor is a Bonus

Things to avoid - important
- # Fire damage to attacks - this proccs EE when shield charging
- # Fire damage to spells, often rolled on one handers
This will procc EE when using Orb of Storms.
- Energy shield also adds to degen so try to avoid high base ES gear when just starting out

Doryani's is obviously a very solid choice, as a budget starter weapon look for something with 85%+ burning damage. This will be enough to push to at least t10
Example of a budget weapon:

Still open prefix for AS or INC fire dmg (I'll go for AS)

This weapon gives almost as much dps as doryani's but less AS and only costed 2c

Stats like: Cast speed / open prefix for damage over time enchant / spell damage / ATTACK SPEED (this is really under appreciated stat) / mana regen / whatever are just a bonus

Lab Enchants

- Head enchant
will be Increased SR damage for rares/bosses or RF (dmg or increased aoe) if you want faster general mapping both are fine it's personal preference.
You can also go for Increased flammability effect. this increases both our damage spells

Please note while the enchant says 40% inc dmg, the actual increase to dps is like 5-7%
Considering this when min maxing for gear this is not really required to make the build work.
It's simply a luxery

- Boots
I'd go increased attack speed and cast speed (12-16%) when recently killed for clear speed
But "life/mana regen (1.5-2%) when hit" or "80% chance to avoid being stunned when you've killed recently" are great options as well

- Gloves
Nothing that does fire damage

Required uniques
Rise of the Phoenix is kinda mandatory but even without the build works

Optional uniques - still need some updates
Doryani's catalyst, vaal sceptre - godly weapon, not only does it add major dmg in output, it also has a nice AS which helps a lot for mobility (shield charge)
Unfortunately it also comes with a godly price tag.

Belt of the Deceiver
It's a nice damage increase to both RF and SR(if close enough) at the cost of a low life belt. (intimate is a 25 radius that makes enemies take 10% increaed damage)

Atziri's splendour
Solid chest with high evasion, decent resist and high life and probably the best overal chest for mapclearing. The 100 mana and life on kill makes it a very nice chest.

Belly of the beast - Don't use it a semi decent rolled arm/es chest with high life + mana +(str) and dual resists will be better ! wWth the new "life+armor hybrid roll" prefix you can have upto 148life + str/high armour

The Brine Crown - nice wopping 500 armour + extra armor and mana regen when channeling helps for facetanking stuff.
I would still pick up a high life + mana + (strenght/dex) and resists helmet but that's personal preference. It's a very solid helmet for the build

The formless inferno
With 50 max life its a bit lower, but it comes with effectively 7% reduced physical damage, and comes with a shit-ton of armour (2.5k more or less with PoF and RotP).
If you fear physical damage, and have enough resistances, this is an option.

Hrimnor's Resolve
beefy armor + 30+ fire dmg mod
Also add immunity to chill/freeze if used fire skill recently

Good option for sc players ! For myself as HC I'd skip it

Superfast for shield charge, very good starter weapon when leveling or early/mid tier maps

Koams roots
Loads of hp, unwavering stances and immune to slows below base speed at the cost of 4 sockets, 30%MS and resists/mana
Another situational unique you could use but I personally wouldn't due lack of sockets

Endgame gear
essence worm ring
On the topic of mana, Essence worm is essential in the endgame. Having 2k unreserved mana improves survivability a huge amount and you should also eventually aim to save for a L21 Purity of fire (for +1 max fire resistance cap). But even with a lvl 20 this ring is BIS

You will need jewelry with mana and high mana regen + mana on most gear to sustain the mana degen.

Atziri's splendour
Read the info above listed in optional uniques.
Best overal mapping chest and easy to socket !

+1 to curses amulet
This is mostly very hard to get if you want life + bonus stuff

But using +1 and a witchfire brew / flamm if using one already will add an overall 20% to 35% more dps
So using 4 or 5 points in the tree for the extra curse on top is an option(at high lvl)

Optional notes
- Swap to a marble amulet when you can afford a good one (life regen implicit)
- You can run a essence worm ring + purity of fire if you want (bigger mana pool = more EHP - READ FAQ)
- AVOID + fire dmg to attacks (or spells even when using orb) on gear and try to get any lightning/cold dmg to attacks (+1 dmg is enough!) to procc EE when shield charging

You will want %life on every jewel + one or more of the following stats:
- %increased fire damage
- %increased dmg over time
- Some dex or resists if required
- Increased burning damage

- Good jewels will be EXPENSIVE - Go for %life and damage over time to start out
- Replace them when you can afford

note: If using essence worm
Clear Mind Jewel adds 30% mana regen but won't offer spelldmg if using clarity

How to run RF without Rise of The Phoenix shield?(currently still 30ch on HC hardbinger)
If you still have problems sustaining mana WITH shield - READ THIS

Here's how I did it.
Feel free to add other optional gear in the comments and I will add them to the list.
I started using RF on lvl 58, here's a small clip to show it actually works:
WARNING: it all kinda depends on your total life/mana/ES these numbers are just a rough indicator.
Around lvl 55, you will need a roughly 14.5% life regen(can be reduced with golem+immortal flesh)+ PoF (lvl 17 Purity of fire gives 3% but requires lvl 64) and about 180 mana per second.
This will make you not loose any hp/mana (This costed me in total around 7-9 choas)

If you have a slow mana degen it's fine once in combat(AS+RC), just equip a seething mana pot and use it when you lost a chunk of mana, RF will kill almost everything early on
Rallying cry and arcane surge helps a lot to sustain the burn early on
- How I fixed the life degen

- How I fixed the mana regen

- Keep in mind the two rings add A LOT of mana regen. Start out with two shitty high mana/mana regen rings
- Also using one survival secrets unique jewel (+3 mana regen and 10% ela dmg)
- Rallying cry helps a lot USE IT
- Arcane surge adds 0.6% mana regen USE IT (let it stay on lvl 4-7)

Other optional things:

- Goldwyrms (60% mana regen + quantity + high fire resist +10 MS)
- Atziri's Foible (insane mana regen neck)
- Ruby flask
- Wanderlust boots (mana regen)
- Kikazuru topas ring (life/mana regen)
- Survival secrets / clear mind jewel (mana regen)
- Fragile bloom jewel (life regen)
- Saffel's Frame (+4 max resist) - thx to patrickgade
- Soul of abarath (minor god - 5% red fire dmg when moving)
- Soul of the Arakaali (5% less dmg from over time effects)

I'm sure there are calculators out there but I use Path of builder (listed on top)
You can import your Current gear/tree/skills (takes 10 seconds) and you can add new gear/skill points to see if it helps you run RF.
Note: disable/enable rallying cry if you want to see your regen in/out combat

It also shows your current RF DOT damage so I would really recommend using the program !

Map Mods - still needs some updating
in short - Disable RF and SR will still output enough dmg if you still want to run these mods.
- Less regen or no regen:
Just disable RF on NO REGEN maps + perhaps equip a nice spelldmg shield.
Less regen will depends on gear, run a ruby flask to help mitigate some degen

- Blood magic
Loosing 4% from PoF + MoM will make it very hard to run RF

- Vuln curse
It's doable depending on your regen but I would avoid it on higher tier maps if playing HC

Videos - More coming soon unless I rip
Just a small clip showcasing oasis bosskill with total shitgear and no rise of the phoenix (lvl 72)


Help pls I'm degenning life or mana even with Rise of the Phoenix
Pls make sure you have read all the things listed above in the "How to run RF without Rise of The Phoenix shield?" section
Those tips will also apply if you still degen WITH shield.

Why do we pick up increased skill duration
It gives us more duration for Arcane surge, Orb of storms, Decoy totem, Rallying cry, Curse on hit, Fortify and perhaps a immortal call cwdt setup.

Each stack of SR refreshes the current debuff stacking to a base 1.5 second duration (2.19 with the nodes).
On rares but mostly bosses, when you reach 8 stages but you have to dodge something
You only have a 1.5 second window minus your cast speed to refresh the burning damage.
With the nodes the window increases to 2.19 seconds.

You can skip these nodes and grab more dmg (like heart of fire / breath of fire / extra jewels) But I decided to keep them for the quality of life it gives for almost all our skills

I was completely wrong on why ZiggyD toke these nodes but I would still take the 3 points as it adds general clearspeed and quality of life

Don't we apply EE when hitting mobs with SR and/or RF?
This is often misunderstood by a lot of players.
Scorching ray and righteous fire actually don't hit our targets
So we don't apply a fire EE buff.
Note: avoid +fire dmg to attacks on gear so you don't buff fire EE when shield charging

I'm confused what sources actually increases the damage of RF?
Fire damage, burning damage, damage over time, area damage, and generic damage.
This means that elemental damage counts but general spell dmg does NOT.
When looking for a weapon go for a sceptre with elemental damage/burning damage these stats will apply to both RF + SR while spell dmg only applies to SR

I got rise of the phoenix but I still degen mana? Help pls
- Make sure you run Purity of fire
- Get the life/mana hybrid nodes in tree + deep thoughts

- Read the section on how to run the build with no Rise of the Phoenix

Why do we not pickup any increased radius/area damage nodes like amplify?
Let's test Amplify, taking amplify will need 2 points and will give us 18% area of effect and 20% area damage.
Picking 2x 5% life nodes will give us the same increase in dps.
So you basicly are giving up 10% life to increase our radius from 26 to 28 aka not worth it at all

How can I calculate my EHP (effective life pool)
30% of the damage gets removed from mana before life.
This means if your unreserved mana is 42.8% of your lifepool or lower it's safe to say 1 mana equals 1 hp.

5.5k life(42.8% is 2354) and 1200 unreserved mana = 6.7k EHP
3k life(42.8% is 1284) and 1500 unreserved mana = 3000 + 1284 = 4284 EHP not 4.5k
Keep this in mind when debating to add extra auras / using unique worm ring

Thanks to osiwm for pointing out the right math !!

Why not chieftain?
Listed in the acendancy info !

How can I see my RF dps or 8 stages of SR dps?
Use path of builder and import your current gear+tree ! (listed on top)


Added a few things and tips from the user "Wesley Cau"
Added "Dan" his build variation to the endgame tree.
Added experience from users posted in the comments
Some small skill setup changes
Added some uniques + "how to deal with phys dmg" section
Made slight changes to the endgame tree(hc) + added example of flask setup + updated skill gems + added my lvl 85 HCHarbinger current gear + added unique helmet for sc players

Feel free to ask questions ingame if you still need help after reading this.
Or simply post a comment.

It's "a lot" to read everything in the guide but make sure to read at least the FAQ before asking questions. It's becoming pretty dull answering the same questions over and over again xP

EDIT: Never expected to have this many replies and questions ingame keep them coming!
I think the build is somewhat finished, my "vacation" is also over but I'll keep following the comments and make an update log so you can follow if things are changed.

EDIT 2: I kinda stopped playing / doing some races / bit busy so I'll probably start updating again next fresh league ! sorry :<

Special thanks to Osiwm, Weslycau and everyone else contributing to the guide!
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Hey the build can do end game content, like guardians and shaper? Or a pure SR wold be better? I really like the play style, and i want to invest in the build.
Well, someone killed shaper with pretty much this build yesterday (less than 48h into the new league), so it definitely has potential.
I also have a question though: since RF from 2 players do not stack, would it be a terrible idea to play this along with a friend who's going pure RF on a marauder?
claydbp wrote:
Hey the build can do end game content, like guardians and shaper? Or a pure SR wold be better? I really like the play style, and i want to invest in the build.

https://clips.twitch.tv/CleanWrongKittenMcaT this is a clip from the second day on HARDCORE so yes this build can kill shaper for sure (y)

Please note that Dan respecced his character to low life aurabot and used the unique worm ring to have a bigger mana pool for MoM.

Well, someone killed shaper with pretty much this build yesterday (less than 48h into the new league), so it definitely has potential.
I also have a question though: since RF from 2 players do not stack, would it be a terrible idea to play this along with a friend who's going pure RF on a marauder?

Terrible? Nope RF on itself is superstrong but you might want to consider going for some other fire build for synergy (fire trapper/cwc SR/whatever) If you go an elemental build make sure the RF doesn't buff the resist of your damage with EE
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Thank you for a really nice alternative.

Saffell's Frame is also usefull if you can get your Regenerations fixed with other means.
patrickgade wrote:
Thank you for a really nice alternative.

Saffell's Frame is also usefull if you can get your Regenerations fixed with other means.

No problem and I added saffel's to the list !
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my 2 cents, if you want to play this build in SC

get two pyre rings as early as possible. these rings greatly boost the damage of scoring ray and RF.
since you won't have enough mana to fully compensate MoM's mana loss, 1 mana equals 1 hp. So three 30 mana grand spectrum jewels are equivalent to 270 hp, in the case of EHP. Though damage-wise, three 12% elemental damage spectrum jewels(108% increase) will be your choice for damage.
get Atziri's Foible, so your mana won't degen with RF on.
when searching for a cheap alternative weapon to doryani, choose scepter as the weapon type, [total increased burning damage] and sum with [ total increased spell damage]. Spell damage does not help RF but does scorching ray.
Ahn's Heritage is also a choice if you cannot afford a Phoenix.

Make sure you have Instruments of Virtue when you are able to run RF.
hi, was wondering if theres any uniqs that would make lvling this easier. also if it isnt to much to ask for, can you do a lvling tree section?
I see zigger upd item Rise of the Phoenix.
UhYuuki wrote:
hi, was wondering if theres any uniqs that would make lvling this easier. also if it isnt to much to ask for, can you do a lvling tree section?

scorching is good for lvling.

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